Update on Chat Privacy: Only Friends Are Visible on Active Users List

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To protect your privacy and online status in the PSE Chat we have changed the settings in Chat so that only friends can see each other in the chat Active Users and the chat Participants list.

This means that if you have NOT added any friends in PSE, you will see the number zero ( 0 ) in the Active User's List and Participants.

  • Members Chat ( 0 )
  • 0 Participants
  • Active Users ( 0 )

How will this affect you?

Here are are some benefits:

You will not receive PMs from a random person just because you are online in Chat, since your name will not show up in the Chat Active User's List and therefore cannot be clicked to initiate a private chat message. As long as you don't chat in any of the chatrooms  you can stay totally invisible in chat so that only friends can see you're online in Chat.

You can have more privacy in chat since your name won't appear in the Active Users List to total strangers. If you only chat with your PSE friends in private, then having your online status kept private is your best protection against getting unwanted messages.

Since our chat does not have a block user feature, being visible to your friends only is the next best thing to avoiding another user in chat. If that user is your PSE friend, you can unfriend that user and you will become invisible to that user in Chat. Your name won't be seen by that person on the chat Active Users list.

Of course, if you receive threatening or abusive messages, you can also report a user for abuse, and that user can be kicked or banned from chat if there are grounds.

I hope this privacy update will make your Chat experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

PSE heart

Questions and Answers:

How to add/request a Friend relationship?

Answer: Visit the user's profile and click the friend request link under the Relationships subheading. Your pending request will then show up in the list titled Relationships requests in the right sidebar of the site. Take note: The comment that you send wih the friend request will be published and be seen by others.

How to accept a friend request?

Answer: Go to your Account page (click on Account in maroon main menu. Click on the "Relationships" tab. There you will see the pending requests and also you will see your Friends list.

Does this Chat privacy setting affect the site Private Message inbox settings?

The answer is No. You can still send site Private Messages  to any user's inbox regardless of Friend relationship status.

I want to add another user who's in the chatroom. How do I quickly go to his/her profile?

Answer: You can simply click on the user's name on the chatroom messages, and click on "View Profile" on the popup dialogue.

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Admin pwd parequest ulet?pwd magkaron ng option to mute ung notif s chat?i know this is not related to ur post pero sna mabsa mo.salamat admin!

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We have disabled sound notifications in chat, because even non-chatters are getting them (because chat is auto-login).

It can be annoying and it's hard to find where to mute it. So now it's totally disabled. yes

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There's a problem sa Groups section. Uhmm I forgot kung ano tawag sa rgiht side ng html. And now I can't put it in words. Just check it admin. Sorry for being informal about this one. :)

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Groups page issue fixed, thanks for reporting yes

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