Use the new Chat page; Chat disabled on homepage

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Dear Chat users,

We have increased the limit of the chatroom but it seems the chatroom is being flooded by campers, and preventing real chat users from entering the chatroom. We have disabled the chat widget on the homepage and individual nodes because everybody gets logged into chat automatically when they browse the site To join chat, you have to go the new Chat page that we have created.

We have placed buttons on the homepage and sidebar going to this chat page

Chat is also automatically enabled on these pages

- Admin


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Tama yan para hinde ma puno ang chat room lagi at mabigyan ng chance ang iba na magjoin.

If you have nothing good to say, talk to the Hand

Admin good morning paano makapag replysa PM?

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Uh...admin. The chat is popping up again whenever you read a story or blog. People are still automatically logged in whenever they read stories.

"Kojima removed me from Metal Gear...I removed him from existence."

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Thank you Admin for the continuous effort to improve the page. smiley

Live, Laugh and Love.