New Policy: NSFW photos should now be in Photo section only -- Effective 10/28/17

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Good Day PSE, Hello Guys and Gals

Para lang maayos ang bahay natin, effective today, 10/28/17, NSFW photos will not be allowed in the blog and stories section.

NSFW photos/images will be allowed ONLY in the Photos section.

Sorry for the sudden announcement; apologies for not being clear when the photo attachments were introduced a couple of months ago.

Even sites like Tumblr have NSFW content. What is NSFW?

NSFW - Not suitable/safe for work or NSFW is an Internet slang or shorthand tag used in e-mail, videos, and on interactive discussion areas (such as Internet forums, blogs, or community websites) to mark URLs or hyperlinks which contain nudity and sex acts.

Dito sa atin sa PSE, ang NSFW ay mga pictures/images na may nudity, private parts exposure, pagtatalik o pagsasarili na kita ang private parts.

The opposite of NSFW is SFW.

SFW - is Safe For Work. Used to describe content that could be viewed in the presence of your boss and colleagues (as opposed to NSFW). Of course we do not expect you to browse PSE in the presence of your boss or colleagues LOL (unless they really wanted to), but SFW in PSE means no nudity and no sex acts.

Dito sa atin sa PSE, ang SFW ay mga pictures/images na WALANG nudity, o WALANG pagtatalik/pagsasarili na kita ang private parts.

Para di kayo mahirapan, HERE'S A RULE OF THUMB

  • If the photo is something you think is allowed on Facebook, it's SFW. If not, it's NSFW.

Maari po lamang na ipost ang mga maituturing na NSFW sa Photos section lamang.

At piliin ang Rating na SFW o NSFW upang lagyan ng warning label and inyong mga post.

Mayroon tayong freedom of speech sa PSE at Internet, at ito ay aming ipinaglalaban. Pero upang maayos lang ang ating bahay, kelangan natin pagsamasamahin sa iisang lugar ang mga Photos upang malagyan ng karampatang Rating o warning label. Binibigyan din namin ng choice ang mga users kung gusto o ayaw nilang buksan ang post depende sa Rating o warning labell.

On PSE, you have a choice of what content to consume. However, we would like to have a rating/warning label system in place to properly inform users of the kind of content they are about to view, and therefore they can make a choice. 

As per our terms of use, you are solely responsible what you post and what you read in PSE, and we reserve the right to take down any content that is subject of a complaint or manual review.

You are still free to attach photos to your blogs and stories, pero SFW po lamang ang allowed sa blogs and stories simula 10/28/17.

*** And of course, photos or images of underage persons are NOT allowed -- even if SFW. ***

This becomes effective 10/28/17. If you posted NSFW photos in blogs and stories before this date, your content will NOT be removed. But starting this date, NSFW photos will only be allowed in the Photos section and should be rated NSFW. 

NSFW photos attached to stories and blogs creted on  10/28/17 and onwards will be deleted without prior notice.



This is NOT a reprimand to those who have posted before this date. It was not your fault, since there was no clear policy regarding photo attachments -- so let's not start fingerpointing. Let's move on and move forward and enjoy PSE.

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will my readers still enjoy my story espcly. photos ang inaabangan nila but as this concern wla pa naman akong nai lalagay na NSF but this is good thanks sa new rules admin

Napakadali ng mag browse ng mga pictures kasi nasa isang lugar nalang nakalagay,hirap kasi kalat nasa blog yung iba,yung sa story naman admin ayos lang naman sana may picture Attached sa story

I dont make Love, i just Fuck Hard

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At least we are now clearly see what is the new policy regarding on posting nude pics in the blog.


“No Wife, No GF, No KIDS yet, just ME. Yeah yeah..I'm just ALONE.”



“but the SCARS they still remains FOREVER.”

Nasaan na po yung PHOTOS SECTION? thanks

@24 and virgin

Thank God! :)