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Use the new Chat page; Chat disabled on homepage

Dear Chat users,

We have increased the limit of the chatroom but it seems the chatroom is being flooded by campers, and preventing real chat users from entering the chatroom. We have disabled the chat widget on the homepage and individual nodes because everybody gets logged into chat automatically when they browse the site To join chat, you have to go the new Chat page that we have created.

We have placed buttons on the homepage and sidebar going to this chat page

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{UPDATE] Chat Capacity Increased -- We Are Increasing to Accommodate More

Dear members,

Our chatroom has become so popular that it has reached full capacity under its current Service Plan, and we are now increasing the number of seats by more than 200%. This will require more investment, but will always be free for members, thanks to our ads and Patron memberships.

Our provider is now working on this upgrade and the chatroom should be available soon to more members.

Thank you for your patience.


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[FIXED] Chatroom Problem: Under Maintenance by Third Party Service



Attention: mail

It appears that there is a current issue with the Chatroom app, and we have notified the third party service provider of the issue/problem,

In the meantime, it seems only 12 people can enter the chatroom. so full agad. This is a bug because we are paying for 60 maximum concurrent users.

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New Policy: NSFW photos should now be in Photo section only -- Effective 10/28/17

Good Day PSE, Hello Guys and Gals

Para lang maayos ang bahay natin, effective today, 10/28/17, NSFW photos will not be allowed in the blog and stories section.

NSFW photos/images will be allowed ONLY in the Photos section.

Sorry for the sudden announcement; apologies for not being clear when the photo attachments were introduced a couple of months ago.

Even sites like Tumblr have NSFW content. What is NSFW?

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"Zero tolerance" policy for content that sexualizes children and glorifies rape

In keeping with our strong commitment to safety, we will implement a "zero tolerance" policy for content that sexualizes children in any way. The "glorification" of rape and sexual violence is also not OK. PSE reserves the right to review and remove accounts that may violate this guideline.

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Update on Chat Privacy: Only Friends Are Visible on Active Users List

To protect your privacy and online status in the PSE Chat we have changed the settings in Chat so that only friends can see each other in the chat Active Users and the chat Participants list.

This means that if you have NOT added any friends in PSE, you will see the number zero ( 0 ) in the Active User's List and Participants.

  • Members Chat ( 0 )
  • 0 Participants
  • Active Users ( 0 )

How will this affect you?

Here are are some benefits:

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New Story Categories Now Open: Seduction and Fetish


Dear Authors and Readers,

Today we just opened two (2) new Story topics or categories:

  • Fetish
  • Seduction

You may now add stories under these topics and links to these topics have been added to the Story Topics list on the right sidebar.



PSE heart


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PSE Statistics: The 10 Most Popular Erotica Categories in 2016


Whew I can't believe we're already in the middle of August. This year is passing by like a blur!

Before we approach the "Ber" months, I would like to start showing you some statistics from last year. 2016.

Looking at Google Analytics, I noticed that among the top 10 most viewed pages here in PSE in 2016 were three category pages. (see screenshot above) Each had more than half a million page views last year.

Here are the Top 3 Most Viewed Category pages in 2016:

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Security Update: Your connection to PSE is now more secure

Online security is important to us here in PSE and it has been one of our goals this year to move the site to a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and this was completed today.

Your connection to PSE is now secured by SSL and the site will be on the HTTPS protocol. ( instead of

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Update: Vibrate and Sound turned off in PSE Chat

This is a much sought after change.

We have already disabled the vibrate feature of the PSE Chat in mobile. So... goodbye vibrations! laugh

And now we have made the chat Sound optional and disabled by default. To enable Sound notification of new chat messages, click on the "gear icon" in the chat box and click "Unmute Sound"

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