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Try ko lang: I have a 6-in pet, and I'm a virgin.

Let's see if someone will bite to this. 

Yes, I am a virgin, but a have a 5-in dick.

Can some lady please help me get to the gates of orgasm? 

I'm clean.

PM me your numbers.  

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Agnas Comics Art Study

I've been working on a small art project about one of my story; Agnas. 


I was wondering what it would look like if it is made into a comics strip. I've made a few pages and I am planning to post it here on the site. 


It's not gonna be a NSFW kinda stuff. I don't do that...YET hahaha. 


So anyway, if it is finished I hope you will enjoy it as much as you did on reading my works. Thank you for the support. 

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swap wife pic

Sino gusto dito swap ng picture wife 

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Girls who want to experience their biggest O!

Hi girls,


Wanna have fun and experience such pleasurable and your biggest O! Ever text me and ill sure to make it wort your while 09178899274

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looking for

casual encounter

girls alam nyo na fell free to pm me

thanks in advance

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incest sarap

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Joy ride

Hi, looking for a female na game sa pag joy ride.,

ages 20-29 years old po, resides near caloocan, valenzuela, QC, Manila, or sjdm..

casual meeting lang po, upto you na if ayaw m pa umuwi after ride.,

ride destination will be upto you basta mararating ng motor lang ;)

Comment or message nlng ng fb sa gusto..

No to dummy account po sana :)

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Phone sex ?? Girls

Pm your number. :)

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Hi guys/gals.


Text niyo ko sa no. na to kung sino want magjoin for threesome adventure. Thanks.

09555889735. Mga interested lang.

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That MRT moment

Who here have experienced the great MRT rush? Yung tipong fresh ka sumakay, bumaba ka wala na. 6pm northbound, I try to avoid riding the train ng mga ganitong oras kase nga mahaba na yung pila, super siksikan pa. Once inside and siksikan na, you won’t be able to move your body as you want it.

That’s where the problem comes in. Syempre di naman puro guys ang sakay ng train and most of the time may mga girls din. Di mo na maiiwasang madikit sa isa’t-isa.

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