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Hi PSE guys.



Jaken's picture

hallo how are you today?do you have picture?

'Ang taong gipit kahit saan kumakapit'

Hi musta

i'm ok

Pre noh fb mo pasa ko pussy video wifey ko

Boss baka pwd mo din skin isend




palyot29's picture

trade tau pre chubby wife her @kevron norb messenger

Papasa po trade tayo pussy pic ng gf ko.


Pm tau palitan ng pic rap vigas messenger ko

Send ka muna liget ba

Wawe's picture

Tra trade tayo pm moko mike fernandez

trade tayo pre pussy pic din ng gf ko

Ako din

Cge dre trade tyo


Pm mo ako rap vigas. Cod mobile ang profile pic

Taga saan po kayo kmi Lapu-lapu city

Swap tayo pic 

Boss asa mo sa lapu?


Taga saan kayo pwede kmi ng wife ko 

Swap lang

Wawe's picture

Makati po baka pwde ako jan

pwede pa join

Swap tayo pre rapitong69 messenger

Ano messenger mo pre paboso sa wife mo

Wawe's picture

Pm moko boss trade tayo

lelouch castanas papasa boss


VBSr's picture

Patingin din paps hahaha