Put your BRAIN right where it has to be

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So, this is a mature site. A site built for erotic story compilation. A site that is built to showcase the talents of Filipino writers in writing erotica. A site which allows its members to read stories, make new friends and a lot more. For some, it's a chatroom. It's where they let their hearts and emotions out. It's where they express themselves.

Now, this is PSEROTICA. The name speaks for itself. But we all have reasons why we have been here, and are still here. It doesn't mean a lady's here, she's an easy lay. Hell no! Being here doesn't give you the permission to lose respect and become a pervert. SO LEARN TO PUT YOUR BRAIN AND YOUR DICK RIGHT WHERE THEY HAVE TO BE! AND REMEMBER NOT TO INTERCHANGE THOSE TWO!

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Very well said!

Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says "I'm possible!"

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well i can see other stories here that are not erotic, surely this site is not just for the perverted right(big grin)... ^^

seduce my mind and you will have my body but find my soul and i'm yours forever...

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Thank you for this.
I was hoping that we don't really need this kind of reminder as we are all supposed to be " Adult" " Mature" & "open minded"....apparently, I was wrong.

I had my share of " brush" with the wrong kind of people here in PSE. but Not fully deterred by them.
I just hope that they would try to be more respectful.

You've got to love me for what I am....

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True enough. I guess some people here are only adults, but they never matured.

I don't really give a damn. If you can't stand my straightforward remarks, STFU!

I jad my share of sexual advances from perverted readers here since I posted my "story of a lonely wife series" here. They think that because I did mistake in the past that they can make sexual advances to me. I'm just like FUCK YOU perverts! I'm not here to find a FuBu I have a husband who satisfy me!

You're not the only one sister! :(

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I'm starting to get addicted to you..

true :) hindi lahat ng girls dito ay katulad ng iniisip ng guys na ang hanap lang ay s**....

IMPERFECTION is beauty, MADNESS is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely BORING.

I agree with the message of this person... As well sa mga opinion ng mga nag comment... But... I suggest or recommend that we should always look at the pictures sa maraming angles... A painting should not be seen sa isang side lang.. Im pretty sure lahat tayo may artistic side... Kaya nga tayo nandito..

Sa mga girls... Gaya nga ng sabi niyo hindi lahat ng babae dito sa site na to is easy to get... Or for sex' sake lang... I agree to that.. Pero hindi rin naman lahat ng lalaki na nandito ay puro sex lang din ang nasa utak... Lets cross at the middle... Indeed "respect" should be promoted in here.. Kung ayaw mong mabastos ka at mabara... Think first..

Lahat tayo dito we have our own way of thinking.

Sa mga guys... Lets treat this ladies with respect... They deserve it. And for sure gusto mo rin irespeto ka.

50/50 - looking at the picture two sides... We have our own reasons bakit tayo andito..
Pero di ba mas maganda yung build a relationship muna... A friendship... A bond... Then for sure you will see things here differently.

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Very well said: Build a relationship first.

Know the person and let them know you. Engage in conversations. Show interest.

Then if you want to make "the moves," it's up to you.

Respect always. Let's keep this place a judgement-free zone.

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totally agree with you sir. .:)

RESPECT is the key. . .

Were in a two way street so be sure to walk in the right lane. .:)

And as what Cc ganda says, "Put your BRAIN where it has to be" use it WISELY and ACCORDINGLY. . . ^_^

~just a reader~

Agree po ako sa sayo :)

Yeah your right some people is adult but luck of self realization.and sometimes being idots.they never know what's there limitation.

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Bakit nga ba tayo andito?

Some of us are here, just to read stories, some are looking for something that they think they will find here, some are here to have some fun, adventure or looking for someone to take a risk with..

But, whatever reason we have, don't forget to respect the people here as they respect you,, be educated and adult enough.

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amen to that! :)

hindi man totoo ang pangalan at picture ko dito, totoo naman ang ipinapakita kong ugali sa mga taong nakakasalamuha ko.

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A very insightful blog, short and simple.

PSEROTICA is an erotic site but all of us have reasons why we are here. We must learn the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T and also we see that even in a community site there is respect. Cyber perverts are around the corner, they're not picky, they victimized those who are vulnerable. In such a way, you'll end up being a victim, so be careful whom you are talking with. It's not about who you are but the way you react on certain things, your ATTITUDE to be exact.

I know there are a lot perverted people on this site, but there are some really wholesome people with morality, you just have to delve deeper and find them. I have known ONE nice person on this site.

...its complicated but still willing to entertain...

this issue has gone a long long way before, and still rolling and rolling with new members and upcoming members that will enter this site. Instantly, a guest who browse the site would think something once they read some contents that may give them the idea of being a jerk. We cannot blame them or we cannot blame the site or no one should be blame.

As what I have said before, there are only 2 kind of people, the GOOD and the BAD, whatever verb you may link to it, they will end up to a GOOD or BAD person.

Sometimes, the GOOD person has been triggered by the BAD one that makes them sway on the same way, being BAD.

SO, even if you try to be a GOOD person in this site, but was been provoke and triggered by someone or by something, probably you would become as BAD as you can be.

A nature of a person can be change by their environment.

HAHAHA DAmi kong satsat wala namang connect! HHmmm dibale basta makacomment at masabi ang gusto, diba CC?

"nobody owns me but only me...and GOD ALMIGHTY!"

Respect is given to those who do the same. . .?

Nothing wrong with being frank about what you want to happen. In my case i would prefer to get to know the person first. Talk about different things. Here or in the real world there are no two things when it comes to being yourself.

Maturity maybe displayed in a lot of ways even when your doing simple things. Even your being naughty will show how matured you are. Quality rather than quantity!

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Trash contents sow brainless pervert readers.

The better part of this community should promote more excellent content to attract really matured readers. Perverts will always lurk on the sides, but they will be overshadowed by more intelligent creatures.

Let's just go on here to enhance the erotic creativity of our cerebral juices.

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Mmhhmmm... I think you hit my G*-spot...

I want your cerebral juices, baby!

*** Note: G-spot = GEEK spot haha! :P

"The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions." - Leonardo da Vinci

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Yep. I'm striving to squeeze those juices out.

Hmmmm no comment na lang!

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When people think with their dicks, fucked up things happen. Given na yan! Be cool and just ignore the sons'o'bitches.

There is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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Very nice said!..

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You cannot control what other people do and how they would think. You can control yours though and the best way to deal with those kind of people is to ignore and not to be affected by them because in the end you know they are not worth it. Good day

Oh indeed the wisdom of the one who speaks of "having loved and lost than not to have loved at all".

I beg to disagree with most of you here.
As you have stated , the name speaks for itself. This site is all about sex stories. No matter how much sugarcoating you do, it won't change the fact that this site revolves around sex 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds a day.
So once you joined the community, you will be labeled as malibog.

You can't really tell people to treat you the way how you would want to be treated in a site like this. It's like telling people not to serve or eat meat in a steakhouse or ordering spaghetti in a hardware store.
In a site like this, you would get what you deserve. If people sees you are ought to be respected, they'd give you that. If they thought you asking for the wrong thing in the wrong place, they'd laugh at you.
Respect is not asked or begged for nor is it forced. It is earned.

I've been in similar sites as this and have seen different approaches to people who as you said had interchanged their heads. And based on what I've seen, those who learned to get along are the ones who were truly respected and the ones who cried foul have been laughed at behind their backs.

I beg to disagree with you, while it is true that respect is earned. We (writers) who shared our true stories here did not ask our readers for their sexual advances. Me for example, wrote my story here as a way to teach my readers some lesson about cheating and not only to arouse them. Its a a way for me to deal with my past, as I haven't forgiven myself for that mistake but I am slowly being able to do it with the help of my husband. But still I get private message from some perverted readers asking me to go out with them and stuff!

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Nice one ate. ;)

"The weak are meat, the strong do eat."

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