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I was drunk.

Turned out there was no chaser for the punch, what seemed as mineral water was actually gin tonic.

My stomach churned when I felt that sting in my esophagus, causing me to vomit.

The guy who concocted it laughed the loudest when I did so.

'You got another victim there, Angelo!' I heard one said when I half-knelt on the sands beside the hut as I emptied some food I took in that night.

When I took the next shot, which was half-full, I didn't bother for the 'chaser.' That's when I saw her.

It's actually a feeling. Deth was watching me from the ladies group in the other table.

I turned and my jaw dropped. She was clad in a two-piece bath suit that seemed tightly glued to her skin, which was the color of an islander, copper-brown but smooth and silky.

'You gotta have some strength left for us going home, Mister!' She was pouting, with arms akimbo, which added color to the scene: her friends teasing her as she showed her anger, the feminine beauty impersonating her, my drinking buddies cheering me.

But I rose to the occassion to regain my honor by moving to her as if answering her rebuke.

She didn't move... Like she waited for my answer.

'Deth, deep in my heart I know I have feelings for you.' Did I slur saying that? 'But please don't make me lose face. I'm ashamed of myself, you can do that when we still haven't got a good relationship.'

I was looking at those tasteful lower lip Deth has while she pouted. We were inches apart. She seemed rooted to her spot.

She let out her tongue to wet her lips.

That's when I slowly came to her lips to taste her with my tongue-kiss.

'Please control yourself, Deth! Let me have my honor back.' She was about to say something, but I sealed her lips with mine, searching for her tongue, which she wiggled to meet mine, and her hands encircled my waist.

And there was music in the air, and the sky glowered with fireworks, while we kissed.

It was Deth who got out of the trance.

'Let's do this inside the room..' I whispered to her.

'Yes.' Her answer was off-mark, dazed at that promising situation

Her classmates cheered. The men clinked glasses with everyone. The ladies jumped in joy.

I hurried out of the scene, with her in tow.

'Let's get outahere...' I said, heading for the nearest room to ourselves. But they were all occupied. So we aimed for the beach, then awashed in the moonlight.

I took my shorts down. Deth saw that, and she took off her bikini top and her panty down, which she dropped on my shorts. Together, hand in hand, we waded towards the sea in our birthday suit, unmindful of other bathers.

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Next na po sir nabitin ako dito :-)

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Coming fm you, its a compliment.!

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