Amy and her daddy Part 5


Amy again, doing what she does........

Friday came around fairly quickly. John had made contact with Laura’s mum asking about babysitting, he had promised to be back by 10pm. Laura’s mum had asked Laura, and she had readily agreed, and to make things better, Laura’s mum said she could sleep the night at Amy’s.

John was already home when Amy arrived home from school, he then went through the plan with her.

Amy had told her dad Laura was a bit tarty, and that there was a good chance she would turn up in a short skirt and cut off top.

John would leave a dirty film for her to find as soon as Amy had gone to bed, but that Amy would wear a nightie just a bit too short, so her ass would be exposed.

Amy would then come downstairs and catch her watching the porno movie and start masturbating in front of her and then get her to have a spiked drink.

John would get home early and catch them at it, and somehow he would get to fuck Laura.

7pm came and the doorbell rang, John answered the door. Amy was right. There was Laura dressed up to the nines. She had a short ra-ra type skirt on, high-ish heels and a crop top which was tight over her not insubstantial breasts.

John’s cock began to stir as he followed the girl into the lounge. After 15 minutes, he dressed up and went off to the pub leaving the 2 girls together.

Laura asked Amy a lot of questions about her dad, that he was good looking and had he a girl friend.

Amy was a little surprised but went along with the conversation. She also told Laura that she had seen her dad naked getting out of the shower.

I bet he’s quite big said Laura.

Amy put on a face and replied, what do you mean? –although she knew what Laura meant.

You know, giggled Laura, down there! And she pointed to her crotch.

Oh said Amy surprised, he must be about this big and she held her fingers 9” apart.

Wow said Laura, that’s big!

How do you know asked Amy.

I’ve seen a few said Laura nonchalantly, including my dads and my granddads. And he had a really big one and she held her hands 12” apart.

Will he come in drunk? Enquired Laura.

Maybe, I don’t know, I’m usually asleep replied Amy.

Does he have any films gushed Laura.

The conversation was going the right way thought Amy. She moved and fumbled at the back of the cabinet and pulled out the film her dad planted.

Amy put the video on, it was the same one with the two children that she had seen some months back. Both girls sat on the floor and watched the action take place. Laura gasped as the boy fucked the girl, Amy looked over and saw Laura’s hand under her short skirt. She was sure Laura was fiddling with herself.

Amy realised she was getting wet as she watched the film, and she cast furtive glances at Laura. Laura was leant back against the settee and had pulled the skirt up. She had her hand down her panties and was furiously masturbating her clit. Laura was oblivious to Amy, and Amy watched intently as the girl wanked.

As the film reached its climax, so did Laura, he legs were splayed wide and she had now pulled her thong to one side, curls covered her labia, but not thick enough to hide her clitoris from view.

Her fingers rubbed her clit as two fingers on her other hand plunged into her sopping wet vagina. Laura moaned and grunted as she came, juice squirted from her pussy.

Laura sat slouched against the settee, her legs akimbo, wetness around her vagina.
She looked at Amy and smiled, Wow, that was brilliant. Do you have any more films?

Amy nodded and went to get another, this one she hadn’t seen before and was called Daddy and daughter.
Laura moved and sat on the settee as she watched the film. Laura was turned on and she was sure Amy was as well. She made a show of slipping off her thong and it fell on the floor next to Amy.

Amy picked up the wet garment and sniffed it, it was moist and smelt of a woman’s body. She look up and saw Laura rubbing her hand over her bare vagina, one leg was up the back of the seat.

Laura looked at the film. The Dad had got home and was in the bedroom watching his daughter, who seemed to be about 12, change her clothes. As she stripped off he got his cock out and started rubbing it. His daughter, who had little boobs and very little hair came over and stroked it.

The daughter sank to her knees and took it in her mouth, rubbing and sucking it until he came in her mouth.

Both young girls rubbed fast as this happened on the screen. Amy knew that she had to get Laura a drink fairly soon, but she needed to cum first.

John had left two bottles of alcopops in the kitchen, he had poured away some first and topped it up with vodka.

Amy staggered to her feet and went to the kitchen, Laura’s eyes followed her, watching the young girls pert ass. Amy came back with the 2 bottles and handed one to Laura.

A prezzie from my Dad she said.

Cheers said Laura, and she took a big swig.

She spluttered slightly, Down the wrong way she croaked and she sat up and took another gulp.

Within minutes, Laura felt a bit warm and woozy. She had finished her bottle, which was still in her hand and was watching the film, the father was now fucking his daughter from behind, and there was a very good shot of him ploughing his cock into her.

Yeah uttered Laura, Nice. And her hand rubbed the bottle neck up and down her slit.

Amy looked intently at what Laura was doing, and she gasped as the girl held her pussy lips apart and eased the bottle neck into her vagina.

Try it sometime said Laura, you’ll like it.

So Amy did, she eased open her labia and pushed the bottle into her cunt.

Both girls started fucking themselves with the bottles, although Amy’s wasn’t empty and the contents sloshed into her and mingled with her juice, which also flowed into the bottle.
Laura grunted as she came again. Some of her juice squirted into the bottle. She took the bottle out and it made a slight ‘plop’ as it did so.

Hey she said, change bottles.

Amy handed hers to Laura, as Laura handed hers to Amy. Laura put Amy’s bottle to her lips and tasted the top, she then drank some of the pop. She licked her lips, you taste nice, she said.

Laura took a big drink and licked her lips. She was getting a bit woozy from the alcohol. Amy was getting excited at the thought of the girl getting fucked, she got up and sat next to Laura.

Laura’s skirt was round her waist exposing her vagina, and Amy reached over and ran her hand through the curls.

Laura turned, That’s nice she uttered. Laura’s legs opened slightly. Amy reached further and ran her fingers along Laura’s slit, catching on her clit as she did so.

Who taught you that Laura mumbled, not your dad.

Laura’s hand went to Amy’s bare pussy and slid round her pussy feeling the young girls wetness as she went.

You’re wet for a young girl said Laura.

So are you replied Amy.

Laura lifted Amy’s nightie up and over her head, Amy was now naked. Laura leant and licked the girls budding breasts, sucking the tiny nipples to points. Amy clawed at Laura’s top pulling it up and over Laura’s head.

Amy could see that Laura’s breasts were very firm and uplifted, the nipples already erect.

Laura opened Amy’s leg’s and moved forward between them, her hand at Amy’s pussy. Laura slid two fingers into Amy’s wetness, they slid in very quickly.

Laura looked into Amy’s eyes and said, You’re not a virgin, then, who’s been fucking you?

Amy pushed down on the fingers, her lips inches from Laura’s pert breasts, Would you like to know?

Laura gasped as Amy latched onto a nipple, Yesss! She hissed.

Silently John had let himself in, he had been stood, watching the girls through a crack in the door for a few minutes, his cock getting bigger.

He opened the door silently and went up behind the girls on the settee, and he whispered, Me!

Laura jumped, her fingers plopped out of Amy’s pussy, they were covered in mucus.

Ah she cried and tried to jump up. Amy caught her and pulled her back onto the settee.

Johns eyes lit up at the nubile girl, Laura looked frightened but Amy took her hand and sucked her juice off her fingers.

Laura looked at Amy and leant and kissed her. As they kissed John quickly stripped down to his pants and sat behind Laura.

As Laura kissed his daughter, he leant round and fondled her breasts.

Laura could feel John touch her breasts and lifted her leg, John lifted the leg by the ankle and rubbed his hand over her preteen pussy, he was rock hard.

He released his cock and pulled the girl towards his pulsating member, he nearly came as it slid over her pussy.

Laura wasn’t in control, other people were. She could feel someone by her vagina, caressing and feeling her labia and holes. Amy was kneading her breasts, occasionally kissing them and Laura’s face.

John pushed the girl over a bit, opening her legs wide and he managed to open the girls labia, he could see into her vagina, she was very pink, her labia red from the rubbing she had done.

He placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed into her. Laura gasped as she felt the cock enter her, the cock head plopped in and John started to push more.

Laura grunted and pushed down onto him, taking in more. She fell back slightly, her head on Amy’s lap, John moved and was in the missionary position with Laura.

John started to pump away, Laura’s leg wide apart, he looked at the young girl under him and leant to kiss her. Laura felt the person kissing and responded as well as she could, she could feel something big move in her and loved it.

John was building up and he released a huge load of semen into the girl’s womb. He grunted as he came in her, Laura just moaned as a tidal wave of pleasure swept over her.

John pulled out, Laura’s legs open and semen oozing, he quickly found the digital camera and took some shots of his work.

Amy moved from her position and looked at the girl’s pussy.

Can I lick it Dad, she asked.
Yeh, I would like to see that.

Amy clamped her mouth round the still open vagina and proceeded to work on the girls cunt.

John took some pictures and Amy soon finished sucking and licking the spunk off Laura.

Laura was exhausted, but she enjoyed the fucking, John sat on the settee, and she watched in fascination as Amy climbed onto top of her father and he eased the cock into her pussy without a word.

Amy bounced on her dads cock, Laura played with his balls, occasionally licking them. His penis plopped out a one point, Laura had a quick suck – tasting his and Amy’s juices before Amy demanded she put it back into her.

John came again, this time in Amy, Laura pulled his cock out and licked his cum off his cock before setting to work on Amy’s cunt.

John lifted his daughter off and held on to each girls hands and led them to the bedroom.

Amy jumped into bed and John did likewise, Laura stood for a few seconds before stripping off and joining them.

The rest of the night was spent in a sweaty mess, fucking each other. John did Laura again, he heaved her onto all fours and entered her from behind. Amy could hear them moan in her sleep.

Laura felt more semen shoot up her cunt, she felt like she had been fucked by an elephant, her pussy stretched wide. Johns semen was doing its work in Laura’s vagina, little did she know that she was fertile and she was ovulating.

John was in heaven, he had another little fuck doll and she was hornier than his daughter. Soon though, they had had enough and they fell asleep.

John was the first to wake and quickly set about taking photos before the girls woke. He did some close ups of Laura’s pussy and arsehole before doing some of her tits.

The two girls woke and looked dreamily at each other. John came in the room with a cup of tea, he looked at the nubile girls.

You better have a shower after last night’s exertions! He exclaimed.

Amy looked at Laura and winked. They all went into the bathroom and the two girls showered. It took longer than normal as John was stood by the shower wanking his cock as the girls cleaned themselves.

John shot a load into the shower covering the girls bellies with semen and they had to start again.
Inside Laura an egg had been impregnated by Johns sperm, a new life was starting to evolve.

The girls finished their shower and soon Laura left for home, feeling happy with herself, but slightly rubber legged.

When Laura arrived home, her mother asked if she had a good time, Laura replied that she had, underneath though she was sore, and she didn’t think she would be fucking for a while.

Back at John’s house, both john and Amy were in his office, naked, looking at the photos and the bit of video. John was hard as he looked at the young girl, her pussy and tits, and the semen around her cunt.

Amy gently stroked her fathers cock as he looked, his right hand was fingering her tight pussy.

You liked her didn’t you Amy said.

Yeah replied John, she was tight as anything, you should have tried the hand thing I told you about.

Maybe next time said Amy.

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