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Hi. I've been a silent reader here for a long time na, and i decided to join recently lang. So, what positions can you suggest for heavy-bottomed girls like me, na maeenjoy ni boyfie? I want to surprise him, para sana hindi lang laging sya yung nagwowork. Thaaaaanks :)))

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Try wot or 69. Chubby din ako and i prefer those position

the one they call crouching tiger.. gives him a view of your asset..

Doggy pero ikaw ang gagalaw. Stay still lng sya while you fuck him. Nakakaturn on kapag girls ang gmgalaw eh

Satisfy your girl before yourself and that's how it works

69 kami tapos sa blowjob siya bumabawi, kapag lalabasan na ako sa bibig ko pinuputok.

Trying to have more new erotic experience
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69 da best

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love big ass chicks yumyum

and I love her on top

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be on top, reverse cowgirl.

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bj mo tapos doggie... da best ;)

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Try anal but wash the inner part of your butt profusely before doing so. You can do it while facing each other or you can try it doggy style or while your back is to him.

Doggy style is also a good position to spank your partner. I spank my partners sometimes if they like it. This causes the vagina muscles to clamp. So mas humihigpit ang kapit ng pussy sa cock. This increases sensation aka sarap for both partners. I do this with some of my FWBs though yung iba ayaw.

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You can try the reverse cowgirl position :) he would love to see that big ass in front of his face

Take time to put it in.

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The Manager


forward.. pd din offguard..

let the nature act to maintain its own balance


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Sit on his face until he stops twitching... then call me after... Because i like them big, I like them small, I like them all... : )

girl on top

just a regular guy who likes to fool around doing nonsense

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Hi Chubby,
Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.
Cowgirl will give him liberty to grope your boobs and suck your tits.
Reverse cowgirl for deeper penetration.
Squats if your up to it. It will give him a view if the hot sweet action happening.

^_^ 3nJ0i

-Ate V.-

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Was already about to bust my nuts from this post. Fetish ko ang big ass chicks. As for positions, okay pa rin talaga ang doggy if you think you have been blessed generously behind. Another is the reverse cowgirl pero naka-squat. You have to slam it up and down and his view is surreal, girl, you're gonna make him go crazy over you.

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