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11.13.17  12:22AM​

What are you willing to give and/or let go for love?

When I've decided to give love another shot I told myself that I wouldn't allow myself to share the deepest, ugliest and darkest part of my existence. I reminded myself to not let him close enough and take what's left of me. Not again.

Yet I failed. He was able to see through me. He's now too close, but only because I let him. I know that I shouldn't have but I did.

At this point, I know for sure that I love and adore him. I'm certain that he loves me too. Though the depth of our emotions might not be the same, I do not regret anything.

I took the plunge because he's worth it. How can I not? (I'm smiling in defeat as I type this, btw.)

But what if what I have to offer isn't enough for him to stay? And even if he does stay, what if he ends up being unhappy? Unsatisfied?

I'll never be able to smile at him like used to with this knowledge. It will be unbearable.

I'm thinking of giving him the liberty to do as he pleases. I want him to actually live and experience life. I just don't want him to miss anything because we're in a relationship.

I can wait on the other end while he's still finding his way out of the maze. When he's done and over with whatever he needs to do, I'll be there.

No words will be necessary because I will still look at him with the same excitement and envelope him in a warm embrace.

Until then...


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Some might say it is a selfless love giving your special someone a freedom to love someone else.

Freedom in many whole lot of things you could imagine of. 

I know it might be hard but it is part of the sacrifices to do.

Masaya ang magmahal pero kung ang partner mo ay hindi na masaya sa piling mo,

Then let go if you had to.


"Some things are worth giving up for the sake of love but remember not all things are worth the risk" .

~ Anonymous


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good to hear... :)

Don't give up on me yet, don't forget who I am... I know I'm not there yet, but don't let me stay here alone - Daily News Feed- News, Social, Trending, Photos and Videos