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Credit to original author. Just want to share this to you guys what i read from internet. I hope you guys like it. Cheers :)


"Hello Uncle Charlie. Hi this is Tiffany. Are you by chance going up to your cabin this weekend?" 

"Great! Do you think I could come up and spend the weekend." 

"No nothings wrong, I just feel a bit burned out. I figured a weekend without the phone or friends would recharge my batteries." 

"You still call me baby girl after all these years." 

"Thanks Uncle Charlie, you're the best." I hung up the phone and smiled as I lay back on my bed. I had planned this moment for months. 

I thought back to the time that caused me to feel this way. I was 16 and lived with my mom. My dad left us soon after I was born. Being one of 7 c***dren my mom had lots of sisters and brothers. But Uncle Charlie was my favorite. He was younger than mom but always acted older than she was. She always looked up to him and it was just natural that he would be like a second dad to me. He was there for every birthday, Christmas, good time and bad. 

He was also the one who gave me most of my spankings. The last time Uncle Charlie spanked me I was 16. Mom had to go out of town on business and he volunteered to stay with me. Since he was at our house most of the time, it was no big deal. Anyway, I was supposed to go to a party that Friday night. It was a costume party and I was going dressed like a slut.

My costume was a sweater two sizes too small, a skirt that barely covered my cunt and ass, high heels and no underwear. I was also taking smokes and a bottle of wine. Uncle Charlie was sitting in the living room when I was ready to go. He knew about the party but didn't know what kind of party it was going to be. We had finished dinner and he was drinking his favorite drink as he watched TV. He always called me his best bartender. It was my job to fix all his drinks. I had made his last two kind of strong hoping he would fall asleep before I left. I was ready to go out the door when Uncle Charlie called me to the living room.

"Let me see what you're wearing. Can't have you going out looking like some easy pickup for all the horny boys out there." With that he made me open my coat. His eyes got wide when he saw how I was dressed. "You must have lost all the little bit of sense I thought you had. If you think that you are leaving this house dressed like that, you have another thing coming." 

I begged and pleaded with him to let me go dressed as I was. I told him that I would be OK. I knew everyone at the party and wouldn't let anything happen that I didn't want to. At 16 I had lost my virginity awhile ago. 

"It's what you may want to happen that scares me. Either change your clothes or don't go. That's my final word." There was one thing that I knew about Uncle Charlie. When he gave his final word on something, even mom didn't go against him. I was either going as I was or stubborn k** that I was, I wasn't going.

Well I have always been a stubborn, hardheaded k** so I there I was sitting in my room pouting. I'd show Uncle Charlie, I sat on my bed, drinking wine from the bottle. I should have known that uncle Charlie would stick his head in to check on me. Even when he was mad and had given me a spanking, he would still check on me and tell me that he was sorry he had to spank me. Well this time when he stuck his head in the door, (without knocking) he found me propped up on my bed. I was still dressed in my sweater and skirt. 

That wasn't so bad, except that I had the bottle of wine in my hand, a cigarette in my mouth and a dildo between my legs. 

I had been thinking about the club that I was supposed to join at the party. A few of the girls belonged to a double-fuck club. That was where a girl was being fucked in both holes at the same time. That was part of the reason for my costume. He stood there staring at me and I saw his eyes grow cold. Oh shit! I was in for it now. There would be no excuse I could give him that would sooth his anger. 

"Get your nasty ass in the living room." He left the door open and I reluctantly got up and with head bowed went into the living room. He sat in his chair, smoke rising around his head as he puffed hard on his cigarette. It looked almost like smoke was rising from his head but I dare not laugh. He was madder than I had seen him in a long time. I stood in front of his chair.

"I could have forgiven you for wearing that slut outfit. I could have even let it go that you were ready to sneak out the house wearing it. But that disgusting spectacle I saw as I opened your door, that I would not forgive." I stood there in my outfit and for the first time since I put it on, I felt dirty. "Take that shit off." 

I turned to go to my room. 

"Where the fuck are you going? Take off those clothes. Right here! Right now!" This was going to be a bad spanking. I was just a bit smaller than I am now. At 16, my tits were developed; my ass was just a bit smaller than it is now and I had been having sex for the last 2yrs, so I know my pussy was just as grown up as it is now. I stood before Uncle Charlie and pulled the sweater over my head. My twin mounds were firm. 

They stood up with no support. I dare not look at Uncle Charlie as my fingers hooked my skirt and pushed it down over my hips. I stood before him now totally naked. He looked at me for a few moments, then grabbed my hand and pulled me over his lap. His hand rested on my soft ass. I knew that my ass was soft and round. Many boys would rub and squeeze my ass whenever they got the chance. Uncle Charlie didn't seem interested in my soft ass.

He raised his hand and liquid fire landed on my ass. I remember screaming and kicking my legs. Over and over his hand landed on my ass. Somewhere during the spanking, things changed. I remember feeling a fire begin to simmer between my legs. I know that my moans changed pitch. Uncle Charlie was rubbing my ass as he scolded me. "I will not allow you to run around looking like some cheap whore. Your mom and I have worked too hard to make you into a lady. I never again want to see you dressing the way you did tonight. No more smoking! No more drinking! At least not until you become of age. Then you can do whatever you want." 

I could feel wetness between my legs. I hoped that it wasn't showing on Uncle Charlie's robe. Suddenly he began to spank me again. This time though, he was spanking me on my thighs. His big rough hands were landing on my ass, my thighs and even between my legs. Sometimes his hand would slap the lips of my pussy and I know I moaned when he did. Not from pain, I had stopped feeling pain. Instead I felt the fire burning hotter. 

I was moaning and calling his name when he finally stopped. I stood up and turned to look at my uncle. There was no mistaking the big lump in his robe. He sent me to my room and told me to close the door. I can only guess that he must have given his hard dick a good workout. Back in my room, I couldn't help but finger my hot pussy till I came. I didn't connect his spanking with my horniness until years later.

Now here I was almost 10 years later. I never forgot the feeling that Uncle Charlie's spanking gave me. Nor have I found anyone who could make me feel that way. I learned a lot since my last spanking from Uncle Charlie. I found out that there was a lot more between him and my mom than I thought. But that is a story all by itself. I had planned a very elaborate scheme to get Uncle Charlie to spank me again. Friday came more quickly than I would have wanted. 

I met Uncle Charlie after work and we took the ride to Pennsylvania in his jeep. We stopped at the liquor store and also stopped at the supermarket. I asked Uncle Charlie to start a fire as soon as we got to the cabin. We talked all during the time we made dinner. After dinner when we were sitting before the fire, I said I was going to take a shower. I went to my room and took a quick shower. Then I dressed in the lingerie I had picked specifically for this moment and put my robe on over it. Uncle Charlie had also gone and took a shower. He was sitting in his robe before the fire when I came out my room.

When I was younger I would sit on the rug by his side. Many times, mom would sit across from him. I would sit and listen as the two of them talked about things I couldn't understand. Now at 25, I was sitting on the rug at uncle Charlie's feet. We were both sipping the drinks I had made. I still made his drinks, only this time; I made his twice as strong as mine. I leaned my head on his knee and just like when I was a c***d, his hand dropped down on my head and he twined his hand in my hair. 

"Remember when I was small Uncle Charlie? You were just like a dad to me. You were there whenever I needed you. You bought me presents, told me what to do and even spanked me when I was bad." 

Uncle Charlie laughed. "And as I remember, there were times when you were very bad." I could tell that the drinks were having their effect on him. It was time to play my ace card. I laughed along with him. "Remember when I was 16 and tried to sneak out to that party. You gave me the hardest spanking I can ever remember." 

Uncle Charlie's hand stopped moving. "I remember. You had dressed like a slut to go to some party. I said no and you went into your room. When I came to check on you, you were sitting up in bed, drinking from a wind bottle. You had a cigarette sticking out your mouth." He stopped talking then. 

"You can say it Uncle Charlie. I'm a lot older and wiser now. I was sitting on my bed with a dildo stuck in my cunt. You made me undress and lay across your lap. You gave me a spanking I have remembered all these years. But something else happened that night."

I let things hang unsaid. Uncle Charlie didn't say a word. His hand started stroking my head again. Only this time it was softer, gentler. "Uncle Charlie?"

"Yes baby girl." 

I smiled at hearing him call me by my pet name. "Can I tell you a secret?"

"Honey, you know that you can tell me anything. What's the matter?"

"Remember the night you spanked me? Well sometime during that spanking, things began to change. All of a sudden the spanking made me feel so hot and funny. I didn't know it then, but that spanking turned me on in such a way, I've never felt like that since. I've tried to find that feeling with other men, but nothing ever duplicated it." 

I could feel Uncle Charlie as his breathing changed. He was starting to breathe a bit faster. "What are you trying to say baby girl?" I turned around and looked at Uncle Charlie. He was older than when I was 16, but he still had a way of making me feel so good inside. It was now or never. I had to take a chance and put all my marbles in one pocket. His eyes looked down at me. I just know he knew what I was about to say. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

"I want you to spank me Uncle Charlie. Spank me the way you spanked me when I was 16. I have to know if what I'm feeling is real." I felt his hand clench as he held my hair. It hurt but I dare not cry out. I bit my lower lip until it almost bled.

"I can't baby girl. Please don't ask me to do that. You don't know what almost happened the last time I spanked you." I was not about to let his fear stop me at this point. I had planned too long and gotten too close to what I wanted. No! What I needed. I turned until I was kneeling before him. Between his legs the way I used to do when I was a c***d. 

"I do know what happened Uncle Charlie. I saw the erection you had. I know how close you came to making love to me. The way you felt my ass, the way you squeezed and kneaded my flesh. I need you to do this Uncle Charlie. I have to know if what I felt was only because it was you spanking me. Will you make me go from man to man like the slut you saw me dressed as? Is that what you want me to do Uncle Charlie?" 

I opened my robe and let it fall. Uncle Charlie looked at me. I was dressed in an outfit that left nothing to the imagination. The material was sheer enough to seem invisible. He could see my hard nipples and the hair on my cunt.

Uncle Charlie was breathing heavy. I could see him lick his lips. His hand shook and he half lifted it then let it fall. A soft sob escaped his throat. "Do you want to think about some pervert spanking me? Do you think he'll care about me the way you do? Or will he hurt me? I need you to do this for me. I need you like I never needed you before. Do this for me Uncle Charlie. Do this for us." I laid myself across his lap and held my breath. I felt his hand, still rough, still strong as he set it on my ass. He was slowly squeezing my cheeks. I began to breathe again. 

I felt the wetness between my legs begin to grow. Uncle Charlie raised his hand. For almost 10yrs I thought I remembered how his hand felt. But I wasn't ready for the liquid fire that burst upon my ass. It hurt like hell but the only thing I could do was moan. "Oh Uncle Charlie", was all I could say. His hand raised and lowered again and again. I felt the hot tears roll down my cheek. I also felt something else. It was him. It was the spanking that Uncle Charlie gave me that made me so hot. The ember that had simmered in my pussy all these years burst into a blazing inferno. He didn't hold back. He spanked me with his bare hand and I felt like a c***d again. But this time I was a woman. And I had knowledge that would make this night like no other night in my life.

Uncle Charlie spanked me again and again. I cried and I came, over and over. When his hand stopped, he was rubbing my ass. His hand slipped between my thighs and I opened them gladly. When his fingers touched my throbbing pussy I moaned and welcomed his probing digits. I knew what I had to do now. I slipped from his lap. As I knew it would be, his dick was hard as stone. I knelt between his legs and as my hand sought his throbbing cock, he wrapped my hair in his hand. As my mouth slipped over the pulsing head of his cock, his hand tightened in my hair. He pulled hard until I moaned as my tongue washed his cockhead. I knew what he would do next and I steadied myself. 

As I knew he would, he began to work my head up and down. He was forcing me to take his entire dick down my throat. I was ready for him. As a matter of fact, I had practiced on a few boys just getting ready for this moment. I knew he wouldn't cum this way. I smiled to myself even as I felt the gag reflex begin. I gagged and choked just like he expected me to. He pulled my head off his dick and smiled down at me. Had I not known what to expect, that smile would have scared me half to death. He was no longer the loving, caring and sweet uncle I so loved. He was a man consumed with his own private lust.

He pulled me up onto his lap. My legs straddled the chair, facing him as he pulled me close to him. Even though I was ready for his intrusion, the sheer force of it made me scream. He pulled me down on his throbbing cock as hard as he could. Then he raised me up and slammed me back down on it. I knew what he wanted to hear. I grabbed his shoulders. 

My nails dug in hard. I knew they were drawing blood but I had come too far to back down now. "Make me behave. Fuck me till I promise not to act like a slut anymore. Oh Charlie! You i****tuous bastard. Give it to me." I knew those words would inflame him even more. My pussy felt like he was ripping it apart. I had never felt a more delicious feeling in my life. There was no going back, no stopping him from this point on. He was mine and I was his until the ride stopped. With his strength alone, he picked me up. 

Still attached to his throbbing shaft that was buried deeper in my cunt than any other man had ever been, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist, he walked with me to the bedroom. I grunted as we fell on the bed and he slid in even further. The muscles in my cunt were going berserk. I don't know how many times I had cum already. But he was just getting started. I just hoped I could last thru what was to come.

Uncle Charlie pulled his dick out until just the tip was in. Then looking down at me, he slowly slid it up into my pussy until I grunted from the full insertion. My nails were ripping into his back something fierce. He fucked me slow. 

I begged; I pleaded but he wouldn't stop. Then he pulled out. I lay moaning my legs splayed open before me. He grabbed my ankles and turned me over on my stomach. I felt him pull me up by my waist. His tongue was red hot as he licked my puckered hole. Only two men have ever fucked me up the ass. Both of their dicks were much smaller than Uncle Charlie's and they had been gentle. Uncle Charlie would not be gentle. His tongue stabbed into my asshole repeatedly. I knew he was getting me ready for his assault. 

I tried to relax and calm my breathing but nothing worked. Then I felt his thumbs prying my cheeks apart. I took a deep breath and held it. Nothing could have prepared me for the searing pain. I though he had ruined me for life. I remember screaming and then I think I passed out. The next thing I remember was hearing him grunt every time he shoved that red-hot poker up my ass. I lay there crying and screaming from the pain. 

Then I felt him stiffen. He shook all over then let out a loud scream. It felt like he was shooting gallons of cum up my ass. The hot cream scalded me at first then seemed to bath my tender, ravaged asshole with a soothing balm. I don't know if I came from his brutal assfucking. But I felt more alive than I ever felt in my life. He collapsed on top of me and held me tight.

I cried out as he pulled his withering cock from my ass. Then I turned in his arms and held him. 'Why baby girl? Why did you make me do this?" 

I could only shower his face with kisses as I kept repeating, "Thank you Uncle Charlie. Thank you!" I held him in my arms as he cried. 

After what seemed like an eternity, he drew back and looked into my eyes. I was crying too. "I love you Uncle Charlie. I always have. I needed you to give me what no other man ever could." 

"But how did you know? No don't answer. I'm afraid to find out." I snuggled close to him and whispered in his ear. '"You want to know. I know you too well Uncle Charlie. I know you won't dare ask mom so I will tell you." 

I kissed him long and hard on the lips. Reluctantly his lips parted and his tongue sought mine. I broke the kiss and smiled at him. Even with my asshole screaming, my cunt throbbing, I wanted more of this man. I wanted him like I never wanted any man in my life. I smiled at him and he gave me a crooked smile in return. "I'll tell you. But not before we take a shower. I need another drink. Jeez! I've never been fucked like that in my life." I got up and went into the bathroom. He followed me in and we washed each other in the shower.

We were seated back before the fire. Drinks in our hands as we stared into the dancing flames. "When I was 18, after working for awhile, I decided to by mom a new mattress and boxed spring. She was out of town on business and I was going to surprise her when she got back. Well I took the old stuff and turned it on its side. I was dragging out the boxed spring when I heard something rattle. Inspecting I found a bag had been pushed up into a hole in it. I took the bag out and opened it up. I found a bunch of pictures tied with rubber bands. The first picture had mom dressed in a see-thru nightie. Being curious, I looked thru all of them. One picture showed her with her lips wrapped around a dick. Thinking they were pictures of my dad, I kept looking. Imagine my shock and surprise when I saw a picture of you lying on the bed naked. The sheets were the same as the ones she was laying on so I guessed you had taken pictures of her and she you. Along with the pictures was a videotape. It showed you fucking mom the same way you just fucked me. That's how I knew what to say and what to expect. Well when mom came home and found I had changed her mattress and boxed spring she freaked. She was ranting and raving about me messing with her things. When I handed her the bag, she looked at me and knew I had seen what was inside. She broke down and cried. That night she told me everything about the two of you. That's when I made up my mind that I had to make you fuck me. I'm not jealous of mom Uncle Charlie. This has nothing to do with her. Since the time you spanked me there has been a big hole in my life. No matter what man I was with, they never seemed to satisfy me completely. There was always something missing. After seeing the pictures, the video and talking to mom, I knew what it was."
Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie didn't say a word. Just sipped his drink. Finally after forever he said, "did your mom know what you planned to do?" 

I sat my drink down and turned his face to look at me. "Uncle Charlie. If mom knew, do you think she would have let me? Hell no, she wouldn't. I had to plan and scheme to think up just how I was going to pull this off." I rubbed my painful ass. "Even knowing what you would do, I was not prepared for what happened. I have never been fucked with such force before." 

He sipped his drink. Oh how I wished I could have read his mind. He looked at me and smiled. "You will have to tell her exactly what happened here. I mean that baby girl. I have never lied or deceived your mom and I won't start now. Since you planned all this, it's your job to tell her what happened." 

If anything could have dashed me with the cold water of sobriety, it was his statement. How was I supposed to tell my mom that I schemed to have my uncle, her brother, **** me? He was the man I looked to as dad. I sat there and suddenly the liquor soured in my stomach. 

Uncle Charlie smiled, then laughed. He laughed hysterically. "Outsmarted yourself this time didn't you baby girl. Oh I'm going to love sitting in on this conversation." He was still laughing as he pulled my head down on his hard again dick. 
Uncle Charlie Ch. 2

"Mom? You got 4 days off next week, right?" I was sitting in the kitchen sipping on my cup of coffee. My mom was sitting across from me making notes on the balance sheet she was working on. Mom had raised me as a single parent, but she had also worked damn hard to attain her position in the company she worked for. And her hard work paid off. She lived in a nice home and even though she worked hard, she often had 4-day weekends. Mom looked up at me and smiled. At 49, mom still looked good. She had worked just as hard to lose her fat as she had to attain her job. She looked more like a woman in her 30's. Everybody thinks that their mom looks good, but even looking at her from a woman's point of view, my mom was drop-dead gorgeous.

Like Uncle Charlie, mom was tall. But it was the way her body was shaped that really set off her looks. Mom's tits were firm enough that she could have gone without a bra and they would have stood up on their own. Her waist was tapered enough to set off her round ass. And she had long, muscular thighs that tapered down to slim ankles and the prettiest feet you ever wanted to see. Mom smiled at me, and her pearly white teeth shone lighting up her whole face. "Oh yes! And I'm gonna rest for all 4 days." I sipped my coffee and looked at her. Then I set my cup down. "I got a better idea. I have some time off from work too. Let's go up to Uncle Charlie's cabin and have a girl's weekend. We haven't done that in ages."

Mom looked at me and got a strange look on her face. Ever since I found those pictures of her and her brother fucking, we didn't mention Uncle Charlie's name much. But mom knew that he was still my favorite uncle. How favorite I intended for her to find out. "I don't know Tiffany! Uncle Charlie may have plans to use his cabin." I laughed. "No he doesn't! I already checked. I even talked him into coming up on Sunday and cooking his famous Filet Mignon for us for dinner." That made mom laugh. "Mmmm! I haven't had those delicious steaks in a long time. And nobody can make them like he can. But I don't know, Tiffany?"

I got up from the table and walked around to mom's side. I knelt down next to her. "Mom look at me." Mom turned around in her chair and looked down at me. "We can't go back and pretend that things didn't happen. What took place between you and Uncle Charlie happened. But you can't lock yourself away and deny it. Besides, what 28-year-old would ask you to have a girl's weekend with her? We both need this time together to just be mother and daughter. To girl talk, giggle and act like fools. Besides, we haven't really had time to spend together. This would be the right time to do it." I could see that she was warming to my suggestion. "Let me think about it? I'll give you my answer after work. Are you coming by for dinner?" I smiled. "Cooking chicken?" Mom laughed. "You're gonna grow feathers."

After mom went to work, I stayed at the house to wash the dishes and make some phone calls. But soon after her car drove off, I walked into her bedroom. In her closet, behind her shoeboxes, I found the packet of pictures and her dildo. I lay in my mom's bed, staring at the pictures of her and Uncle Charlie as I slowly fucked my pussy. "Oh yes mom, this would be a girl's weekend. But if things worked out like I wanted them to, Uncle Charlie would be spanking and fucking both of us." The thought of actually watching Uncle Charlie fucking his sister, my mom, made me cry out my climax. Good thing I used a towel beneath me, I came buckets.

Well mom did agree to go and we arrived at the cabin around 5:30 Friday night. We soon had a roaring fire going. Dinner was a chicken salad. We acted like sisters, as we puttered around in the kitchen. Tossing lettuce at each other and laughing. I made sure that the wine flowed heavy while we ate. By 9:30 we were sitting back in front of the fire in our pajamas. Mine were a type of baby doll and mom wore one of those gowns that barely covered your ass and cunt. I couldn't help but sneak peeks at her hard tits as she walked. She wore a pair of matching panties and her soft, chocolate ass swayed as she walked. I could tell that she was feeling good from the wine. She smiled and giggled a lot.

We sat sipping more wine as we stared at the fire. I was trying to find a way to start telling mom about Uncle Charlie and me. But everything I thought about just didn't seem right. We were both curled up on the couch staring at the flames. Then mom sighed. "What you thinking, mom?" I looked over at her and she had a funny look on her face. Then she turned to look at me. "Tiffany! What did you think when you found the pictures of Uncle Charlie and me?" I couldn't believe my luck. Mom had given me the opening I needed. I sipped my drink then placed it on the table. I looked at mom and I could tell she really wanted to know how I felt.

"Mom, can we talk honest and adult? I mean I know I'm your daughter, but I want to talk to you like a woman friend now." Mom looked at me and slowly nodded her head yes. I got up and poured us both full glasses of wine. Then I sat down, but this time I sat closer to her. I handed mom her glass and smiled as she took a big gulp. Mom never was much of a drinker and I knew that the wine would loosen her up but good. Mom looked at me, waiting for me to say something. I took a deep breath. Then I smiled at her. We both broke out in the giggles, and it took a few minutes for us to stop. Then I let my face relax and looked at mom.

"I know that it was rough trying to raise me all by yourself. And I know that uncle Charlie was always there to help. Even as a small k**, I could see that the guys you went out with only wanted you for your body. But hey, who would listen to a small k**? You would have thought I was just being possessive. I wasn't always asleep when you had company. I would hear the way they talked to you and the things they did. And I wasn't always asleep when you would cry yourself to sleep, or work your frustrations out with your dildo." Mom gasped and looked at me. This time I did laugh.

"Oh mom! Even as a small k**, I knew what a man looked like. I would sneak peeks when the guys would go to the bathroom. So I knew that it was just a fake dick. When I found the pictures, I was shocked at first. No k** thinks of their mom doing such erotic things. You're suppose to be old and not concerned with sex." That made both of us begin to giggle all over again. Mom play boxed me on the arm. "Hey! I'm not that old you know?" this time I did laugh out loud. "Mom! Even I didn't do some of the things I saw in those pictures. Although, after seeing them, I did. But how did things get started with you two? You told me that it just happened after a night of drinking, but I think it started before that."

Mom took another sip from her glass. Then she looked at me and giggled. The wine was really getting to her now. "You remember that there was a time when I used to drink a lot?" Mom was looking straight at me, so I nodded my head. "Well Charlie always hated to see me drink. He told me that I was a lousy drunk, who didn't have control. I used to k** him about acting like our dad. He threatened to spank me like dad did. I didn't think too much of it, he always made threats to me as a k**. Well one day when you were in School, he came by. I had been drinking and he got mad. He pulled me across his lap and pulled my housecoat up to my waist. He said that I had been asking for this for a long time, and it was high time I got it.

Mom's eyes grew glassy and she got a far away look in them. "I always connected my dad's spankings with his love for me. While Uncle Charlie had me across his knee, his hard palm spanking my ass, something happened. I started to realize that he loved me too. That was why he was angry enough to spank me. And the thought made me excited. Other men used me to satisfy their hard dicks. And when I got hot, I generally let them do what ever they wanted to me. But Uncle Charlie just loved me. As I felt his hard palm smacking the tender cheeks of my ass, I began to get hot. At first I had just been screaming and kicking my legs. But the hotter I got; I opened my legs and began to lift my ass in the air. Then I felt him squeezing and massaging my ass with each spank. Then his fingers stroked my pussy. Jeez, but I was soaking wet."

Mom's story was getting me wet! I could remember feeling the same way when Uncle Charlie had spanked me. Mom was breathing heavier now. I could see she was getting excited, reliving her spanking, so I shut up and let her talk. But I wanted to stroke my pussy so bad. Mom closed her eyes and her voice grew softer. "I felt him push his fingers beneath my panty and he stroked my pussy. I know I was moaning, cause it just felt so good, so right. When he started to slowly finger me, I began to cry. He was loving me. Loving me like none of my men friends ever did. Not even your father. I remember lifting my ass in the air, begging him not to stop. But he did. He pulled his hands free and made me stand up and look at him."

Mom's hand had strayed to her tits and I watched her stroke them and make the nipples hard and pointy. Her other hand was rubbing between her thighs. Shit! Mom was rubbing her finger up and down her slit. "Charlie told me that he loved me. That he had always loved me. And being his sister, had stopped him from showing me how much he loved me. But he could see how much I needed to be loved. And he wanted to love me. But I had to understand what it was we were about to do. He did not want me to feel guilty later. I stood before him and slowly undressed. I never spoke a word. Then I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants." Mom's hand had pulled the gown up. She was openly fingering her pussy and I could see all the dark hair between her thighs. Mom had always been hairy.

Suddenly mom's eyes opened and she got a frantic look on her face. She reached out and grabbed my arms. I thought she had come to her senses and realized that she was talking to me. But her look was wild. "You have to understand, Tiffany! I don't know what came over me. When I took his dick in my mouth, his hard, throbbing shaft, touched my lips, I lost it. I think I came as soon as my lips closed around it. He let me lick it and suck it at first. Then he grabbed my head and began to work it up and down. Sometimes he even made me gag and choke. Then he stopped me. He lifted my head up and made me look into his eyes. As he kissed me he told me he loved me. We fucked all morning and most of the afternoon. Then he left before you came home. But not before I promised him that our love would not end there."

Mom was crying softly. "That weekend we got a sitter for you and he brought me up here. It was the best weekend of my life. Oh damn! I think he fucked me in every position and in ever hole until I couldn't take it any more. And all weekend he spanked me. Charlie and I were lovers until you reached 17. Then he told me that we had to stop so you wouldn't find out. He didn't know how you would take it, having your mom fucking your uncle. Oh Tiffany! I miss him so much and yet, I was afraid of what you would think of us." I moved over and held mom as she softly wept on my shoulder. I brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked at her.

"Mom look at me." She lifted her head up and looked at me. "You know that I have looked at your pictures many times. And I have looked at the video too. You looked so happy with Uncle Charlie. It was easy to see that the two of you really loved each other. And don't be so quick to think that I don't know how you feel. I'm gonna tell you a story and I don't want you to say a word until I finish. OK?" Mom sniffed back her tears and nodded her head. I handed her her glass and took mine too. I sipped from my glass and looked at her. It was now or never, all or nothing.

"Remember when I was in my late teens, and you had to go out of town on business? You made stay with Uncle Charlie. I guess you were afraid to leave me alone. Well anyway, there was a costume party that night. I wanted to go real bad. So I dressed up in my costume, which was me looking like a slut. I had a short skirt that barely covered my ass and pussy. High-heels, and a tight, tight sweater that showed off my tits. Oh, I didn't wear any underwear either. Well Uncle Charlie caught me and made me show him my costume. He told me I had to go and change. That no niece of his was going out looking like that.

This time I was sent to my room and told I wasn't going to the party. I got so mad at him that I went to my room and pouted. Well I had intended tot take cigarettes and wine to the party. Since I wasn't going, I decided to smoke and drink the wine. I started thinking about a club that I was supposed to join that night. It was called the double fuck club. Where a girl is fucked in both holes at the same time." I saw mom's eyebrows arch up, but she didn't say a word. "Any way I started thinking about how I would have joined the club. I got hot and took out my dildo, and started fucking myself. That was when Uncle Charlie opened the door to check on me."

He got so mad he made me strip. Then he put me across his lap. Telling me that he didn't raise a cheap whore, he spanked the hell out of me. Sometime during the spanking, I got so hot. I actually started raising my ass so he could spank me harder. He was spanking me so hard and fast that he spanked my inner thighs and even hit my pussy a few times. When he stood me up, I could see the big bulge in his pants. He must have known I got off on him spanking me. He sent me to my room. I couldn't help it mom, I laid there and fucked myself to the biggest orgasm."

I could see the unasked questions on her face. "No mom, he never tried to touch me or anything. But I know that after he was in his room, he jerked off. I could hear him thru the door. For the next ten years, I got fucked by a lot of different men and a few women. But there always seemed to be something missing. I mean it felt good, but not spectacular. Know what I mean?" mom nodded her head. Well anyway, about three months ago, a friend of mine let me hold one of their videos. It was about a girl getting spanked then fucked. Mom I got so turned on by watching it, I had to turn it off so I could make myself cum. That was when I started thinking about the spanking that Uncle Charlie gave me years ago.

I knew that I had to get spanked and I didn't want anyone but him to do it. So I schemed him into bringing me up here for a nice relaxing weekend. I told him I needed to get away to recharge my batteries. We had been drinking wine, and I told him about how his spanking effected me. Then I seduced him. Oh he tried to fight it. But I described to him in detail about how it got me so hot. I had worn a sexy see-thru and I opened my robe so he could see me. Then I laid over his lap with my ass in the air. He begged me not to do it. Told me that I didn't know what almost happened when he had spanked me before. I could feel him getting hard beneath me. Then his hand touched my ass.

Spanking me as an adult hurt a lot more than the spanking he had given me as a k**. But all I could do was moan. In between spanks, he rubbed and massaged my ass. He even stroked my pussy thru my open legs. Mom, all I could think about was how good it felt and how hot I was getting. I think I came a few times, even as he spanked me. Then when he finished, he fingered my pussy. Do you know what I did when he finished?" Mom smiled at me. "Knelt between his thighs and sucked his dick, like I did." We both laughed at that. Mom hugged me. "Tiffany, I can't say that I'm happy about what you did. But I think I understand why you did it."

I looked at mom. "Think about something for me? From the time you're a c***d, your parents are always telling you that they are spanking you because they love you. With each punishment, they say it's for your own good. So why does society condemn them for taking that love to another level?" I poured our glasses again. Damn, but we were getting sloshed! Mom looked at me and said that it was time we went to bed before we were too drunk to even walk. When she turned to go into Uncle Charlie's room I went in with her. She looked at me and I smiled. "Are we finished talking? Or are we just getting comfortable so we can just fall asleep while we talk?" Mom laughed as we both lay on the bed.

We were turned towards each other, propped up on our elbows. We sipped from our glasses and said nothing. Then mom looked at me funny. "So how long have you been BI-sexual?" I laughed but the sound was nervous. Was she angry? "Since college. Don't tell me you never touched another woman, mom?" Mom sipped her wine. "No! I've never found anyone that turned me on." then she laughed. I walked into a lezzy bar once by accident. A rough looking woman came on to me and scared me so bad, I almost peed my panties as I ran to my car and blasted out of there. I never went back and I never wanted to be some butch's plaything."

I looked at mom and something in me made me do what I did. I bent my head and my lips touched hers. An electric spark shot thru me. Mom stiffened at first, then she just relaxed. I pressed her lips harder and moved closer to her. Then I felt her just let go. I stopped and took her glass and put it on the table with mine. Then I turned back to her. This time when I kissed her, I felt her arms hold me. When my tongue slipped between her soft full lips, I heard her sigh. Her breath and mouth tasted of the wine we had drunk. I could feel her hesitation, apprehension and uncertainty. But when my hand caressed her tit, I heard a small whimper escape her mouth. I lifted up and looked down at her.

"Just like Uncle Charlie told you, I want you to understand what is going to happen if you let me keep going." Mom's tits were rising and falling with her increased breathing. She looked into my eyes. Then she smiled and tilted her mouth up to mine. I kissed her so tenderly. I gently rolled mom until she lay on her back. Then I started at her neck. I tenderly kissed and licked her neck as I worked towards her tits. I heard her sighing. I slipped the straps off her shoulders. I push the gown over her tits. The areolas are darker than the rest of her, and small tiny bumps cover it.

I lick around the circle. I can hear mom whimpering. "Oh Tiffy! Oh baby! Oh Tiffy! Oh baby!" Over and over she whispers my name. The tip of my tongue licked around the circle slowly and tenderly. Then I slowly sucked the nipple into my mouth. Damn but mom felt and tasted good. I sucked the nipple until it was a hard nub, all the time lashing it with my tongue. And I could feel mom getting more and more excited. I went to the other nipple and did the same thing until I heard her whimpering. I worked the gown down her body, tracing her skin with my short nails. Mom's sides are very sensitive. She lifted her hips so I could pull the gown free. Then she lay in just her panty.

I could see the damp spot between her thighs. But I didn't want to talk to her or hear anything but her moans. My mouth began a slow trail down her stomach. Mom's bellybutton is an inverted one. I circled it with my tongue tip then slowly fucked the tiny hole. I felt her stomach muscle spasm again and again. Then I licked along the waistband of her panty. I pulled the material down slowly as my tongue licked her exposed skin. Mom was moaning and pushing her hips up off the bed. "Do it Tiffy. Show me! Please show me!" I smiled, at hearing her plead for my attention. I stopped and pulled her panty back up.

I licked mom thru her panty. Her pussy lips were so swollen. And she was so wet. I licked up and down her slit. Then I pushed my lips against the material and sucked hard. Mom's juices strained thru and filled my mouth. Damn but she tasted so good. I sucked again. Then licked up and down the channel until she was begging me to take her. I pulled her panty aside and sucked one of her lips. Her pussy smell was intensely intoxicating. I sucked the other lip and she moaned. Then I slowly began to tongue fuck her hole. Over and over again I did it. Mom bounced her hips on the bed, pushing her pussy into my face. I would have loved to finger her pussy but this was supposed to be special. So I made it slow and easy for her.
I pulled mom's panty free of her long black thighs. Then I slowly pushed them open and gazed at her open cunt. Even thru the thick hair, I could see her pink pussy meat as her lips parted. I could smell her even more as the scent filled the room. I bent down and sniffed hard. "Your pussy smells so good, mom!" I pushed mom's thighs up and back. This opened her even more. Then I began to slowly lick her. I started at the puckered hole of her ass. Then I slowly licked all the way up her slit to her clit and beyond. Mom's whole body shook.

I licked her slit over and over. Then placed my mouth over her hole and slowly tongue fucked her. Mom bucked beneath me. Crying out louder and louder, as she humped her pussy. "Yes! Oh yes, Tiffy! Lick it! Suck mommy's pussy! Oh it's so fuckin good! Don't stop! Please don't stop! Harder! Faster! Do me, baby! Do mommy! I'm gonna cum! Oh shit Tiffany! Your gonna make your mother cum with your tongue. Fuck me with it! Make me cum! Yes! Yes! YES! YES! IEEEEEEEEEEE!" Mom came. And boy did her pussy flow! She filled my mouth once, twice and it kept flowing. Then she screamed and stiffened. 

Guess mom had not cum that hard in a long time. I sucked hard and fast to swallow it all. I guess mom didn't realize that she squirted a bit of pee into my mouth as she came. But she fell back onto the bed and I swear, I thought she had feinted. I let her lay like that for a while. Then I crawled up to lay next to her. I kissed her lips and she grabbed me and pulled me hard to her. 'Ooh baby! I've never felt anything like that before. I never knew I could cum so hard. Not even Charlie ever made me cum that hard. Will you show me how to please you this way?" I couldn't help but laugh. 

"Tomorrow mom. Right now, I think we could both use sleep, more than climaxes. Besides, I came while I was sucking your pussy. I think I must have swallowed a gallon and not all of it was cum." I could feel mom blush. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it. I came so hard, it just shot out of me." I laughed at her. "Don't worry mom, you're not the first woman who ever did that. In fact, many times when someone is sucking my pussy hard, I sometimes let go on purpose. And women do the same thing to me." Mom's eyes were shining. "Will you tell me all about the other women, Tiffany?" 

I kissed mom tenderly on her lips. "Tomorrow! But right now, let's go to sleep." Mom turned on her side and I spooned behind her. If I had been born with a dick, her pussy and ass would have gotten a good workout as she lay like that. But I heard her sigh, as I rubbed her nipples. Then her even breathing told me she had fallen asleep. Oh well, I could wait to see what developed in the morning. 
Uncle Charlie Ch. 3

I awoke to mom's gently shaking me. "Wake up sleepy head, the days wasting." I turned my head and looked at the clock. 7am! "Mom! Do you know what time it is?" I heard her laugh. "Yes! Time to get up and take a walk. Come on, you promised me a girl's weekend. Here's your coffee. Wash up and brush your teeth. You can shower when we get back." After washing up, and having two cups of coffee, I was ready to face the world. Why the hell did she have to feel so health conscious. I wanted to just sleep. Well, sleep and teach her to please me. But I put on my sweats and off we went.

There is a lake that takes about 2 hours to walk around. We walked towards the sun. "So tell me about some of your girlfriends." I smiled. I told mom about some of the girls that I had enjoyed sex with. But it was when I told her about Crystal that I think I shocked her. Crystal was one of my more aggressive lovers. And describing to mom how she would strap on a dick and fuck my holes with it made her hot I could tell. About halfway around the lake, mom stopped and pulled me into the bushes. "I have to get rid of this coffee. Keep a look out."

With that, mom pushed her sweat pants down to her ankles. Like I did, she had not worn any panties. For the first time in my life, I stared down at my mom as she leaned against a tree and peed. She pushed her fingers to her cunt and pressed down hard. A heavy thick stream, of hot yellow liquid, shot from between her hairy pussy lips and splattered on the ground. I got hot watching her relieve herself before me. And watching her made me have to go also. I laughed as I propped myself against a tree and peed as mom watched me. She licked her lips as she looked at me rubbing my pussy while the yellow stream shot from my cunt.

There was no tissue to wipe myself or her. Laughing, we just pulled up our pants. Before we walked off, mom grabbed me. She pulled me to her and kissed me hard. Her tongue pushed into my mouth. We both groaned as our lips mashed against each other. I felt her hand push into my pants and she fingered me hard and fast. Just when I thought I would cum, she stopped. Laughing she grabbed my hand and led me back to the path. When we got back to the cabin and had locked the door, I turned to see her smiling at me. "Hey! I get to shower first", I told her. 

Mom shook her head no. "We shower together. I hope you don't mind?" I smiled at her. "Hell No! I would have come in while you showered anyway." We laughed and arm in arm walked into the shower. During our shower, mom soaped me up as I soaped her up. I could feel myself getting hot as mom's hands worked over my tits and ass. Then I gasped as she pushed her finger deep iin my ass. I groaned as I pushed my ass against her finger. "So Crystal fucked you in this hole too? Did Uncle Charlie fuck you here too?" I turned to her.

"Mom! Do you mind that you will be sharing Uncle Charlie with me?" Mom lifted her hand and caressed my face. Her soapy touch was so gentle and caring. "Do you mind sharing your new lover with him?" The way she had said it, my heart swelled and I wanted to cry. My mother loved me. Not just as my mother, but also as my lover. We finished washing up and rinsed off. Then, still wet, mom led me into the bedroom. She lay me down gently on the bed. Then she crawled above me and kissed me. "Now show me how to love you." I caressed her wet hair and face. Then I laughed.

"Mom! Do the things to me that you would want a gentle and caring lover to do to you. Think about the way he would lick you and suck your nipples. Think about the way you would want him to lick and suck your pussy. Then do that to me. There is no right or wrong way. Whatever your lover allows is ok." Mom smiled and nodded her head. Then she bent down and kissed me. She was so gentle, and yet so anxious. She kissed me all over my face, licking off the droplets of water. Then she worked down to my tits.

Mom licked the water from my tits. Then she sucked my nipples. One time she sucked too hard and bit down to hard. I winced and sucked in air against the pain. "Gently, mom! Remember your lover." Mom lifted her head and looked at me. "I'm sorry baby! I just want to do it so good for you." I laughed. "Oh you are mom. My pussy is throbbing and pulsing. I can't wait till your tongue gets to it. But take your time. Make me ready for it. Make me beg for it." Mom laughed. "Did Charlie make you beg for it?" She bent her head and her tongue sent a shock thru my tit.

"Mmmmmm! No! The first time Uncle Charlie fucked me, I screamed into the pillows. He fucked me so deep and i screamed so loud, I thought the cops would show up. Damn, but he was rough!" Mom laughed. "Yea! He can be so gentle at times and then he turns into the Marquee Du Sade. I'll tell you about something he did to me once. But after I finish." Mom bent her head and continued. By the time her lips touched my pussy, I was ready for her. Hell! I was begging for her. Her tongue licked my pussy lips the way I had licked hers. Then she slowly tongue-fucked my hole. Damn, but her tongue felt long as she worked it in and out. "Please mom! Don't tease me like this! I need it! I need you to make me cum! Tongue fuck me! Fuck my hot pussy with your sweet tongue! Harder! Deeper! Oh you bitch! I'm almost there! I'm gonna! I'm gonna! Oh mom! Oh mom! Ahhhhhhhh!"

I felt her mouth sucking hard as I came. And I came and came and came! And all thru it, mom kept sucking me. I know I made her drink more than my cum. I did it on purpose. And she never stopped sucking me. Then I fell back on the bed. Mom held me and kissed me repeatedly. "I love you baby. I've loved you all your life." mom held me tight against her. Then she started to laugh. "You look a lot like Charlie when you cum. Only your eyes don't roll up in your head." I started to laugh. I looked upward and began to jerk my hips. "Ugh! Ugh! Take it! Take it all! Oh you bitch!" We fell back on the bed laughing like ninnies

Later in the day, mom took me shopping. She took me to a store I had never seen. It sold sexy, raunchy outfits. Mom acted like we were sisters as we walked around the store. The guy behind the counter looked like one of those perverts you see in porno theaters. Bald, sweaty and having a hard time breathing. But his eyes stayed glued to us as we walked around. Mom picked out three sets of matching outfits and took them to the counter. "You two look like your related." Mom laughed. "Yes! My husband likes to do my sister and me together! Or watch us do each other." She turned to me and kissed my lips. "Remember when he did me while I had to lick you clean?" She picked up our package and we left the store. 

We laughed so hard in the car; I almost peed my pants. Then we went to another store I had not noticed before. This one sold sex items. Mom walked the isles picking out things. She brought a couple of dildos, vibrators and even two butt plugs. Then she shocked me. Mom walked to the stand and took down a strap on dick. She turned to me. "Think you can teach me how to do it like Crystal?" I nodded dumbly. Crystal had taught me how to imitate a man to the point that i fucked her like one. But the strapon that mom brought, had enough dick to fill two pussies. Looking at the back, I saw how the wearer pushed half into her cunt then fucked her partner with the other half. What did she have in mind for us?

By the time we got back to the cabin, I have to admit my pussy was wet. Mom kept reaching over and rubbing it thru my pants as she drove. I wanted to fuck the minute we got in the door, but she said she was saving that for tonight. The day dragged on as we watched TV and talked. Mostly about sex! Sex with my partners, and with hers. Especially, about sex with Uncle Charlie. She told me about their relationship. Uncle Charlie had made mom submit to him in more ways than I thought. Mom told me the story as we sat on the couch in front of a fire.

The weekend he took her away, after their first fuck, he brought her to the cabin. During the time he had her on her back, he was using just the head of his dick. He had her so hot; she was begging him for it. But he kept teasing her with his dickhead. Then he stopped. He told her that she was going to be his, totally. That she could either submit to him completely, or this would be the last time she ever felt his dick. Mom was so hot, she readily agreed to anything he told her. Then he fucked her hard. Mom said that he made her scream as he rammed her pussy over and over. Then he flipped her over on her stomach. She said that he fucked her ass like she had never been fucked before. And that was just the first night of their weekend together.

The next night, he took her to a club. Mom told me that the club catered to the spanking lifestyle. She watched as different men and women were openly spanked up on a stage. She admitted that watching all of it made her hot. But then Uncle Charlie grabbed her hand and pulled her to the stage. He sat in the chair and pulled her across his lap. Mom told me she struggled and tried to get up, but he held her down. Then he pulled up her dress and ripped her panties off. Right there, in front of everyone, he began to spank her. But he didn't just spank her. In-between spanks, he teased her pussy. She got so hot, she was begging for more. It no longer mattered who was watching. That made it even more exciting for her. Then he fingered her asshole. Mom said that he kept bringing her to the brink of cumming only to stop.

He had someone toss him a dildo. Then placing her in front of him, he eased her back until his dick pushed up into her ass. Mom said that she cried out in pain. Her ass was still sore from his fucking the day before. But he pulled her down until she took it all. Then spreading her thighs open so everyone could see, he made her slowly fuck her pussy. The whole place cheered and shouted as she came. Then he pulled out of her and led her from the stage. That night she said he fucked her like a mad man. Making her cum again and again. She never got a chance to visit that club again. But she would get hot each time she thought about it. I have to admit I would like to have Uncle Charlie take me there.

Mom had me so hot with her story. And yet, she kept teasing me by just touching me, but never really letting me get too excited. I decided to fix her. I would tell her about Crystal. I got up and made two wine spritzers. No use in getting too sloshed to have fun later that night! I sat back on the couch and stared at my mom. So much had happened in such a short time. And yet, there was so much more I wanted to share with her. I laughed and she looked at me. "What's so funny this time?" I stared at her, looking her body over. Then I bent my head and kissed her lips. Mom gave into the kiss with no hesitation. I broke the kiss and sipped my drink.

"Well from the way you looked as I told you about Crystal, and your buying that strapon, I guess you would like to know more?" Mom sipped her drink and looked at me over the rim of her glass. "I want to know all about your lovers. Especially Crystal!" The way she said it, we both laughed. I let my fingers trail up and down the soft skin of her thigh. "Gee mom! I don't know? Things between Crystal and I got pretty intense at times. Maybe you really don't want to know?" 

Mom looked over the rim of her glass then she set it down. She smiled at me as she slipped her hand behind me and rubbed my back. Then she grabbed me by my hair and at the same time shoved her hand beneath my skirt. Her fingers pushed up into my pussy, which was already wet from her tale. Her thumb rubbed my clit and I moaned. "Don't tease me, Tiffany! I know you can't wait to tell me what you let some slut do to you. And no matter how intense it gets, I bet you loved every second of it." With that, she pulled her finger from my cunt, coated my lips with the juice on it, and then kissed me. I was breathing hard by that point.

I swallowed hard to control myself. Mom's little act had almost made me cum. It was the suddenness of it. Mom picked up her drink like nothing had happened and smiled at me. I looked at her. Like Uncle Charlie, mom had a hard streak to her also. "Well mom, Crystal was a real small woman. She must have only been about 5 feet tall and she couldn't have weighed over 110. But she had a nice pair of tits and a real tiny ass. I met her at a party. She saw me staring at her and started talking to me. From her conversation, she let me know that she was Bi. The way she stroked my arm as we talked and the way she kept referring to how beautiful I was.

She was mixed, oriental and black. But she had the prettiest smile; you could get lost in it. Well, some jerks started to fight and she asked me if I wanted to go to her apartment for drinks. I said yes and followed her to her place. It was nice. We were sitting on the couch when she kissed me. It felt so good and she was so small. My hands rubbed her tits and she moaned. She broke the kiss and looked at me. "I don't like to be teased. Are you ready to go all the way?" I smiled but didn't answer her. I just started to unbutton her blouse. Damn, but that girl loved to eat pussy. She had the sweetest tongue and loved to fuck my holes with it. I could cum and cum while she tongue-fucked me.

When she straddled my head, her crθme was so thick and sweet. I couldn't get enough of it and sucked her dry. Then she started to fuck me with a dildo. She was so slow and gentle, bringing me to the edge then stopping to kiss me." Mom laughed. "Like you did to me last night, baby?" I reached out and rubbed mom's already hard nipples. She closed her eyes and pushed against my hand. "When I started to suck on Crystal's tits, she cradled my head and pushed me into them. She made me suck them hard and bite them until she whimpered in pain. Even when I used the dildo on her pussy or ass, it was always hard. She would cry sometimes and call me auntie.

I found out that her aunt had seduced Crystal to get at her sister, Crystal's mom. They had some falling out over a stolen boyfriend. Anyway, Crystal's aunt had made Crystal into her own personal sex slave. And she was never gentle when they fucked, either. Anyway! Crystal asked me, if I had ever been fucked by a woman with a strapon? I told her no and she said I would love it. When she first walked into the room with it on, I almost burst out laughing. This pretty woman, so small with this black fake dick dangling between her thighs.

But I soon learned that crystal could use that dildo even better than some men can use a real dick. Sometimes she would just use the head until I begged for more. Then she would slowly fuck me, until I wanted to scream. A women with a strapon, doesn't get soft or tired like men do. And she sometimes had me so sore; it was hard to walk. She taught me how to use it on her like her aunt did. But whenever I fucked her I had to make sure that she screamed from my hard fucking. And all the time, crystal would cry and call me auntie.

One night we had gotten pretty well blitzed. Crystal decided to tie me up. I trusted her and we had tied each other before so I didn't worry. But this time things went very wrong. After Crystal had me tied up on my stomach, she pushed a ball gag in my mouth. She had never done that before and I got kind of scared. Then she started rubbing my ass. She started talking about her aunt and her mom and she grew angrier and angrier. She pushed her finger in my ass and fingered me hard. I could only groan and grunt. That was when she walked in front of me. She lifted my head to look at her.

"I'm gonna fuck you like my auntie fucks me. I'm gonna let you know what I have to go thru just cause that bitch hates my mom. That gag will stop your screams just like she stops mine. And no matter how hard I fuck you, no body will hear it." Then crystal put on the dick. There was enough room in the rope for her to pull me up on my knees. Then she placed the dick at my pussy. "If you move and make me stop, I'll make it a lot harder on you." Mom, I got so scared. She was like a mad woman. When she rammed that dick in my cunt, I screamed but the gag muffled it. She pulled out and rammed it in again.

Mom's eyes were glued to mine as I told her my story. "And all the time she was fucking me, she kept talking to me like I was her and she was her aunt." Mom's hand stroked my face. "Did any of it excite you, baby?" I had to giggle. "Well mom, all the time she was ramming that dick into me, she kept repeating that this was for my own good. That she was doing this because she loved me. I know that even thru the pain, I came twice. I think it was what she was saying, that turned me on. Then, she pulled out. I know I was soaked, because I could feel it running down my legs. Crystal got underneath me and licked it up. All the time she kept telling me that it was for my own good. That she loved me so much.

I felt her tongue on my ass. Then she was pulling my cheeks apart. I started getting so hot when she tongue-fucked my asshole. I know I was pushing back to get more of her sweet tongue. Then I felt her pushing the dick in my ass. This time she fucked me even harder. I know I screamed myself hoarse. It hurt so bad! All I could do was struggle and cry. And she kept telling me she loved me, that this was for my own good. Then it was over. She held me as I cried myself to sleep. Our relationship broke up soon after that. She just wanted our sex to hurt all the time."

I could see that mom was touched by my story. It looked like she wanted to cry. Then she pulled me to her. As mom hugged me and kissed my face, she told me that she would never treat me like that. That she loved me too much. I tilted my face and felt mom's tender lips touch mine. As we kissed, my hand slipped beneath her skirt. Mom moaned as my fingers found the waistband of her panty. Then she just pressed against me as I slowly fingered her. Mom threw her head back and was breathing thru her mouth.

"So you want me to teach you how to fuck me, mom? You want me to strap on that fake dick and slowly fuck you with it? Make you suck it clean after I fuck your wet pussy? Do you want me to tie you up too? Tease you with my fingers and tongue? Make you beg like Uncle Charlie made you beg? Is that what you want, mom?" mom was humping her pussy at my fingers. "Yes Tiffany! Oh yes! I want all those things! I want to share them with you. It will be our secret. Even Uncle Charlie won't know about it. Please, baby! Let's make it our own secret? Please?"

I pulled my fingers from her pussy. Damn, but mom grew wetter with each second. I sucked my fingers as she watched. "Did Uncle Charlie really make you his slave?" Mom smiled. Then she pushed me back on the couch. I laughed and giggled until her mouth pressed into my pussy. Then I could only moan and hold her head. But mom stopped before I got a chance to cum. It was about 6 so we made dinner. It was light, just chicken breast and salad. But mom made sure that we had a lot of wine with dinner and after. Then she had me take a shower and put on one of the outfits she had brought.

When I got out the shower, the bedroom was bathed in candlelight. Mom took her shower and came out wearing her outfit. She looked so hot; I wanted to attack her right then and there. But we started out just kissing slowly and tenderly. I was laying on my back, when mom brought out one of the dildos. From the way she fucked me with it, I knew that she was no stranger to its use. She used the tip and made me beg for more. And beg I did! Then she gave me one and had me use it on her. But she told me not to let her cum. It was deliciously frustrating. 

Then mom brought out the strapon. She gave it to me and had me put it on. "Here, baby! You've used one before. Teach me how to fuck you after you fuck me first." I strapped it on and rubbed oil on it until it shown. Then I began to slowly fuck her pussy with it. I just used the head. "Oh Tiffany! You're fucking me just like Charlie does." I was using my arms to prop me up above her. This way I could look down at her, as I slowly fucked her pussy. Every couple of strokes, I would sink the dick in all the way. Mom went crazy on the dick. Then I pulled out and watched her suck it clean.
I placed mom on her hands and knees and got behind her. I fucked her pussy slowly. But I made sure that she got all she could take with each stroke. I started out slowly, but soon had a nice rhythm going. And mom kept moaning and calling my name as I fucked her. "Yes Tiffany! Oh baby! Shit! Fuck me Tiffany! Work that dick in my pussy! Fuck me! Oh you sweet baby! Yes! Oh yes!" Then I began to spank her. SMACK! "Tell me you love it, mom!" SMACK! "I want you to do the same things for me you did for Uncle Charlie." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Mom was slowly working her ass back and forth. Taking more and more dick up into her pussy. "Talk to me Baby! Talk to me while you fuck me. Talk dirty like Uncle Charlie did." SMACK! SMACK! "So you liked being his slut!" SMACK! SMACK! "I bet you came hard when he took you to that club." SMACK! SMACK! "Letting all those people watch him fuck your ass, while you fucked your pussy." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Then she went over the edge. "Tiffany! Oh baby! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh shit! Oh you sweet bitch! Fuck me harder! Faster!"

I grabbed mom's hips and fucked her like Uncle Charlie had fucked me. I was ramming my dick in her cunt over and over. Then I pulled my dick out. Mom cried out and collapsed on the bed. I pulled her over and grabbed her thighs. I pulled them open and sucked her pussy like I had been starving for it all my life. And mom pumped all her crθme into my mouth. It was so fuckin fantastic! I felt her cum again and then I stopped and just held her. Mom held me back and I felt her having micro-orgasms over and over.

We sat sipping wine after mom had gotten herself together. "Oh baby! I never knew it would be so good! I can't believe how wonderful it felt. Getting fucked by my own sweet baby. Oh thank you. Thank you." Mom kissed me over and over again. Then it was her turn. Mom had to work at getting her hips to keep up a good rhythm, but with a couple of false starts, she was soon doing a fair job of fucking me. With a little practice, she would be as good as Uncle Charlie is. And I intended to let her have a lot of practice. 

The phone rang and mom answered it. It was Uncle Charlie! Mom talked to him, telling him that we did have a nice weekend. And yes we did get to talk a lot. She told him that she was glad I had suggested that we take the time together. All during the time that mom talked to Uncle Charlie, I was slowly sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Mom kept talking like nothing was going on. Then she told him that she wanted him to come up early enough to have breakfast with us. She almost laughed as I knelt down and sucked the fake dick as she talked. Then she said goodbye and hung up. Laughing, she pushed me on my back and fucked me even better than she already had. We fell asleep locked in a 69. But when I felt her move in the morning, we were side by side. 
Uncle Charlie Ch. 4

Mom had fixed the coffee machine sometime during the night, I guess. Because, when she got up, I could hear it start. But I just lay in bed savoring the memory of last night. Damn but mom learned to use the strapon quick. I heard a car drive up and then the door opened. “Hey Michelle!” I heard Uncle Charlie’s voice. “Hey handsome! I put on the coffee. Guess you could use a cup after that long drive.” I got up and walked to the door. From where I stood, I could see into the kitchen. Uncle Charlie looked as good as he always did.

“Do you mind if we have our coffee out back? I would like to talk to you.” I watched Uncle Charlie and mom walk to the back door. This door let out onto a porch. The windows were next to the chairs. Mom wanted me to hear their conversation. They sat down and Uncle Charlie lit a cigarette. They sipped coffee in silence, and then mom took a deep breath. She turned towards Uncle Charlie. The window was cracked a bit so I could hear them plain. “How have things been Charlie? You look as good as ever.” Uncle Charlie laughed. “What’s the matter kitten? You always start a conversation with that I’m looking good thing when you are nervous.”

Mom too a bigger breath and looked at him. Uncle Charlie looked back at her. “Charlie! You remember when you told me that you wanted to move us away from here. To have us living as man and wife while we raised Tiffany?” Uncle Charlie nodded his head and sipped his coffee. I didn’t know anything about this. Mom continued and I listened carefully. “I told you that I couldn’t because she was growing up and would never understand. I lied to you Charlie. Tiffany would have loved to have you as her dad. But I was scared. I knew the woman you had turned me into. And don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it.

But after you asked me, I thought about it long and hard. I knew that as Tiffany grew older, she would act like all teenagers acted and have to get a spanking from you. And forgive me, but the idea of her lying across your lap, her naked ass in the air excited me. I knew that it would excite you too. And I also knew that if you wanted her, I would have gladly trained her to satisfy you the way you trained me to do it. I knew that I would also want her. The feelings were there whenever I looked at her and imagined her getting spanked. That’s why I never could give her a spanking. Just the thought of it made me excited.

But Tiffany and I talked a lot this weekend. I was wrong. I should have gone with you. Letting you enjoy her, and me as Tiffany grew up. Oh Charlie! I let so much time go by. I’m sorry. I still love you Charlie. I have always loved you.” Uncle Charlie sipped his coffee without saying a word. I had to remind myself to breathe. I was holding my breath. Would Uncle Charlie get mad? Would he leave without talking? Then he sat his coffee down and smiled. He looked over at the window and stared into my face. “Come out here Tiffany. And bring a cup of coffee for yourself.” I sheepishly walked out on the porch. I had sense enough to put on a robe.

I sat next to mom and we both stared at Uncle Charlie. He looked at the two of us and smiled. “Did you hear everything your mom said?” I nodded my head yes. “Well Michelle, you were right. If we had run away and started a family together, the day would have come when I would have had to spank Tiffany. And even as a k**, she had your body. It would have excited me and I would have wanted to fuck her. Oh I know that must make me sound like the “i****tuous bastard” that Tiffany called me the first time I fucked her. She did tell you about that didn’t she?”

Mom nodded her head. Uncle Charlie looked at me. “I told you that I wanted to be with you when you told her. I will have to spank you good for not listening. But Back to what I was saying. Michelle, you gladly submitted to me. You held nothing back, and did everything I could have ever wanted you to do. And I know that I would have trained Tiffany to be the same way. I am an i****tuous bastard. And I knew that if your pussy was so good, Tiffany’s pussy would have been so sweet and tender I would want it too. Michelle, the first time I fucked Tiffany, it was pure lust. Oh I wanted it. I’ve wanted it from the time I spanked her so long ago. But when she seduced me, the only thing I wanted was satisfaction.

But the next time we fucked, it was lust and love. Did Tiffany tell you about the second time I fucked her?” Mom shook her head no. Uncle Charlie looked at me. “The next time I fucked her was at my apartment. All the time I undressed her, I told her how much like you she looked. I only let her call me Uncle Charlie. I wanted her to know that it was i****t that we were doing. Every time I made her suck my dick, I told her how much I loved having her mom, my sister sucking the same dick. When I spanked her I thought about how wonderful it felt spanking you. And knowing that I had fucked both my sister and her daughter made me fuck her even harder. Yes, I would have fucked both of you if we had lived together.”

I sat sipping my coffee, watching the two of them. Michelle turned and looked at Tiffany. Something passed between them unsaid, and they both smiled. ‘Would you fuck us both now, Charlie?” Michelle stood up and opened her robe. Uncle Charlie looked her up and down and I could see the bulge in his pants growing. Then I stood up. “Yes Uncle Charlie! We both want you. And we want you to fuck and spank both of us.” Michelle bent down and kissed me. It was one of the slow, long sensuous kisses I guess they shared with each other so long ago. Then it was my turn. I stepped in when mom stepped back and gave him the same type kiss. Then we took his hands and led him into the house.

When we entered the bedroom, the scent of our earlier sexual fun still permeated the room. Uncle Charlie stood still as mom and I slowly undressed him. When we finally had him step out of his drawers, his hard black dick stood straight out from his body. I looked at mom and she looked back at me. Then we both sank to our knees. We took turns slowly sucking the head of Uncle Charlie’s dick. It became a contest to see who could take the most without choking. Of course mom won. Or, I let her win. I had been deep throating dicks for a long time. Mom and I stood up and kissed each other. Then, I took their hands in mine and led them to the bed.

I stood between them as I turned around. “The two of you waited a long time to be reunited. I think that this moment belongs to just the two of you.” I was about to turn and leave them alone when I felt two sets of hands on my shoulders. I looked up and both of them were looking at me. It was mom who spoke. “No, baby! This is going to work only if the three of us are together. There will be enough time for Charlie to enjoy us by ourselves. Right now, the three of us are going to make love together.” She turned to Uncle Charlie. “I hope you’re up to some strenuous work, my boy!” then she turned to me. 

The smile on her face told me how she felt. And I couldn’t have found the words to tell her how I was feeling. I tried hard not to start crying. We turned to Uncle Charlie and gently laid him back on the bed. Then mom slowly climbed up on him. I guided his hard throbbing dick up into her pussy. Mom moaned as his dick slipped up into her. I watched as she slowly worked her hips up and down on his dick. My hands were rubbing her body as she slowly fucked Uncle Charlie. Then I captured one of her tits. I sucked and licked it, as mom continued to fuck her brother. I felt their hands rubbing over my tits. Then they found my pussy. 

I opened my thighs eagerly as two sets of fingers rubbed and stroked me. “Yes mom! Fuck your brother. Feel how deep his dick goes up in your juicy pussy.” I rubbed down until I felt Uncle Charlie’s wet dick sliding in and out of her pussy. “Feel it Uncle Charlie! Does it feel like my pussy? Is mom tight? Does she grip your hard dick like my pussy does?” Mom was moaning as she worked harder on Uncle Charlie’s dick. She was lifting her ass and dropping down hard on his dick. And she grunted with each penetration. “Oh Charlie! I’ve missed this dick so much. No other man ever made me feel the way you do.”

Mom lifted up off of Uncle Charlie’s dick. Gobs of cum dripped from her pussy and covered his dick and balls. Then she guided my head to his lap. As I licked and sucked the sweet crθme from his dick and balls, I felt mom’s fingers stroking my ass crack. She lifted my face and kissed me. Then she guided me to straddle his hips. I groaned as his hard dick filled me. My pussy was still a bit sore from mom’s frantic fucking the night before. But he felt so good sunken deep in me the way he was. “Fuck her Charlie! Fuck your niece and my daughter. We belong to you now. And we’re always gonna be yours.”

I bent down and kissed Uncle Charlie’s lips. He held me to him. That was when I felt mom’s fingers rubbing my asshole. I groaned into Uncle Charlie’s mouth as her finger started to fuck my ass. “Oh mom! You’re fucking my ass while Uncle Charlie fucks my pussy.” I worked my hips back and forth to the double rhythm. Then mom pulled her finger free. She sucked my nipples harder than I had sucked hers. Then she straddled Uncle Charlie’s face. She was turned so we faced each other. I could feel her excitement as he tongued her. We kissed and rubbed tits as both of us received pleasure from him.

Mom started to moan that she was gonna cum. I didn’t want it to stop just yet, so I pushed her off him. Then I crawled between her thighs and licked her pussy. I turned so that she had to lick my pussy. Uncle Charlie lay there watching us. Then I whispered into his ear. Uncle Charlie laughed as he got up off the bed. Then he pulled me to the edge. He directed mom to get in the same position. We were on our hands and knees, our asses stuck in the air with Uncle Charlie behind us. I turned to watch him give mom’s ass a sweet tonguing. Mom moaned and pushed her ass back at him. Then he turned his attention to me. Damn, but his tongue felt good!

Then Uncle Charlie got behind mom. I watched as he used his hands to spread her cheeks. Then mom groaned and grunted, as Uncle Charlie began to fuck her ass. Mom turned to me. “He fucks my ass so deep. And his dick is so long and thick. Oh Tiffany! Please rub my pussy.” SMACK! SMACK! The loud slaps echoed in the room. “I didn’t tell you that she could touch you. You’re my slut now!” Mom moaned. “Oh Charlie! It’s been so long.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! ‘Well get used to it, sister dear. I’m gonna be spanking this ass a lot.” He turned to me and smiled.

“Don’t worry Tiffy! Your ass is next and I intend to spank you even harder.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “So you enjoyed other men while you denied me your body!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you suck their dicks?” SMACK! SMACK! “Yes Charlie!” SMACK! SMACK! “Did they fuck this asshole?” SMACK! SMACK! “Oh yes Charlie! But not like you do.” Uncle Charlie held mom’s hips and began to slam his dick up into her ass. “Oh! Oh Charlie! Oh shit! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Shove it in deep! Harder! Oh you bastard! You like fucking my daughter, don’t you? Do you make her beg the way you make me beg? Oh Charlie! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Mom’s body jerked as she came. And her whine turned into a scream as I saw the crθme flow down her thighs. Uncle Charlie held mom until she stopped shaking. Then he pulled out. Mom groaned as he pulled his still hard dick free. Then he turned to me. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “So you like watching me fuck your mom! I bet you want to crawl between her thighs and suck her juicy pussy.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Oh Uncle Charlie!” SMACK! SMACK! “Didn’t I tell you that I wanted to be there when you told your mom I fucked you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Yes! But we just started talking.” 

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You’ll learn to do as I tell you. Just like your mom does.” Then he shoved his dick in my ass. Uncle Charlie shoved hard and buried the length of his dick up my ass. He fucked me hard and rough. And all the time he slapped my ass while he fucked it. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m cumming Uncle Charlie! Oh mom! Uncle Charlie’s dick is making me cum. Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, you motherfucker! You fucked my mom in her ass, and now you’ve got your hard dick up my ass. Oh shit! I’m cumming, now!” 

Uncle Charlie held me as I came. Then he pulled out. I cried out as his dick pulled free. Then I collapsed on the bed beside mom. She turned me to her and hugged me. We kissed, as Uncle Charlie walked into the bathroom. The water ran and we heard him washing up. Then he came out and washed both our asses. He turned us on our back and gently licked us to another orgasm each. Uncle Charlie climbed into bed between us. He kept kissing us telling us that he loved us both. “Does that mean you won’t spank us, Uncle Charlie?” Uncle Charlie laughed. “Oh no! I intend to spank the hell out of you after we rest. Michelle for allowing me to leave her. And you for not waiting to tell her I fucked you.” laughing, we hugged each other.

The rest of the morning went about how I expected it to. Uncle Charlie took turns fucking mom and me. And we took turns licking, sucking and enjoying him and each other. We told Uncle Charlie about our trip into town. I made him promise to take mom and me back to the club he had taken her. I told him I wanted him to fuck me on stage while everyone watched. As mom worked her head up and down his dick, I told him I wanted him to spank mom and me on stage too. We could pose as sisters who belonged to him. The idea made him cause mom to choke and gag as he fucked her throat deep.

Dinner was delicious. Uncle Charlie made his fabulous filet mignon. And like mom said, it melted in your mouth. After dinner, we told Uncle Charlie to take his shower first. Then mom and I took ours he was seated before the fire when we walked out. We had dressed in our hottest outfits and his dick came to instant attention when we walked before him. Mom and I took turns fucking him. Then we cleaned his dick and each other’s pussies. Then he told us that it was time for our punishment. I had to go first. Mom was to hold me, as Uncle Charlie spanked me.

Uncle Charlie sat on the couch. I lay across his lap with my head on mom’s lap. Uncle Charlie pulled my panty until it had ridden up the crack of my ass. This left my cheeks bare. His rough hand rubbed my ass. “I told you to wait to tell your mom.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “I told you that I wanted to be there when you told her.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “The two of you took turns sucking each other’s pussies last night didn’t you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you have fun sucking your mom’s wet pussy?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you fuck her with a dildo?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

My ass was on fire. He had never spanked me this hard or long before. I was crying and digging my nails into mom’s tender thighs. But she never uttered a sound. She only stroked my hair and whispered that she loved me very much. Then the spanking was over. There was no sexual play. Uncle Charlie didn’t try to excite me. He only spanked me. Then it was mom’s turn. He put her in the same position with her head in my lap. I sniffed back tears as he pulled her panty into a wedgie. His hand rubbed her ass and she grabbed my thigh. I almost gasped as her nails dug into my soft skin. She knew that he would spank her even harder than he had spanked me.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The sound of his hand slapping mom’s ass was so much louder than when he had smacked mine. Mom opened her mouth to scream but shut it without uttering more than a whimper. ”So you want me to take you back, huh?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you enjoy letting other men fuck you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Knowing that I wanted you so much, it hurt to think about you.” SMACK! SMACK! “Did you think of me while they fucked you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Answer me you no good bitch!”

Mom was crying openly. “Oh Charlie! I do want you back. Even when I let other men touch me, I thought only about you. I missed your touch, your spanking and using me the way you did. I’m sorry Charlie! I’m so sorry!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Not as sorry as you’re gonna be! I gave you my love.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “I would have given you the world, Michelle! All I wanted was your love and your submission. And yes I wanted your daughter. We both knew that.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! 

“Did you enjoy sucking her pussy last night? Did you fill her mouth with your thick cum?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Yes Charlie! Oh please, it hurts!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did the two of you use dildos on each other?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Yes Charlie! I made her beg for it. And she did the same thing to me. We licked each other’s pussies after we came.” I looked at mom’s ass. Even thru her chocolate color, I could see how red his spanking had made it.

“I know how much you like to be fucked after a good hard spanking.” SMACK! SMACK! “But instead of letting you enjoy my dick, I’m gonna lay here and fuck your daughter.” SMACK! SMACK! “And when I finish, you can clean us both.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Mom moaned, as Uncle Charlie’s fingers found her slit and clit. She lifted her ass up off his lap. “Fuck me Charlie! Ahhh! Oh my pussy is on fire.” Charlie laughed. As he pushed his finger up mom’s cunt, he turned to me. “Did this slut tell you how hot she got when I took her to the club?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Mom was humping her ass in the air as he fingered her. “Yes.” He pulled his wet fingers out and pushed them in my mouth. Mom tasted so sweet.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did she tell you that she begged me to take her back there?” SMACK! SMACK! “Or how she wanted the men and women in the audience to come up on stage and fuck her? Did she tell you how she begged me to find another couple, who also was into spankings? Then she could get spanked and fucked in both her holes.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You’re a nasty slut, Michelle. But I love you with all my heart.” Even in her excitement, mom continued to cry. Uncle Charlie pushed his finger up her ass right then. And mom came while she humped his fingers. Uncle Charlie made mom stand up. Then he pulled me to the edge of the bed. 

I felt the tip of his dick push between my pussy lips. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me to him. Uncle Charlie fucked me with long hard lunges. I grunted and groaned with each penetration. From the spanking he had given me; the hard fast fucking I was receiving; I could do nothing but cry. I cried all the time he fucked me. Just like I had held mom’s hand while Uncle Charlie had spanked her, she held my hand while he fucked me. Suddenly he stiffened. His eyes rolled up in his head and he started jerking his tits. “Argh! Argh! Oh shit! Take it! Take it all!” I looked at mom. Remembering our conversation about how he looked when he came, we almost laughed. But that would have been disastrous for both our asses.

Uncle Charlie pulled out and grabbed mom by the hair. “Clean your baby’s pussy.” Mom’s mouth felt so good after his hard fucking. But it didn’t stop my tears. When she finished, he shoved his dick in her mouth. Mom sucked him thru her tears. Then he pulled us both to him. We fell asleep that night with our heads on his chest. Mom looked at me and I at her. Our hands touched and we smiled. Our life would forever be different from this moment on. 

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