Internet Secrets - continuation

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**here is a sequel to my greatest internet fuck..."

After our first fuck, we had several more the next weeks. We go out 2-3 times a week. The schedule was always during office time (afternoon), since i can't leave office in the morning or the house in the evening...

One Saturday noon, she texted me to ask how am i doing.. Hmmm, i immediately got hard-on. You see, we seldom go out on a weekend since there is a high probability somebody who knew one of us might see us on a taxi or getting into it.

This one, i knew, she wants to go out. So i asked about the hubby schedule. She said the hubby is on 2-10 pm duty and has just left in fact.. So we decided to meet in the same delicafe where we met the first time.

I made sure i eat a full meal because i need all energies... When she arrived, we ordered each a slice of cake, obviously, she's not hungry for food. heheheh.

So i asked her if she likes to watch movie with me, it was Bourne Identity. She said ok, so we went to LKKS. We walked to the balcony separately. We entered the cinema cautiously, just walking side by side, not even holding hands.

Since it was the start of the show, the second half of Bourne was being shown and there was terrific firefight on the screen. We held hands as we tried to spot for a seat, but since it was very early, there were only few people inside. We went to the left wing.

Right after being seated, we immediately kissed torridly, laplapan ng dila... her hands went into my hard-on, my right hand going into her ass. she likes to wear this flexible jeans, so that i had no problem inserting my hands, right down into her pussy... ohhhh.. she moaned as i insert my id finger into her soo wet pussy... all the while, she opened my fly and started mashing my penis. oohhh, she moaned again as i inserted another two fingers... once in awhile i check out for the guard... everyone's looking at the screen..

i told her to suck my cock, without any hesitation, she dived into my cock and give me a blowjob.. ahhhh, syettt. magkahalong nerbyos at sarap ang feeling ko. i was shivering, partly of the aircon and guarded excitement... tang ina... sarapppp... i fingered her deeper and a familiar smell came out, that of a woman nearing her monthly period... kaya pala super hot... so i fingered her deeper as she suck my cock.. ooohhmm, ohhhmmm, was all her noise... syettt... suddenly, the firefight ended and there was brief lull in the cinema. i pulled her and told her to stop awhile.. ahhh, ayawww.... she said coyly. my fingers still buried deep in her pussy.. finaly, she relented. she leaned to my shoulder and grind her butt, ohhhh sarapp hon... she said.

suddenly, she groped my penis and started licking my ears.. ummm, im coming hon, pleaseee.... my fingers were soaking wet at ngalay na ngalay na, pero sige pa rin ako. she was humping on my hapless fingers while masturbating me.. honnnnn, im cumminggg, syetttt.. ohhhhmmm..... then sinalpak nya pwet nya sa kamay ko and froze.... syet, hon, ang sarappp.. yeah right, sa isip ko. sakit ng kamay ko at numb na fingers ko.. i pulled out my hands at pinunas ko sa likod ng panty nya..

during the lull, she kept on licking my ears, so i went back to her pussy... ahhhh, syettt, sabi nya.. ohhmmm... lick on my ears again. i told her to stop. she said, gusto ko makiliti ka, hon... i was laughing, not becoz nakiliti ako, but bcoz hindi ko nalinis tenga ko... and she thought i was enjoying it.. so i told her, if you wont stop licking my ears, i'll remove your pants and have you fucked me here.. she laugh, and told me "kaya mo ba dito?".. goddam this bitch...

she lick my ears again.. ahhhh shet.. just then, Jason Bourne sprang into action and the whole cinema went into full osund effects.. hon, i told her, tanggalin mo pants mo, pleaseee... fuck me... ha? she said.. i thot she would refuse, but she stole a quick look around -- evryones on the screen -- she unbuttoned her pants and drop them to her knees, remove her panty and jump into my seat.. i held her ass and she took my penis and guided it to her pussy.. ahhhmmm, hon... syettt, sarappp.. she started bucking wildly as i held her hips controllign the tempo.. ahhh syettt.. i held her hips so she wont be noticeable... Jason Bourne went into the offensive, gearing into climax..

I told her, hon, remove your jeans and face me... without hesitation she pulled from me -- plop -- and kicked off her pants and panty. i slid lower into my seat and told her to mount me.. i put her pants/panty on the seat beside me.. gawd, ang lamig ng puwet nya, pero sobra init puke nya... fuckkkk, honnn.... she was enjoying it, but i was having difficulty reaching orgasm bcoz i was looking side to side.. ohhh, ahhhh , honn, syetttt.. i was shivering now, out of fear of getting caught and the excitement of the fuck... ahhhh, syeettt, im cumming hon... i tried to hold her hips and prevent her from rising up and down... she was fucking me like there's no tomorrow.. kumbaga, ang husay nya kumadyot.. her pussy barely leaving a gap... ahhhh, yan naa honnn... she grind her hips faster i can feel the heat building up inside her pussy.. shetttt, im cumming honnn, ooooohhh... the sound of her moan disoriented me.. between her moans and the deafeenign gunfires and explosions, i was pushed and pinned her hips while she buckled for the orgasm... i told her i was cumming too.. honnn, sabay tayooo, ooohhh, syetttt.. hmmppphh ayan naaaa... for a brief moment, para akong nabingi, i cant hear a thing as blood surge into my head and i felt hit with a bolt of lightning.. sheett, i immediately pulled her out.. lamig ng puwet..

she looked for her panty, but i told her she might have dropped it on the next row in front of us. Since gunfire became sporadic, she has no choice but wear her pants, without the panty (binulsa ko yung panty, kasi pinampunas ko sa titi ko).. we were still hingal-kabayo, we kissed deeply.. she said, hon, i enjoyed it a lot...

then, another couple entered and sat two seats away on the same row as us, so we managed to try to look innocent..

Jason Bourne finally got his vengeance and his sanity back... All is quite on the wetern front. hehehe. I was thinking of fingering her again, but the movie credits was starting already. i knew lights will be on soon. Just then, her cellphone rang, it was her husband -- checking. Since she cannot ignore it (or there will be more suspicion), she decided to answer it. Husband demanded why she is in the movie. She said, since you wont accompany me, i watch by my lonesome... i was there grinning, fingers going inside her bare ass... Her husband told her to go home and wait for his call.. she said ok.

And so before the cinema lights went on, we left... Without having to see the origin of Jason Bourne..

Now, that was my first and unforgettable cinema fuck... I cant believe we did it...

After that, i decided i had enough and changed my cp. We have been fuck buddies for about 2 months. She called my office once in a while but i made some lame excuses, until one time, she told me to be honest with her. So i told her we lie low for awhile, and she got the message..

The real reason? i fel a pang of jealousy when i learned that she was seeing other guys too.. some married, some students. i know, because my close friend got to fucked her too after that Jason Bourne tryst of ours. The friend was bragging about her. They also met in IRC, she was using another alias. Duh...

For health reason, i have to back out.. You know the saying, too many cook spoils the soup...


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