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I was a late bloomer when it comes to adventurous sex. I was already 36 years old and just discovering the darker side of internet.

Initially, my web trip is going to free sex sites and download photos. Then I started using mIRC. at first, medyo flirting lang ginagawa ko, then, I chatted with a lady whos alias is m****_*. We chatted for awhile, doing verbal tussle as we try to outwit each other into giving information... the session ended without us getting enough info on each other, but enough idea we wanted the chat to prolong.

So next day, we met again in the channel and went macking. this time, she challenged me to give her my office number. So i accepted the dare. She called and we talked on the phone. I got annoyed at first because she was like a Police investigator kung makatanong. Then i tried to counter with some probing questions to her until finally, i hit paydirt. We have a common friend and worked for same office before. aha...

The next time we talked, we have more "getting to know yous", altho most of mine are lies. I learned that her husband is an engineer and works in a manufacturing company and is on various shift. She also intimated that she felt caged in their house (housewife kasi) becoz her hubby is super jealous. She felt longing and belongingness.. Hmmmm... i was starting to become a predator smelling the prey... So i asked if we can meet. She agreed. 11.30 AM, kasi duty hubby nya 10AM- 6 PM.

We met at a discreet delicafe and went to a corner setee, parang sofa. She's petite, around 5'2, slim, mestisa and super kinis ng mukha at skin. We made beso-beso, sarap ng smell nya, Vaseline shampoo.. While picking on our foods, we talked more on personal matters, mostly hers. I learned she was on her early 40s, but i commented she looked liked a petite 30 something.

My objective is to prolong the conversation and focus more on her marital angst. Because the area was crampy, i pretended to put my hand on her back, waiting for reaction. Di naman nag react. so i got bolder and dropped my hands to her hips.. Grabe, ang lambot ng katawan. She looked at me, i felt ashamed and said sorry. But she said, ingat ka lang at bka may makakita kilala mo.

After a while, i told her we leave and find some private place we wont be afraid of being seen. She smiled and told me "medyo kinakabahan ako sa balak mo ah.."

We took a taxi, and in the taxi i kissed her, she kissed back. my heart was beating and i getting a good hard-on now. inakbayan ko sya and made himas sa likod, sumandal sya sa akin, pumungay ang mata. i dropped my hands into her butt and nudged her to raised her butt so i can pinched it. Kinurot nya ako but she lifted her ass just the same. i inserted my hands on her jeans, kurot uli sya.. dama ko init ng puke nya... tang ina...

When we entered the motel, i felt awkward how to start it. I tried to be a romantic gentleman by kissing her hands, then kissing her lips. The kissing went hot and she was hugging me tightly. I inserted my hands inside her shirt and slowly rmeoved it. She immediately wriggled out of her shirt. That was it...

I proceeded to remove her Flexi-jeans and left her on bra and panty. She was breathing heavy. We were caressing each other while i undressed. And there standing, i drop to my knees and starting kissing her kepyas, ang bango, ang sarap ng amoy. ohhhh, she said. fuckkk, syettt... she opened her legs more and held on to my head....

Ayaw ko nang pataglin so i carried her to the bed and started kissing her onthe nipples. Tayong-tayong nipples nya. ohhhmmm, ahhhh, sarap na sarap sya, while i also fingered her. she groped for my penis and inumpisahang salsalin. we changed position and made 69, she on top.. ang sarap.. syet...lambot ng bibig, parang walang ngipin... ohhhhh, syettt...

pinahiga ko sya and put her knees on my shoulder. The sight of my penis entering her kepyas was awsome.. shittt. ang sikip... ang init nga puke nya... inumpisahan ko na ang indayog, slowly sa simula... first time kantot ng babae na nakasablay paa sa balikat ko, sarap pala. pasok na pasok. she was moaning now, fuck meeee, pleaseee, ahhhhhh... so nilakasan ko pag kadyot.. kita ko mata nya tumirik at biglang pigil hinga... ahhhhhhh, i'm cummingggg, sabi nya.. ohhhhh, ahhhhhh, bilisan mooooo.. syettt.. ahhhh, i'm coming babe, sabi ko... sabay bilis kadyot.. oh oh oh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ayan na, babeeeeee... syettttt......

PAra aking nakuryente ng labasan kami pareho... i drop on her breast without releasing her knees locked on mys houlders.. she was gasping for breath... Then we relax for a while... we talked awhile and i learned na wala silang anak, nag adopt lang. So no wonder sikip ng puke nya. tang ina talaga. laki ng ngisi ko....

i went to the bathroom and had a shower, pra mabango tit ko uli. Sumunod sya. sabi nya, mag half bath lang daw sya, pakihawakn ko daw buhok nya para di mabasa. ah ok.

while she was soaping her body, i got a hard on again. i started kissing her in the neck while my other hand fingered her pussy. ahhhh, syett. sarap ng feeling ng tubig. i held into her hair and slowly entered her, doggie style... tang ina, ang init ng puke nya... oohm, ahhhh sarapppp.. M----, sarap, sige pa.... sabi nya... Binilisan ko kantot, tang inaaa, srap mo babeeee... ahhh.... yesss, babe, ang sarapp.. ohhhhh, ahhh.. sabi niya. then bigla syang nanigas, hmmmppppp.... ramdam ko kaibang init dumaan sa titi ko.. nilabasan siya...

then, while we soap each other and teased each other, ito, tigas na naman ako. sabi ko, talikod ka uli... "kaya mo pa ba", biro nya.. smiling slyly. i said we'll see..

So habang nasa shower, i entered her from behindd, slowly fucking her, enjoying the warmth of her pussy. then bigla ko hinugot titi ko and binunggo-bunggo ko sa anus nya... "are you sure?" she asked me coyly... uhuh, i said... siya na mismo humawak sa tit ko at tinutok sa puwet nya.. "Be gentle ha" she said.. ohhhh syetttt... nanggigil ako tinitingnan ko titi ko labas-masok sa puwet nya.. syettttt. first time ko anal sex... ahhhhhh,, ang init ng titi ko.. ohhhhh, sige pa M-----, fuckkk meeee. fuckkk meee... shetttt.. hhmmmm. i was fucking her ass like crazy. kahit gusto ko feeling, pero nandidiri ako sa sarili. gusto mo matapos kaagad kaya binilisan ko na. she was bucking her hips, ahhhhh,sige paaaaa... i am cumminggggg, babeee... cummingn, yessss, yesss.........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

My penis came out with a "pop". hindi ko na tiningnan but i went for the water and soap immediately while she massage her ass....

We fuck twice more before we felt weak.... di pa kami kumakain ng lunch. so we ordered lunch, and called it a day...

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nice story sir! though i doubt its fiction! haha!

keep it coming please! thanks!

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