Secret Desires [Chapter 2]

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Disclaimer: While this story is based on actual events, certain characters, characterizations, incidents, locations and dialogue were fictionalized or invented for purposes of dramatization.

With respect to such fictionalization or invention, any similarity to the name or to the actual character or history of any person, living or dead, or any product or entity or actual incident, is entirely for dramatic purpose and not intended to reflect on an actual character, history, product or entity.


Chapter 2

Weeks had passed, Mac and I always find time to go on dates. Our communication is going great too. He made me feel like I'm the most beautiful lady out there that I almost forgot that I have Luis.

Oh, what am I doing?

Have I gone mad?

How about my boyfriend who lives far away?

My phone beeped. Luis' text brought me back to reality.


Babe, I missed you.


Please reply.


I know he only misses me in a more intimate reason. By intimate I mean having sex by chatting or by texting. We exchange naughty text, call, and chat. Sometimes masturbating in front of the camera.

I sighed. That is why I was getting tired of what we have. I wanted... more. I typed in my reply.


I miss you, too.

Well, not really because I have Mac here. Damn. I've gotten indecent since our first date in the movie theater. I should stop this thing with Mac because I have Luis. And I should stop being Luis' girlfriend because I'm in love with my guy best friend.

I sighed again.

What is wrong with me?

My phone beeped with a new message. My logic flew out of the window as I read it. It's from Mac.


I miss you. I want to hug you.

I hugged my pillow tight. I feel so giddy texting Mac that, at times, I forget I have a boyfriend.


I miss you too! Me too!


Let's meet up? I really want to hug you.

I don't know why but that word 'hug' has a double meaning when I read it. Or is it just my mind playing tricks on me? I read it as sex, not just a simple hug.. but sex.


Sure. Let's meet. When? Where?


Tomorrow. Since, it's still a weekend. I'll pick you up by 2:30 in the afternoon.


Okay. See you then.

So tomorrow I have a date. What will I wear? Should I shave? I mean... what? Why do I need to shave? I contemplated for awhile but in the end, decided to shave. For future purposes.

He picked me up at exactly the time he told me. He drove his sexy motorcycle to our destination, I sat at the back. My arms stretched around his waist so as to keep myself from falling, hugging him.

The wind blew coldly on my face. Thank god I wore my gray cardigan!

Minutes later, we arrived at a resort hotel. It was bit of a bumpy ride because of the rocks that paved the driveway.

Mac parked on the side along with the motorcycles from other customers. Whew! I guess we're not alone here.

"Hey, Mac!" a guy called out to him.

Mac spotted him and nodded, "Oh, hey man!"

They talked for a while. The guy looked at me like he already knew what's bound to happen later on. I gulped at his stare. This is making everything awkward. It makes me nervous.

Why am I even here?

I could just go home right now and tell Mac that I'm feeling under the weather. Right. I could do that.

But before I could open my mouth to speak, Mac already grabbed my hand and bid farewell to his friend. The guy nodded and a grin plastered across his face.

My heart was beating so fast. My mind is telling me to stop this madness. Something feels wrong. Something is not right. Yet, at the same time, I feel excited by the thought of the older man I'm with.

Mac lead the way towards a small looking house. It was creamy white in color with a hint of light brown. Small enough to fit two persons. He already got a hold of the key, so he used it to open the door.

He flicked the light switch on. The interior is a bit common for a resort hotel. It has one double bed, two lamps, small table, wooden cabinet, mirror and a bathroom.

He grabbed my waist from behind and hugged me. Sniffing my hair down to sides of my jaw. His hands crept up and down the sides of my waist and breasts.

I felt a tingly sensation run up my spine. Are we really going to do this?

He turned me to face him. I felt his manhood poking below my belly. He is damn hard already!

My throat felt dry all of a sudden. My cheeks heated up at the thought of his aroused cock. That big and long cock. I wonder if it would fit me. I bit my lips at the image my mind is giving me.

He kissed me thoroughly. His tongue played with mine. Gliding. Sucking. I am beginning to feel the wetness of my center, giving me goosebumps. Slowly and with fervent manner, he took my clothes off. Leaving me with only my underwear.

I stopped kissing him and held out my hand. "Wait! I.. I need to go the the bathroom for a sec."

My heart beat erratically. Damn it. I needed time to think!

He nodded, "Hmm. Okay. I'll wait."

I smiled, "Thank you! Be back in a jiffy."

I hurriedly went inside the bathroom and locked it. I stared at the mirror.

Can I really do this?

What about him? Didn't I want to have him as my first?

And now, I'll be giving it to someone I hardly know. I sighed.

Why does it even matter? He is not going to be mine. He is already in a relationship and so am I.. yet, I am in this situation. I sighed again, staring at my reflection. I took off my bra and panty.

This is it. This is really happening. I cannot back out from this.

Cold temperature greeted me when I went out from the bathroom. Mac was watching news and had turned on the air-condition.

I walked to the table where I placed my bag and pushed my undies inside. Then, I sauntered towards him. He met me half way, in his naked glory. He looked really hot.

He embraced me tightly and started kissing me. His fingers fondled my center. I whimpered at his touch.

Oh how I wish it was 'him' who is pleasuring me..

I was becoming wet by the minute. His fingers stroke me with expertise. His kisses becoming rough and torrid. His lips kissed the sides of my jaw to my neck.

His other hand caressed my breasts. Alternately squishing my boobs and pinching my nipples. I moaned with the building pleasure he's giving me, my knees becoming weak.

He slowly laid me on the bed. The softness of the mattress is a relief to my trembling legs.

He continued kissing me torridly. Hands all over my body. His maleness poking at my center. Everything went fast and before I knew it, he already entered the head of his maleness inside me.

I bit my lips to stop myself from crying. Intense pain flowed althroughout my entire being. Tears moistened my eyes and are threatening to fall.

I was not ready yet. I, still, am not that wet to accommodate such a foreign thing inside me. But I cleared off my mind. Letting myself feel any passionate sensation to rouse myself.

"Fuck! So tight~" I hear him saying.

He started pumping up and down. I feel like my pelvic bone is going to break!

"Ohh~" A cry broke out from my mouth and yet it sounded like a moan.

Is this what I've read about in those novels? Why does it hurt so bad? I thought after the pain comes the pleasure. Where's the pleasure in this?

I'm trying so hard to think of anything than can arouse me but failed. It is so hard, especially when I was thinking of 'him' and all the what ifs flashed before me.

I can hear the noise of him colliding with mine. My cries continued to sound like a moan. I was about to come but...

The deed was over even when I didn't come. I was physically in pain. My crotch hurts like crazy. He got off me and went to the other side of the bed.

My heart broke for the way I gave my virginity up. I stifled my cry. I do not want Mac to feel offended.

I turned to face him, readied myself to smile.

But then, he was just staring at his phone. Tapping something on it. We didn't cuddle after what happened. We lay either side of the bed, him not facing me.

That was all there is to it.

Now that he got what he wanted from me, I'm sure he'll leave me alone.

I mentally cried. I was supposed to save myself for 'him'. I wonder how it would have been if he was the one who took my all.

But then, ours is a futile feat. We can never be, I am sure of it.

After a few more minutes, I quickly grabbed my bag and went inside the bathroom to dress up. I came out and he was ready to go too.

I sighed.

This is what you get Rika. You didn't think this through enough.

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Let your lust lead the way

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Let your lust lead the way

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may bago nanaman akong idol
galing miss maggie ^_^

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Let your lust lead the way

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Binabawi ko na yung comment ko sa chapter 1, dafaq! Fuckboi pala si mac. Wala man lang cuddle after the ritual, after the MC gave her “alay” 

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