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Ampayatot <3
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Petite pero matambok ang puke, sarap

Its not about how long or how big, It is already given, the question is how many times it will rise again. -Tigasin

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babe pwede ko ba matikman pussy mo? please? tigang na ko gusto ko kumain ng pussy 100% disease free and clean...i dont smoke so healthy ako hihi


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Wow sexy parin as usual hehehr

I can make love to with words. 

Nah, I'm just kidding. 


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Nakupo!! Kanin nlng kulang. My ulam na!

wow sarap at sexy

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ang tambok nga heheyammy

be happy and safe use rubber

& sexy


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Sarap naman...

Don't give up on me yet, don't forget who I am... I know I'm not there yet, but don't let me stay here alone

swimming n tayo, ang sexy

Weakness ko tlga mga petite.. lalo na pag mejo gifted

Bahala na

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Ty guys :*

Cheating is a choice, and i like it :*

09350880770 <3