Looking for Horny Men 21-27

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Looking for men na descent looking, well mannered but horny on the inside. trading pics until we get to know more about the other and hopefully we can meet. :p

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pwedeng mag apply hehehe kaso over age na ko eh hehehe

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wag ka pahalata sa iba. hahah di nmn nila alam age mo

Im available hehe

Ako pwd ba?

virgin here 26 years old counted ba

Im 27, pwede ba ko? :)

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25 years old

Fuck Total: 8 satisfied women, Want to be the 9th?

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Pwede ba ako subukan natin

22 ako fairview



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Yung mga kagagalang galang sa labas pero ang sarap hubaran pag kayo na lang. hahaha

Viber me :)

21here and available


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Lets go,  saan ba? 35 seperated

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Sayang haha

be happy and safe use rubber

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count me in kung pwede pa..ahaaha

Anu qualifications 

Life is like a dick sometimes it becomes hard 4 no reason 

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