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Sounds familiar ba ang title? Do you remember? Teehee

Hi! I know that you know who you are! You are easily one of my fave people.  I am so happy because even if we won't be here anymore we can still talk to each other. I appreciate na kahit anong mangyari, talagang di ka nakakalimot na mag keep in touch.  You are one of the few people na gusto kong kausap dito kasi chill lang at may sense at most specially you respect me. Masasabi ko na kaibigan kita talaga hahaha feeling close ako eh? Up here! :D You are one of the reasons why I am still on this site. Feel good lang ang presence mo, nakaka positive vibes. If may chance, I would want you to be my friend not just virtually, pati in real life! <3  

Continue to strive. Ma aachieve mo lahat ng yan basta think positive! Mabuti kang tao at alam kong magiging matagumpay ka sa lahat ng mga future  endeavors mo. Laban lang okay? 

Dapat audio clip ito eh kaso nabura ko! At hindi yata makapag upload ng audio dito. 

Basta lagi mong tandaan I am always here for you! Thank you for being there for me din! 

love and hugs,

~A' J <3

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Sino yan ha Jam? Hahahahaha si Casper ba to?

They call me Jack Of All Trades, master of none. I call them John Talent-less, envious pieces of shit.

PM beshy

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