Best stranger in the world (dedication blog)

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Hi! I hope you are reading this. :) Consider this as an appreciation of all the things. I know that this is unwarranted but I want all the people to know that in a site such as this one, there could be a stanger who could  just drift away from what we are all accustomed to as members of this site -landian, laswaan so and so. Pero ikaw, you work differently. You inspired me and continue to inspire me to become a better version of myself, alam mo iyon. Alam mo kung ano ang ginawa ko as a start dahil sa mga kuwento mo sa akin. But as what you have said everyday struggle diba? You touched my life in ways that you might have never imagined. Iyong mga kuwento mong hindi ko inasahan, ang mga aral, tagos sa buong pagkatao ko. Who would have thought na pati buhay ng mga saints topic natin? hahaha up here brether! At kahit alam mo ang mga ganap sa buhay ko, hindi mo ako hinusgahan, hindi nag iba ang pag trato mo sa akin. Same as before! Ininspire mo pa ako to be better. 

Magkalaban tayo before and I hardly forgive people pero hindi ako nag sisi na nagbigay ako ng chance for us to get into a nice conversation. Look at us now? Madami na tayong napag usapan and I guess we are just getting started, yes? Hindi lang nice convos eh? Talagang makatuturan at mga importante. Hahaha

Sabi ko nga, if we met irl, and lived in a different circumstance, we could have been best of friends. Iyong hindi lang sa label but in the deepest sense of the word. Pero who cares right? What matters is we can tell our stories to each other ng walang pag iimbot at ng buong katapatan! Lakas maka panatang maka bayan. hahaha

IDK if you are comfortable or not about this, anonymous naman diba? teehee Just let me know if I should take this down. 

I couldn't thank you enough talaga! What I am most thankful for among other things is/are, never mo akong pina feel like I am a bitch. Never mo akong nilandi at never kang naging malaswa. You make me realize that my value is much more than what I led myself to believe. Fist bump!  Yo the best! 


~J <3

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Yedda's picture

push mo lang girl.... suporta taka hihihi

Im having one of those days where my middle finger is answering all my questions.

solomot Yedda! :*


misscurvatot's picture

while reading this,i tot c harmless_gay ung dinedescribe mo but after d last parangraph ngkamali aq bwhaahha! Hmmmnnn cnetch itey? Blind item ms lmt ;p

~i wish i could have stayed in your life,but i was TOO MUCH and NOT ENOUGH at the same time~

Hahaha blind item ito talaga! ;)

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