PSE Statistics: The 10 Most Popular Erotica Categories in 2016

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Whew I can't believe we're already in the middle of August. This year is passing by like a blur!

Before we approach the "Ber" months, I would like to start showing you some statistics from last year. 2016.

Looking at Google Analytics, I noticed that among the top 10 most viewed pages here in PSE in 2016 were three category pages. (see screenshot above) Each had more than half a million page views last year.

Here are the Top 3 Most Viewed Category pages in 2016:

Rank 1- Category/Term 13 (Hot Wife) page

Rank 2 - Category/Term 10 (Taboo) page

Rank 3 - Category/Term 10 (Older Men) page

Other Categories

  • A far No. 4 is the Category page of "Older Women" with 160,499 views
  • 5th is the Category page of "Swinging" with 103,664 page views.

To complete the Top 10 Categories in 2016:

  • 6th: Neighbor category page
  • 7th: Teacher category page
  • 9th: College category page
  • 10th: Orgy category page

If you're an author or a blogger here in PSE, or an erotica book author, these numbers will give you an idea on the topics that Pinoy erotica readers love most.

This is the second blog post I wrote about our statistics . The first one was about the most read story in July 2017. I will be making more posts about stats and my next post will be: The most read stories in June 2017.

Stay tuned for more!




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