Security Update: Your connection to PSE is now more secure

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Online security is important to us here in PSE and it has been one of our goals this year to move the site to a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and this was completed today.

Your connection to PSE is now secured by SSL and the site will be on the HTTPS protocol. ( instead of

One of the advantages of connection to the site over SSL is that your password and other submissions the site like private messages cannot be intercepted because the data is now encrypted when sent to PSE and when the data is sent back to you.

There are a lot of hacking technologies today that can intercept data between you and the site you are browsing. That is why big websites such as Facebook, Twitter and ecommerce sites like Amazon, eBay and your online banking sites are on SSL.

And today, we have installed SSL on

To further protect your accounts here on PSE, please follow these basic steps:

  • Always logout after using your account, specially in public computers
  • Do not use easy to guess passwords
  • And of course, do not share your password. laugh

You can now see your connection to the site is secure when you are on On Chrome, you will see the green padlock icon. (See photo)







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