Lad's Town: Adopt Me, Abuse Me (Part 1)

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Concept of Jenny Sterling

Jenny took a deep breath before entering the place called "Lad's Town". According to what it pretended to be, it was an orphanage of sorts that took in orphaned and homeless boys around the area. It was rumored, on the other hand, to be a place where young boys were exploited, forced into prostitution and sold as sex slaves under the pretense of being "adopted".

It was late evening now and few people were on the streets.

Jenny was into her 40's now but she was one of those women who aged "well". Despite being in her middle-age, she was still very attractive with long, natural red hair, blue eyes, moon-white skin, freckled face, long legs, toned abs, big tits and a huge ass. Of course, these weren't things she liked to think about too much these days.

Her marriage had failed. Horribly, in fact. After divorcing her cheating husband, she lost custody over her daughter and is now forced to live alone in a small apartment in New York. She decided that striking out into international journalism might put her mind away from the troubles of her devastated family life.

Child prostitution was a huge problem in Southeast Asia and was often discussed in the west and more developed countries as a truly appalling issue. Jenny thought that tackling child prostitution and slavery in the Philippines would somehow boost her career as a journalist and grant her international acclaim. That's what she told herself anyway.

The truth was actually much more complicated.

What she didn't want to admit was that something stirred within her. A dark desire that she didn't dare indulge in for most of her life. The loss of her family pushed her to go for broke and take on things she wouldn't have thought of more than a decade ago.

"Good evening," she told the guard at the entrance. "I'm looking to 'adopt' a boy."

The guard looked at her curiously and of course took the time to study this attractive white woman.

"Papers ma'am?" the guard asked.

"I don't have any on me right now," Jenny said, trying to remember the code words necessary to at least get a boy she could interview in secret. "I'm looking to adopt an 'obedient' boy who'll do everything I say."

The guard's eyes widened, was this beautiful white woman a potential customer for one of the boys tonight? Whoever that boy was, he was very lucky.

"Please come in ma'am," the guard said to her. "Please proceed to the office."

"Thank you," Jenny smiled at the guard and pretended she wasn't nervous as she walked on her high-heels to the office.

Jenny found the woman waiting for her at the office was quite sleazy and didn't like her one bit.

"Good evening," the woman said. "You are?"

"Ms. Jones," Jenny finished, having prepared a fake name in advance. "My name is Simone Jones."

Jenny hoped she looked convincing as beads of sweat formed on her neck and chest.

"The guard called," the woman said. "He said you were looking for something specific in Lad's Town?"

"Yes," Jenny nodded. "I want a boy for the night."

"Any specifics?"

"He needs to understand and speak English."

"Of course. Anything else? Any particular age you want?"

"Somewhere between thirteen to seventeen."

"Okay, what kind of acts are you looking to do?"

"Do I have to answer that?"

"No, it's just that not all the boys here have been properly broken," said the woman. "Not all of them will do everything their customers tell them to. If you want to do more extreme things with one of our boys like scat or bestiality, there are only so many willing to do that. And none of them can speak English, Ms. Jones. Although, if you're willing to hire some of our assistants for an additional fee, we can force one of the boys you want into doing more extreme acts."

"Okay," Jenny considered her words carefully. "I don't want to do anything extreme yet although I would like to ask what your prices are."

"Well, this is a 'per-hour' deal, Ms. Jones," the woman said. "It's seven hundred pesos per hour per boy and that's just the tame stuff."

"Tame stuff?"

"Oral and anal sex," the woman clarified. "Of course, if you're planning to..."

"No, nothing of the sort," Jenny said quickly. "I... I just want to watch a boy masturbate."

"Oh, hands off, eh?" the woman smiled. "Very well. If you could wait a moment..."

The woman took out a smartphone, touched some commands on it and brought it to Jenny.

"We have Raymond, he's age fourteen," the woman showed a picture of a more Asian-looking boy wearing a necktie and nothing else while holding his dick which was surprisingly big and was suggestively eating a banana. "Speaks good English and is really good at giving blowjobs although I doubt that's what you're looking for."

"No," Jenny agreed. "That's not what I want."

"Here we have Lito," the woman showed an image of a more Latino-looking boy who had his back to the camera, wore a cowboy hat and had a toy gun shoved in his butt. "He's sixteen and just loves taking it in the ass."

Jenny just shook her head.

The woman only sighed and changed the image. This time a boy with a mix of Asian and Latino features came up on the screen of the smartphone. He had a shocked looked on his face which was smeared with what was undoubtedly semen which contrasted with his tanned skin. Jenny felt horrified at the image but part of her, the part of her she didn't want to admit to, thought he looked cute.

"This is Pio, fifteen years old," the woman said disdainfully. "He's a work in progress though. We haven't taught him to be properly obedient yet. He came from a good family who died in a fire though so he can speak really good English compared to the others. But if you'll take him, you'd better be careful, he fights back. He bit one of our guards once when he didn't want to have sex with one client."

"O-Okay," Jenny nodded hesitantly. "I'll take him."

The woman escorted Jenny to the room that she would be sharing with Pio. It looked fairly simple with a single bed, a chair, a table and a bathroom at one end. What caught Jenny's attention though was that there was a large teddy bear on the bed with a strap-on dildo that was probably a good ten inches long.

"So are you for real?" the woman asked.


"Are you for real?" the woman repeated. "You'd better not be some kind of cop or journalist. We do things to those kinds of people when we catch them, you know? Bad, bad things. Things that make you wish you were one of the boys instead."

"That all?"

"Well, I just felt the need to warn you." the woman smiled and left.

It wasn't long until "Pio" came into the picture. He was as was shown in the picture earlier. A lost looking thing who only looked curiously at Jenny.

"Hi," Jenny smiled at him. "I'm Simone."

"W-Where's m-my customer?" Pio asked hesitantly, as if afraid Jenny would hurt him, although Jenny wasn't all that surprised about the boy's behavior.

"Well, I'm your customer for tonight, Pio."

"B-But you're a w-"


"Y-Yes. I've never had a lady customer before."

"Well, there's a first time for everything," Jenny said as she sat in the only chair in the room. "So tell me Pio, how long have you been in Lad's Town?"

"Almost a year now," Pio answered nervously and Jenny couldn't express how adorable he was in the blue and white pajamas he wore. "S-So, a-are you g-going to use me t-tonight?"

"Hmm," Jenny smiled. "Let me think about it."

Jenny felt horrified that part of her really wanted to say yes.

"Do you want me to use you?"

"Whatever you want," the boy said mechanically. "You're in control."

"Okay," Jenny nodded and surprised herself with what she said next. "Take your pajamas off and get on the bed."

Pio did as she asked and took off his pajamas, leaving only his socks and, shockingly enough, a white thong which bulged with his genitals, and got on the bed. He put his legs together and hugged his knees. It was a gesture Jenny associated with abused children. She found it sad and cute at the same time.

"So tell me, how did you end up here?"

"My house burned down when I was twelve, along with my family," Pio began. "Everyone died. Except me. Because I got out first. My parents helped me escape. It was too late for them though."

"What about older siblings? Grandparents? Maybe an aunt or uncle who'll take you in?"

"I'm an only child, ma'am and my grandparents were dead when I was very little. And no, I don't think any of my aunts or uncles would ever take me in. They don't need another mouth to feed."

"That's sad," Jenny wanted to say something that might comfort the boy but decided against it as it could blow her cover as the boy's customer. "So what made you come here?"

"I was brought here by the police," Pio said. "I don't know if they know what this place really is but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Besides, politicians come here all the time. I'm betting they're the ones keeping this place together and paying the cops."

"The woman out there tells me you don't like it here," Jenny said. "Do you want to escape?"

"No!" Pio shook his head vehemently, terrified. "I like it here!"

Pio crawled off the bed towards Jenny.

"Please, I like it here!" he begged, tears in his eyes. "I swear, I'm happy here!"

"Okay, okay," Jenny said as the boy hugged her calves and she felt power and sexual dominance invigorate her but her horror and pity fought it back. "You like it here, okay."

"Please don't tell anyone I don't like it here," Pio begged, sobbing now. "Th-They'll beat me again."

And at once Jenny understood.

"Okay, I'm sorry," Jenny said. "Of course, you like it here. Get back on the bed then. I promise I won't tell anyone that you don't like it here."

The boy went back to the bed and Jenny felt her heart break for him.

"So, tell me, what happened after your home burned down?" Jenny asked. "Did the cops find you immediately?"

"No, I was homeless for a while," Pio went on. "I lived on the streets. I slept on warm parts of the sidewalk and I ate food that I could find in garbage cans. When I was first brought here, I was almost happy. At least until I found out what this place really was."

"So what do you do here usually? What do they make you do?"

"Give blowjobs and put things in my ass. Sometimes they'll make me have sex with the other boys in a sex show."

Jenny just nodded.

"So have you decided yet?" the boy asked.

"On?" Jenny looked at him curiously.

"Do you want to use me?"

"Yeah, I was thinking, why don't you masturbate for me," Jenny said. "I want you to jack off until you cum."

"Okay ma'am," Pio said and took off his thong, revealing his huge dick which was roughly nine inches long and as thick as Jenny's wrist.

"Holy shit!" Jenny started back. "Isn't your dick a little big for your age?"

"They give us 'special medicine' to make our dicks bigger," Pio said. "They also make us eat food that make us really horny and make more cum."

"Wow, so you can cum a lot?"

"Yes ma'am," Pio said as he began to rub the shaft of his member up and down.

"Okay, why don't you let Mr. Bear over there fuck you," Jenny gestured to the teddy bear with the strap-on. "Pretend he's real and pretend he's your customer. Give me a sex show."

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