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We paused when somebody entered the stall next to us.

I opened our shower, took off my shorts and dropped it where the water poured. But we didn't get under it. Then, I resumed fingering Deth, who was completely naked.

Her slit was wet from my tonguing, so I positioned myself entering her pussy from the front, so I slid my shaft on her vagina, testing the waters, so to speak.

'Ready or not, here I come!' I whispered but Deth's mind was elsewhere...

Until I inserted half of my dick.

'Ahhh... Waitttt...' Deth came to.

On my second thrust, the head slid through the greasy tunnel and filled her insides. It was an indescribable feeling!

And as my pumping begun in earnest, I pushed her away but held her at the waist, keeping our organs close so I can thrust faster with forward-and-up movement.

'You were saying?' I said mockingly. And momentarily pointed to the silence in the next bath stall, like the bather was listening to our steamy exchange.

'Aahhh.. Nothing... ' Deth held my shoulders for support, and gyrated to my tempo, pulling herself as I did but pushing her rump forward to meet my thrusts.

I want her to come first.

(The good thing about this position is that the shaft directly rubbed on the clitoris, making her come sooner than you. The down side is, you gotta massage your waist area immediately after so it doesn't hurt somewhat!)

Moments later, I moved up speed as Deth closed her eyes and opened her mouth in ecstasy. 'Haaahhhmmmpppffff...' She danced with my rhythm.

I upped tempo. So did she.

She came as I was on a crescendo of a fast push-pull drill of her vagina.

I didn't come. But I will, later in the day.

I slowed down my thrusts, waiting for her to come to her senses.

And she pulled out, embraced me and kissed my neck. 'You were great, Rolly. I think I'm falling for you.'

'Was it that good?' I asked between huffs.

'Ah..uh..yes.' She washed her pubes in the shower. Then, she pulled me and washed my half-erect dick, marvelling if it will go back to full-size.

It was my turn to moan. 'Awwwwwwwww..'

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