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I found the first bath stall which was enclosed and very private, although separated from each other by double 'sawali' weaves, and we entered as I turned on the light.

I kissed Deth passionately on the lips. On her neck. Down the mounds of her chest.

Took off her panty and tasted the salt in her pudenda.

She automatically parted her legs to welcome my tongue as I sipped, kneaded, kissed and caressed the erogeneous region.

She should be ready when I enter her, I thought as the work of my darting tongue bore fruit.

'Rollllyy... Ahhhhh..' Deth whispered.

She's ready for the assault, but not yet.

I maintained the rhythmic lapping of her hairy mound, maintaining pressure on her clitoris, that little button of temptation.

'Ahhhhhh....' All she can do was receive pleasure, and I guess she near the climax.

Somebody opened the bath stall next to us, so I opened our shower too.

Deth silently resumed moaning to her sexual peak from my tongue assault, until she slightly closed her legs and forced her waist forward, her mouth in an '0'.

I slowed my tongue 'speed' in consonance to her convulsions... Until she giggled silently and pushed my head off.

She was panting, with her mouth open and finger on it, motioning silence.

The bather on the other stall was humming, and she was a woman.

I took off my shorts, and my half-erect manhood made Deth's eyes widen. I placed my shorts where the water dropped from the shower, then I partly rinsed my shaft off some salt.

I took her hand and placed it on my penis.

She adamantly moved her fingers- the thumb and forefinger encircled the shaft as she moved to my right side, avoiding the water from the shower.

I kissed her ear as she looked downward to check on the progress of what she was doing on my penis. She faced me but maintained her delicate caress.

So, I returned the favor by inserting two fingers on her pussy. Her body arched, still electrified with her decreasing climax and let out her tongue to be feasted on.

I gave her the taste of her wetness.

'Hmmm...' Her moans flicked a switch. My ramrod grew stiff with that.

I took my penis from her hand, positioned her to face me, and gently swiped my manhood in her pussy to check if it was wet. Damn, it glided!

And, I guided my dick to where it should be - in her warm scabbard...

I gently pushed up and her shoulder at a distance... half in.. Withdrew slightly and pushed again..

I was in.

There's a wide-eyed shock in Deth as I gave her pussy a measured pounding, forcing her mouth open in surprise.

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This is 4 u...

I luv ur Sofia!

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