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Contrary to popular belief that you'll catch cold when you bathe at night, the sea was warm when Deth and I skinny-dipped.

The management of the resort made sure swimmers are protected from sea jellies ('dikya') by putting up a net about 300 meters from shore.

Deth swam up behind in slow crawl, while I breast-stroked. Then, I stood up and waited for her. The depth at that point was up to my neck.

There were other pairs than us, but they were far away to bother.

I synchronized with her moves when we were abreast. Her skin was warm.

'Let's go back where it's waist-deep!' I said between strokes, and she nodded.

She stood up and splashed for a breather, and I did so too. (You bend your knees down to surge up, breathe and repeat.) That was to condition your lungs, so you don't feel really tired.

I dove down and came behind her when she finished, placed my hands on her boobs, and kissed her neck.

'Hey, watch it, mister! What's that for?' But she didn't move to get out of the clinch, as if waiting for action.

'Please never underestimate me, Deth! This is to teach you that I have something you need.' I said the words softly in her ear, as my dick thrived as it touched her buttocks.

'Ahhhhhh...' She moaned. 'Okayyyy.'

My hands gently mashed on her twin peaks, until my right hand glided down her pubes in a swift motion, towards the bush between her legs.

The middle finger found in the mound a soft slit for it, which I caressed with round strokes, my thumb upon the clitoris. My penis rubbed on her butt, joining the action.

She can only submit and moan. 'Haaahhh...'

But I want her ready first for my assault. So I bent her body and slid my dick on her vagina from behind. It was the hottest of her body.

She held my waist with her right hand as I pumped short jabs under water.

'Ahhh...' Deth moaned. 'Can we have this elsewhere?' She felt awkward. Maybe she was not comfortable.

'Okay.' We hurried off the sea to get our swimwear.

She put on the bikini panty but not the top.

I just placed my feet on my shorts, and off we ran, hand in hand.

The only thing nearest was the bath stalls.

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