More accounts Blocked

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More accounts were blocked today for these violations:

1) Posting "trading pics" topics in the Stories section
2) Repeatedly posting "sex wanted" in Blogs

One account, "ANDMIN PSE", was also banned for impersonating the admin.

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Nice one sir.

TAO LANG AKO.... WANNA TRY? A 3rd wheeler/ parttime writer/commentator

at long last. . Big thanks for that admin. .

~just a reader~

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Buti nga

Cheating is not a sin its a choice

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kailangan talaga may kasama po kayo nagmomonitor ng site

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

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paki ban din po yung mga kJ at nanggugulo sa site, nag re emerge yung account na PSE Andmin. Paki ban yung missterry na account name kasi nang gugulo din at nagfeflame bigla bigla na wala naman dahilan, kumbaga po buwang yata. - Daily News Feed- News, Social, Trending, Photos and Videos