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Bat wala na ung ibang writers? Boring nung ibang story e HAHAHAHA . Pakidagdagan ung mga story na wife and father in law aah? :D

PS . Sa writer ng ANG BIYENAN pakisundan agad HIHI i can relate e :** THANKY

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my relasyon kb s byenan m?

Swerte naman ng byenan mo! Hehehehe

swerte ng byenan nya...

just a regular guy who likes to fool around doing nonsense

Sarap moh cguro at swerte ng beyanan moh..

How was it leay?

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Nagsend ako PM

YM ID: chassaignac I will wait so we can exchange mobile numbers....Happy exploring... "Carpe Diem" "Life is a big box full of surprises" "Nemo Impune Lacessit"

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Asa pa tayo kay leay. Father-in-law figure ang type niya. Kung nasa late 30s pababa ang age eh di niya katalo. Peace leay hahaha!

Just.Always.Keep.On.Laughing. In short, J.A.K.O.L. www.facebook.com/cordon.bleu.pse

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