"For the 1st time in forever"

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I am just wondering, why I couldn't access my pse account earlier?

Following the incident, I have tried to request for a new pw. However when I was about to log in on my e-mail, I couldn't access it either.

I totally dismiss the idea of both being hacked as I completely believe that there's no reason for me to be a victim of such a "crime".

Now tell me, is there an automatic reset pw thingy on hear? Is it possible that I inadvertently pushed a certain button? Or Am I just too dumb to not remember my pw? Oh.Em!

I hope this won't ever happen again. T_T

~J ♡

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dba my bnbgay na pw sa una isang beses mo lng dpa i login un pag dmo npaltan dna ata ggana un

Try retrieving the password from your email. Hindi naman mahirap un.

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Nahirapan din akong buksan yung email ko. okay na, tapos na. Lol


Kaya ako puro same lang lahat ng password para pag na hack edi wow hahaha atleast d ko makakalimutan.

---Chickboy ka nga--- --pero safe ba yan?-- >INGAT<

test test lnag

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