Change of heart..errr interest..

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I'm a horny person and that is the reason why I found this site. Nabored na ako sa mga porn sites eh. So I tried looking for new "diversion" ika nga. At mas nagustuhan ko na magbasa kesa manuod lang kasi nga pag nagbabasa ka, gumagana yung imagination mo. I read most of the stories here but there is one thing I don't like reading and that is incest story. I'm not open to such stories but since I have known THIS guy here in PSE, he opened my mind to it. I started reading incest stories here and there, nung una mga true stories lang binabasa ko but later on kahit fiction binabasa ko na rin. Admittedly, I was blown away by the stories I've read, sometimes in a good way but most of the time in a bad way. It made me question my morals. Why am I reading those stories? at bakit ako nalilibugan everytime I read them? Maybe, I'm a pervert after all. Maybe I'm not just a simple malibog but maybe I'm more than that. It kind of scare me knowing such stories give me pleasure. Good thing is that I never get to imagine myself being in a situation as such kasi nga raw "what ur mind can conceive, ur body can achieve takot lang na mapasok sa ganung sitwasyon. Anyway, naging regular na nga ako dito sa PSE at sa iba pang mga sites similar to this. Pag bored or pagloaded na sa work, dito na kaagad ako tumatakbo. Pampatanggal umay ika nga. And then one day, I've read something about THE guy and it saddened me. I'm not surprised about it because some people are open to what he wanted and some are not, and I get that. I hope one day makahanap na sya ng makakatugon sa mga needs nya... Fingers crossed...goodluck CB69

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Ang labo naman ng post na to. Hahaha. Anyways. New things can make you horny. Kahit pa gusto mo or hindi coz simply its something new. Incest rape bondage anal. Kahit pa ano yan can turn a person on but it doest mean na you are into it. I like reading public sex. Or watching porn vids with that category but i dont wanna try it. Coz its fucking dangerous.who wants humiliation at makulong? Hahaha. Gets? Get a grab of the consequences before exploring

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Welcum sa pse.

TAO LANG AKO.... WANNA TRY? A 3rd wheeler/ parttime writer/commentator

Ganyan talaga pag sinasapian na ng espirito ng kalibugan, I despise incest din anyway fiction lang naman ang mga nandito I doubt it kung totoo talaga yung ibang stories dito. Ayun. Basta alam lang yung boundary between virtual and reality.

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