59 Comments and only 5 Votes?

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I noticed a story getting so popular and talked about with 59 comments, but only 5 people bothered to vote or rate it. (Story here: http://pserotica.com/?q=node/16366)

I was expecting to see at least 10 votes although I haven't seen any story get more than 10 voters since the Rating/Voting feature was implemented.

I'm just wondering if this is because readers are not aware of the Rating/Voting feature or they somehow skip it after they post a comment.

0 users have voted.

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Admin can you pls block me on this site. My children read bout this and ita not necessary, they even use my email to log in. Im begging you to block on this site. I never want to be part of this even my family.pls

May asawa nako! Tanggalin nyo ko dito. Mga walang kwentang tao! Walang magawa sa buhay!!!!!

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Hi Admin. I was wondering if it would be possible to "code" it in the website where you are forced to Vote first before getting your Comments posted.

Also, I think the "voting" needs to be in a veryb visible spot. I was not aware of the voting until I have read this post.

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