Anong Problema Mo?

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Ano nanaman kayang problema ng laptop ko. ayaw maTransfer yung files ko sa phone sa Laptop via Bluetooth. eh naka naconnect naman yung bluetooth ng smartphone ko at laptop ko, napared ko pa nga eh. kaso hindi ko matransfer yung file sa phone ko sa laptop. at wala manlang nakalagay sa My Computer yung device ng smartphone ko. eh yung C3 ko dati merun eh. pahelp naman poh ako pls...

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try unpairing both devices and pair them back again

Update driver

kung windows 8 at 8.1 gamit mo yan lagi problema. try mo to.

ctrl + r

tas type mo "fsquirt"

maka send at receive ka na nyan.

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or get a fucking usb cable

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I transfer files between my phone and my pc via wifi. Its fasterlalo na pag malalking files or marami like pictures, etc. If you need instructions, just let me know.


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1. Try to check the cable if working or not
2. Try to install the driver of your CP in your computer.
3. Try to clean the registry of your computer.

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bluetooth nga eh


Just on file sharing....

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If others fail..why not try saving ur files to a mem.card..then us a card reader..some cp kc is not compatible to some the basic...

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