New Feature! User Groups

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Now you can create your own groups and also join groups in PSE!

When you create a group,you can set it to be Public or Private (unlisted).

** Note: If you set your Group to PRIVATE, nobody can join your group unless you manually add them or send them the link to join **

To browse groups, click on the Groups tab on the main navigation.

To join a Group, click on the "Subscribe to Group" link on the Groups list page or on the Group details page.

To create a group, click on the "Create A Group" link above the main stories on the homepage OR click on the "Create a Group" link above the list of groups on the Groups page,

Each group has its own internal (members only) content known as a Group Message that accepts comments.

TERMS: We don't actively monitor groups and group content but we reserve the right to delete groups and group content that violate site rules and local laws, upon receipt of a complaint.

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