PSE Traffic Increases 600% Since Return

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PSE Traffic Increases 600% Since Return

Good news! Our website traffic has increased 6-fold since the site's return from maintenance mode last April 24.

We are back to our normal traffic and we're also seeing an increase in the number of returning visitors which means PSE is becoming sticky as hot syrup! Oh yeah baby!

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Good to hear, Admin. Malaya kasi ang lahat dito sa PSE, hindi iilan lang ang puwedeng maging sikat. Ika nga, lugar ng mga tao'ng malaya.

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marami namang bumibisita dito. i still love pse even nawawala ang site sa internet minsan. i remember the old days. nung pa itong pse. kudos admin! the task is to keep this site available 24/7. :D

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