Amy and her daddy, Part 4


Introduction: Amy and new friend.....

Amy has more fun.....

John came home about an hour later, he started making dinner for the two of them. He found his daughter watching TV in her room, she was lying on her front on the bed. Her skirt was rucked up, he sat beside her and placed his hand on her legs.

Hi dad, she said, without turning round.

Hi honey he replied, he ran his hand up her leg, it felt a little damp, Amy hadn’t cleaned the juice off her legs.

His hand found her pert arse, he shouldn’t have been surprised to find her without panties. She opened her legs slightly as he felt round to her pussy.

She was very wet and his fingers slipped between her pussy folds. She gasped as his finger entered her. He slipped his finger in and out of her pussy. Amy raised her arse to allow her father better access to her pussy.

John pushed her skirt up and slipped another finger in his daughter and fingered her to an orgasm, his cock was bursting against his trousers.

Amy looked at her dad, and noticed the stiffness in his trousers, and reached over to unzip him.

Amy unzipped her dads trousers and let the huge penis spring free. John moved slightly, so Amy could take his penis in her mouth.

Amy opened her mouth and enclosed her lips around her dads cock, it was warm and hard, slowly she started to suck and lick it.

John couldn’t believe it, she was sucking cock like a pro, his ex-wife had been good, so was Amy.

A few minutes later, Amy felt her dads cock throb, she pulled her mouth off and wanked it a few times. John came. A huge squirt of cum shot from the end catching Amy square in the face, more cum splattered her face and hands as the huge organ pulsed.

John groaned, Christ that was good. His two fingers were still in his daughters twat and he started to finger-fuck her. Amy moaned and soon she came, juice once again oozed from her cunt.

John rolled his daughter onto her back and opened her legs wide, he put his head down and started to suck her perfect cunt.

It was Saturday morning, he decided to take his daughter shopping for the first time in ages.

Amy wanted some swimwear and a nice dress for parties. They went into many shops, John began to get weary.

Last one encouraged Amy.

They entered the shop, Amy took a number of bikinis and costumes of the rack to try, as John did his best to look interested.

Amy also picked up a slinky dress and high heels to try on.

John followed Amy to the changing booths and went in with her. The assistant raised an eye to question.

Amy saw and retorted, my dads a single parent.

Amy slipped out of her clothes and stripped off her underwear, John’s dick hardened.

Naughty! Whispered Amy as she looked at her dad’s bulge.

Amy slipped on the bikini, parading in the booth for her dad, striking erotic poses. John looked around for hidden camera’s and seeing none he unzipped his trousers and released his cock.

Dad! Hissed Amy.

Don’t worry, he said, you turn me on.

Amy stripped off again, watching her dad masturbate himself. She put a leg on the chair and bent over as she put on the high heel.

Her pussy was wide open for John to see her clit and he nearly came as she put on the other shoe.

Then she slipped on the slinky dress. He could make out the faint outline of her tiny nipples under the material and he looked to see her pussy. He could just see her hairless slit through the dress.

You like? She queried.

I sure do as he quickened his wanking.

Amy knelt on the floor and took his cock in her mouth just as he came. Cum oozed down her throat and out of the side of her mouth. She swallowed and changed back into her clothes.

I think we’ll buy these said John with a big smile on his face as he presented the garments to the assistant.
Amy went out of the shop with a huge smile on her face. This was getting exciting, sexy clothes, and she had just sucked her dad off in a shop!

Her preteen pussy was wet at the experience she had had, and she wanted more.

They went back to the car and got in, as they drove along, John put his hand over on Amy’s leg, feeling up and down.

She pulled her mini-skirt up revealing her thong, John started to rub in-between her legs, his finger running up and down her juicy slit.

Soon they arrived home, neither of them could wait to get in the house, they were that horny.

Amy ran upstairs with her purchases and stripped off her clothes. She put on the high heels and the slinky dress. Then she went off to find her dad.

John had gone into the kitchen and opened a beer, he turned round and there was Amy, in the clothes they had just bought.

His dick hardened again. He put the beer down and picked Amy up and kissed her, she wrapped her legs round him.

John’s hands felt her up and down, he soon realised she hadn’t any panties on. He fumbled with his zip and released his cock. Easing Amy’s dress up, he placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Amy wiggled, feeling the hot tool between her legs.

Slowly John lowered Amy onto his cock, it slid easily into the girl. Amy moaned as it went up her.

John placed Amy’s arse onto the work top and started to pump in and out of his daughters cunt. Quicker and quicker he went, then he shot his cum into her.

As he pulled out her vagina gaped open before she contracted it, he saw a pool of cum deep in her.

That was nice she said.

Yeah said John. Would you like to try it up the bottom he queried.

Amy had seen this on one of the tapes and it didn’t look to bad so she quickly said Yes.

John got some lubricant, he turned over his daughter so her legs were dangling off the worktop and smeared KY Jelly around her anus. He slipped a finger into her tight ring with more lubricant. Then he tried two fingers, she groaned at the sensation.

He smeared KY over his cock and yet more on and in her anus, then placed his cock at the entrance to her ass. He took his fingers out of her ass, the ass stayed open and he pushed his cock into her anus.
He smeared more KY around as he did so and his cock plopped in.

Oh cried Amy, more!

He slid easily in and out and felt himself building up again. A few more strokes and he spurted his load again.

Amy felt full, like a huge poo that was moving in her, and then she felt his warm spunk fill her bottom.

John slid out and looked at his cum ooze out of his daughters anus. Amy lay there catching her breath, her genitals were covered in cum and juice, her pussy lips red and plump, her anus stretched.

Amy and her dad fucked all weekend, by Sunday teatime they had screwed 7 times. Amy could hardly walk. Her dad asked her to wear a short skirt all weekend with either a crotch less panties or no panties.

He fucked her on the stairs, over the settee, in the bath, in the shower and even in the garden shed.

When her friend came round to play, John called her over to his room and fucked her doggy style whilst her friend was in her bedroom. Amy then went back to play with her friend with a pussy full of cum.

John had other ideas as well, he had a digital camera, and he wanted pictures of Amy being fucked and playing with herself.

He broached the idea with Amy at Sunday dinner.

You know I love you he said.

Yes said Amy.

Well, can I take pictures of you? He asked.

Like the girls on your computer she replied.

Some, he said, but also of you in nice clothes.

Yes! Exclaimed Amy, that would be nice.

That evening, John and Amy took pictures. Amy put on the nice slinky dress and a black thong. John clicked away as Amy posed for him.

Amy slept in her dads bed that night. He didn’t fuck her, he wanted her to be ready for school.

Amy woke and washed, she dressed in her school clothes but didn’t put any panties on. She asked her dad to choose for her. John choose a black thong, but he said he wanted to do something first.

He released his cock and wanked it in front of Amy, she thought he might need some help so she laid on the bed and opened her legs wide, exposing her pussy, it was plump and red, it certainly looked as though she had been fucked!

John came in her thong, then gave them to Amy, she put them on, rubbing the rapidly cooling cum into her pussy, and departed for school.

Amy arrived at school and went into her class. Miss Smith was already there. Amy noticed that Miss Smith had on a short pleated skirt and white blouse, with what looked like a lacy bra on underneath.

What Amy didn’t see was that Miss Smith had on a tiny gauze thong which barely covered her throbbing clitoris, certainly her shaved labia were not covered.

When the class departed for assembly, Miss Smith asked Amy to stay back. As Amy sat cross-legged on the floor, Olivia could see Amy’s black thong covering the preteen pussy.

Amy noticed as Miss Smith sat there, her legs were open and she caught a glimpse of the teacher’s panties, they were tiny! Olivia purposely sat close to the edge of the chair and let her skirt ride up slightly.

As Amy looked she saw Miss Smiths clit through the panties, subconsciously her own hand went to her own thong, and rubbed her own clit.

Olivia noticed and edged forward again, her legs opened slightly wider. She put her hands on her legs and as Amy looked, opened them wider still.

Amy gasped at the sight of the teachers panties cutting her labia in two, she furiously rubbed her tiny budding clit, pulling the thong to one side and exposing herself to Olivia.

It was too much for Olivia, she started to rub her clit as well, but she also plunged a couple of fingers into her soaking pussy.

The two sat there obscenely masturbating and watching each other do the same.

Olivia sat there, her fingers busy on her pussy, she watched Amy intently. She grunted and her body started to spasm,

‘Come here’ she croaked.

Amy crawled over to her teacher, Olivia grabbed Amy’s head and thrust it in between her open legs, her hand rubbing her clit furiously.

Amy’s eyes were inches away from Olivia’s pussy, the clit was proud, Olivia’s fingers blurring over its head.

Amy saw Olivia’s vagina swell and the hole opened, moisture seeped from the woman, and then a huge squirt of cum hit Amy square in the face.

Olivia pushed Amy’s head against her groin as she came, Amy’s mouth opened and clamped over Olivia’s pussy as the juice gushed from her hole.

Olivia grunted again as the last of the cum drained from her.

Amy looked at her teacher, her own mouth was wet, and it had dribbled down her front.

‘Oh my god’ said Olivia. ‘We had better clear up’

She opened a drawer in her desk and took out some wet wipes. Carefully she cleaned the girl’s face and she made a scene of cleaning her own pussy, pulling the lips apart and wiping inside her lips.

Are you wet, she said to Amy.

‘A little’ the girl replied.

Lets look asked Olivia.

Amy lifted her dress and pulled down her thong, Olivia was surprised to see cum in the thong, little did she know it was the girl’s fathers.

Olivia carefully wiped the young girl’s vagina, her finger slipped off the wipe and drew along the girls labia and in-between the folds of her pussy.

As she bought her finger up, she saw white cum on her finger. She sniffed and tasted it with her tongue.

You like my juice said Amy

Olivia was slightly startled by the questions but answered that she did.

Ok said Amy, and with that she sat on the teachers desk and opened her legs.

Now you can clean me with your tongue.

Olivia didn’t need to be asked twice, she fell to her knees and buried her face in the young girls twat.

Her tongue licked and probed Amy’s cunt, sucking her tiny clit. Olivia’s hand was rammed into her own pussy as she did so, frigging herself off.

It was now time for Amy to cum, the teachers finger now had found its way to the young girls pussy and was embedded deep in the girl, slowly fucking her.

Amy moaned as she felt a wave of ecstasy overcome her, her small vagina pulsated and oozed juice onto Olivia’s waiting tongue.

Olivia sucked the cum down, tasting the girls sweet juices. Standing up, she pushed her soaking vagina against Amy’s, and then, holding the girl’s hands tight, they rubbed their vaginas together, a sloshing slurping sound emanating from their conjoined bodies.

They had to release each other; it was the end of assembly.

Olivia sent Amy off to the toilet whilst she cleaned herself up for a second time.

Slightly flushed she went off to join the other teachers in the staff room as if nothing had happened.

Later, Olivia sat at her desk, luckily it had a modesty screen so no-one could see her open her legs wide and play with herself. She was still very aroused, and had a job to stop herself cumming just by thinking about what had happened earlier.

Amy came to show her some work and stood by her, Amy glanced down and saw that Olivia’s skirt had ridden up exposing her vagina. Olivia dropped her arm behind Amy and put it under her skirt.

Olivia caressed the girl’s bottom as Amy pointed and whispered about her work. Olivia now felt quite bold and slipped a finger between Amy’s legs and felt her slit.

No-one saw Amy place her hand on Olivia’s pussy and finger her teachers hole.

Olivia pulled away, as did Amy.

At the end of the day, Olivia asked Amy where she lived, when she found out, she remarked that is was less than 2 minutes walk from her own house.

When the rest of the class had gone, Olivia said she would walk Amy home.

Soon they came to Olivia’s house. Amy was just about to walk on when Olivia invited her in.

Come in she said, I need to know how much you know.

Amy wandered in looking around, she heard the door close behind her.

Olivia walked up behind Amy and turned her around.

What time is your dad home, she asked.

About 5.30 replied Amy.

Well, we’ve got about an hour and a half. Mused Olivia.

Wait here, said Olivia, I want to change out of these clothes.

She skipped upstairs and changed, she kept on her lacy see through bra, and put some matching panties on. She then put a wrap around dress on, it tied around the waist but was easy to get off if the mood took her.

Amy looked at the TV and the small cabinet beside it, quickly she opened the door and looked at the DVD’s in there.

Behind the ‘normal’ films were a few interesting ones, mostly women with young boys, but she noticed one, which was a mother and daughter, it looked very interesting.

As she heard Olivia come downstairs she closed the cabinet and sat on the settee.

Drink enquired Olivia

Yes please, water if you have it. Replied Amy.

Olivia got a glass of water for Amy, who drunk it down quickly and asked for more.

Olivia raised an eyebrow, she wondered why Amy was drinking so much.

Amy had a plan, she had already found a story about watersports, and what they did, and she was going to try.

Olivia sat opposite Amy as she drank, she was getting horny, it was a good job she kept a number of dildo’s around the room.

Amy felt full, but kept drinking the water, she wondered who was going to make the first move.

She looked at Olivia, who suddenly stood up.

Olivia couldn’t wait any longer, she stood and undid the dress and let it slip to the floor.

Amy’s mouth dropped, she didn’t realise how nice her teacher looked. Her little titties filled her bra nicely and as Olivia turned round, how shapely her legs and bottom were.

Amy hoped she could be as pretty as Olivia when she grew up.

Do you like it asked Olivia.

Yes squeaked Amy, who suddenly realised her bladder was full.

Take your clothes off ordered Olivia.

Amy stood and stripped off, soon she was naked, her preteen pussy plump and protruding. Olivia walked over and knelt before the girl, their lips met and Olivia instigated a kiss.

As they kissed, Olivia felt the girls vagina, rubbing along the slit with her finger. Amy realised that if Olivia caught her in the wrong place she would pee.

Olivia caught her clit and rubbed it, Amy couldn’t hold it any longer and pee began to dribble from her.

Oh she cried,

Olivia felt warmth on her hand and quickly laid back on the floor,

Over me, she shouted, and Amy moved over Olivia’s prone body,

Open your pussy lips Olivia commanded,

Amy did as she was told and pee shot from her and hit Olivia’s body. Olivia rubbed in the urine, it seemed as though gallons came from Amy, all over Olivia’s tits and pussy.

Some went over Olivia’s face she opened her mouth and drank some down. Olivia was soaked to the skin, her thong and bra were see-through and she was horny.

She stood and ordered Amy to lay on the floor with her legs open. Olivia pulled her thong to one side and rubbed her wet pussy, she then opened her labia and started to piss on Amy.

The yellow stream hit the young girl and soaked her, in her face and hair and over her budding breasts.

Pull your legs over your head said Olivia.

Amy did as she was told, and she exposed her vagina for Olivia to piss on. Olivia straddled Amy and pressed her pussy against Amy’s as she pissed, making a squelching sound.

The two females rubbed their pussies together, Olivia came on Amy, Olivia’s pussy pulsating wide.

Olivia then collapsed onto the floor next to Amy and passionately kissed the young girl.

Amy was unsure how to respond, but did the best she could, she loved the woman kissing her and feeling her body.

Olivia felt Amy, her hand caressed the girls hairless vagina, fingering her tight hole, she leant over and suckled Amy’s preteen titties, making the tiny nipples erect.

Olivia fingered Amy faster, Amy spread her legs wide, gasping for air as the older woman finger fucked her. Amy came, Olivia quickly put her head between the girls legs and sucked and licked her plump labia and clitoris.

Amy came off her high, and asked Olivia the time, it was nearly 5.30. Amy said that she must get home to her dad.

The two quickly washed and dressed, Amy put her school clothes back on, whilst Olivia donned a short wrapover skirt and tight white top, she put on another clean thong, her 4th that day, and a pair of high heels.

Olivia said she would walk Amy home, it was the least she could do.

Soon they arrived at Amy’s house, and Amy went in, her dad had just got in.

Hello said Amy.

Hello came the reply. Where have you been?

It was Olivia’s turn to speak. Hello Mr Jones, I’ve bought her home. She was at my house doing some homework.

Oh, said John as he walked into the room.

Sorry, said Olivia, I’m Miss Smith, Amy’s teacher, we realised we only lived 2 streets apart.

John looked at the teacher and he liked what he saw. Little did he know that she was as warped as he was.

Uh, thank you, he stuttered.

Amy was telling me how much you look after her. You must be very close.

Thanks, said John, Amy says how much she likes school.

I must be off, said Olivia, and as she turned, she winked at Amy. At the door, she stopped and bent down and picked up a pencil, as she did so, both Amy and John caught an eye full of Olivia’s arse split by a white thong.

She straightened and turned around, you must have dropped this and she went on her way home.

John’s mouth was open at the display of blatant sexuality from the woman.
He turned to Amy, Just what has she been teaching you!

Amy blushed, Nothing she said.

Come here laughed her dad and he lifted her up and cuddled her. He then put her on the kitchen work surface and put his head between her legs and sniffed her panties.

Dad, exclaimed Amy, stop it.

John couldn’t smell anything, but there was a small wet patch on the thong.

He stood up and put his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

Amy saw the bulge in his trousers.

Later dad, she said, I really have some homework to do.

Later on, after dinner and after Amy had done her homework, John wandered into her room, he was naked apart from his pants, and he had a camera in his hand.

Any chance of a few shots he said.

Yeh, said Amy and she stood and started to take off her skirt.

No, keep your school clothes on, he said, but put these on, and he held out a pair of white panties.

Amy slipped off her thong and put on the panties, they were quite tight and they barely covered her labia, at the rear, they showed the top of her ass cheeks.

John proceeded to take lots of pictures, Amy leant over forward and backward, legs open, rubbing her panties, pulling them to one side exposing herself, with one of her finger up herself, then starting to undress.

Soon she was down to just the panties, John told her to pull them tight against her pussy, so there was an outline of her pussy, he took a load of close-ups.

Amy pulled the panties one side and he took some more of her pussy and then she lifted her legs up with the panties on her legs, John took more pictures.

Amy could see that his cock was straining in his pants. She took off her panties and pulled her labia apart, showing her hole, John took some extreme close shots and then she got into a doggy and opened her ass cheeks, her anus opened slightly. John took some more pictures and changed the card in the camera.

He looked at his daughter knelt over and he released his cock. He was stiff and throbbing, he spat on his fingers and rubbed the end of his cock.

He shuffled over to his daughter and placed his cock on her vagina.

Oooh Dad, Amy cooed, what are you doing!
He took a few shots of his cock at the entrance of her cunt and then he started to move into her, taking pictures as he did so.

Amy grunted, she was having a lot of sex today, she thought, and she was loving every minute of it.

John pulled out of Amy and lay on his back, he asked Amy to get on top of him and he took pictures of his cock penetrating the girl. John was close to cumming, and soon he exploded in Amy, cum started to ooze from her vagina, he took a few close-ups of that and then Amy withdrew off him and lay back.

He manoeuvred around and took some pictures of Amy’s open pussy with spunk around her vagina.

He stood and pulled Amy to her feet.

Lets go and download these he said.

They both went to the office and sat at the computer, John started to download the pictures.

John lifted Amy onto his lap and his penis was in front of her pussy, they looked at the pictures, John’s cock getting erect as they looked through.

His hand wandered to her pussy and caressed her clit as they looked through them. Amy got off and turned around, looking at her dads cock. She knelt and took it into her mouth, sucking and licking it.

John came again, this time in her mouth, he grabbed the camera and took some photos of her sucking him off and spunk in her mouth.

How can this get any better, said John to Amy.

What do you mean replied Amy.

Well, here I have a gorgeous girl doing naughty things with me, how can it get any better? He said.

Hmm, Amy pondered, perhaps we could have another person to join in?

What do you mean asked John, who do you think would want to join us?

We could have another girl said Amy, someone a little bit older?

How old? enquired John thoughtfully. He started to get stiff at the thought of a girl of 12 or 13 years of age.

Oh, said Amy thoughtfully, maybe a few years older than me, someone with bigger titties and more hair on her ginny.
Hmm, I like that idea very much, said John.

I can see that laughed Amy, and she pointed at his erect cock.

Do you know anyone asked John.

I think so said Amy, how about Laura, my friend Ann’s sister, she can’t be much older than 12.

John pictured the girl. She was rake thin, about 5 foot tall, she had a 30” chest and long chestnut brown hair down to her waist.

Amy looked at her dad, get her to baby-sit for me on Friday and I’ll see what I can do.

Yeh, said John, I’ll make sure I leave a film for her to find, can you fix her a drink?

Amy nodded.

They went off to bed together and waited for Friday.

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