Beach Time!

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Hmmmm ok ba yung fit sakin?
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So hot


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Thank you Wen wink

Bakit kamukha ni corbi yan mam?

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Who's corbi? Haha

Sheet. Ang hot mo mam :)

Sheet. Ang hot mo mam :)

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Thank you! cheeky

bagay na bagay

'black is beautiful but too much is charcoal'' <3<3<3

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Ganda ng pgkachubby

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Chubby talaga hahaha

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Yes ang hot nyo po tignan

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Thank you Ardii.

yummy :3

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Maam May front post ba nyan ...kasunod?

Ma’am ang sexy mo ;) for me ganito ung tunay na sexy. Ung malaman. 

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Thank you Chuck!

Maam psend mo ung pic m inbox q


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lahat ng damit bagay sayo madam.

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I don't know but medyo malaman kana dito ah

 Sexy pic though pang instagram :D

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It's from my instagram nga balderic. wink

Hmmm. Malaman. Yummy nakakaanu. 



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Wow... Sobrang hot mo maam...

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summer time


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Malaman means masabaw. Ohlala!!!

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Correct! HAHA

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Front view pls... jackpot kpag matambok pa femfem mo hihi

ang tipo kong babae...

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Very nice.. looks good on you.. 

read each story with and open mind and wild imagination.

Sexy nman po

wow, ang sarap mo namang pasukan! Syet kalibog ka!

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Nakakapag init ang katawan mo mam!