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Admin dapat po hindi po natin pinahihintulutan ang mga Pedo story dito sa PSE. 

Sana ma aksyonan niyo po sila. Very Concern ako. 



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Agree... you can report to admin if you see any stories or pics ... tapos i-ban niya ata yung acct

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Pero pano ko magagawa ma report yon po? Meron kasi naka post sa Stories yun kay @dieken21 

Im having one of those days where my middle finger is answering all my questions.

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Basta pm mo lang ang admin ng pse mabilis syang ma aksyonan depende sa post nung user. Pero yung story ang di ko pa alam.

I like it better when you can't keep warm :)

I concur!


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If bawal ang PEDO dito and the ADMIN will not allow it. Then why i always having small screen pop ups of young girls. Di naman yan lalabas if they did not allow it s site nila. Maybe the update, i dont know. Pero parang malabo un gusto nila s gusto nila pagkakitaan. Just saying.

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It's called deceptive marketing, they sell pedophilia using models with physical apperances of a very young person while being documented as an adult (18+). There is always a sucker in a crowd who will belive that this are real people, not actors or models. If you are not carefull using the internet, you could become a victim of deception.

The Ministry of ASS!

Tapos meron na ring option to set up a private group, so how sure can we be na we can report kung may nacicirculate na illegal content there? I mean, users with names like "kiddo lover" are members of such groups. So much for zero tolerance.

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Tama iwasan na pagiging pedo

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