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New Feature: Receive email notifications of new comments

We have introduced a new feature in Email Notifications.

Starting today, authors of nodes (story, blog, classified ad, poll, forum topic) will receive an email notification whenever a comment is made on their post.

The email notification will contain these information:

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Note for PSE admin, ma'am/sir

Am i the only one experiencing this? I can't browse older blog posts and old comments on stories anymore. Why is that? Need help here admins, sir/ma'am please? Thank you 

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The Most Read Story in July 2017 is...

The most read story in July 2017, according to our Google Analytics stats is..... node 23977 with 20,893 views.

Visitors  spent an average time of 4:26 minutes on the story page

Congratulations to the author. yes

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Pasensya na po sa nagmessage sakin sa chat, di ako maka reply. Ni-click ko yung reply box ayaw.

Tapos Hindi rin ako maka-accept nang Friend request kahit niclick ko na.

Tapos kahit binasa ko na ang Private message, naka show pa rin na parang hindi mo pa nabasa.


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Embrace, hold me tighter

keep me locked in your memeries,

deny me my right to speak...

Bleed, take me higher

your hatred knows no boundaries

deny me my right to breath...

Silent, ever so silent

words are like knives that

will cut us deep...


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First online sex video of us

If you guys check my previous blog post, there's a link to a reddit profile where I posted pictures of my hot gf. 

And now I'm sharing with you guys our first online sex video.


let us know what you guys think of the vid and pics to inspire us and make more. 

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So Shookt

Surprised to see PSE's new interface. What the Eytch did just happen beshies? I kenat! :p Technoidiocy is hovering around my senses. I wish I could get the hang of it. Lol

I feel like I am entitled to speak my mind (feeler ako eh). So here it goes...


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Ilocos and baguio members

Meron ba? My friendly b jan n nbobored like me ka chikchat sana or kausap..yung sanay sa kong ano anong topic..

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Spanish Fly For Sale

Five 5 boxes left


4pcs sachet per box

Price:350 each


Contact me:09274797134

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