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Hello PSE people ! Are we having a good day ? So, i will make it short and clear. I need your ideas. Any ideas will be welcome. ! So the topic here is related sa title.. Inuman session. Any of you guys na nagkaroon ng inuman na halo ang boys at girls and napagkasunduan nyong mag " games"?. Alam kong sa guys, they always want to have naughty dares. So in relation to that, pede ba kayo mag bigay ng games na nd common during inuman session na pwede mauwi sa "alam nyo na".

Thank you in advance

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I am waiting fo you miss coleen hahaha

Hello everyone, good day sa lahat ng readers natin, i am an huge fan of maam coleen'stories. Siguro nmn lahat tayo kilala si maam coleen. Napaka exciting ng mga stories mo and and i really love reading all of it. Alam ko naman na binabantayan nyo din mga update ni maam. Hhaha the best part of coleen's stories ay ung fact na she can fuck any guya she want and she can protect herself. Pero the sad part is, dahil malapit na ako pumasok sa real world after ng academs ko, mukhang mawawalan na ako ng time to read your stories.

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reverse psyc

.hey. Good eve mga katropa !! Uso tlga ngayun ang sharing wife. Fuck my gf at cheating wife. Ever wonder , meron din kayang babae, wife o gf na malilibugan or may fantasy na ipa-share husband or bf nila ? Ung tipong totally reverse ng round girl? Hahaha

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Have you .....???

This is 2017. 2016 had pass its prime. New year, new problems, new rewards, new friend, new challanges, and specially new trip. Have you ever try or think to level up your sexcapade ? Or to explore more things about sex together with electronic gadgets and internet.? For me, as a starting hand, i want to do a 3some in cellphone. Or having a sop with 2 girls in a cofference call. Whos' up to that ? Girls ? Any ??

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Ber months suck ........

Taena, ber months na naman, and it suck when it comes to, for men like us, wala tayung ma-suck na nipples ng babae, and for the girls like you (pertaining to a girls/women who are reading this) it sucks kasi wala kang ma-suck na cock. Coment down, if its true :)

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Good day PSE writers and readers.

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Be honest

Do you ever have sex with strangers or One of your friends ?? If so.. When was it happen?? Sharing is good . ! Hahaha .. Ako kasi last month lang. With my friend or let say, my fuck budy

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Just give some time .. Mag popost din ako ng story ko.. Anu gusto. Fuction o true story ???

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Ang dming snober na babae dito

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Looking for a fuck buddy, no string, cympre mabait at willing na babae

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