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to guys only

How do you keep yourself up. Like what ritual do you guys do before action. How do you prepare.

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Guys remember me.

Im a woman who wants a woman.

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I will be married tomorrow <3

Thank you sa lahat ng mga nakilala ko dito <3 Grabe its been almost a year I think? Daming confessions, not all about tooot but life na rin. Alot got close to me. Someone even knew my real FB whew! Haha kilala mo kung sino ka N. M. :) I dont know of Ill be leaving from here na.
Sorry nga pala sa mga hindi narereplyan. Im just really busy :(


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I dont know if somebody is plugging my account etc. But hellloooooooo. I cannot reply to all messages on my fb. In a span of 4 days. From 134 people to a thousand plus? Like wth hahaha di ko naman kayang replyan lahat.

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Hay.. Boys will be boys. "Teens dyan, milf dyan pm if interested big dick here"

People you dont get laid by that. We dont get hooked to those. Mej nakakairita.. Or bad mood lang ako. Medyo na-puson.

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My friend's dream came true.

Waking up knowing both of my friends from the Philippines had a "great" time :D A mom and my 20 yr old friend ;)

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So there has been a sudden boom of messages on my acct here :( add niyo na lag ako sa fb please. Check my blog out.

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Grabeeee :">

Grabe si kuya nakilala ako from PSe and we took a photo together :)) I was like freaking out at first kasi akala ko napagkamalan lang but then sabi niya from PSe then hahaha natawa ako :)) Fun fun fun people :*

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So someone told me I look like Maine(Yaya Dub).

Uhh.... Thanks? All I got is my big eyes and puffy cheeks.

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Reminder po boys

Pasensya na ngayon ko lang to nagawa.

BTW boys here it is

magpakilala po kayo from PSe so I would know. Thank you :D

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