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And, so.....

What's happening here, boys and girls?

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What to do?

Sick for the past two days. You know, fever and sore throat and body pain. Flu. But for some weird reasons, i'm feeling soooo fockin' horny!! Well, it's about that time of the month for me. So, should I do a booty call or should I just play by myself? Decision, decision!

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Boring night

Oh, what a boring night this is!

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All in, baby!

The Cavs winning the NBA Finals yesterday was so effin' good that it made me so horny! I ended up calling my ever dependable fubu. Hahaha! And boy, it was such a hot and wild three hours sexcapade! Lol! He bought me a gift... a vibrator! It was just the threesome experience all over again! All in, baby! All in!

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Short break

Took a short break and now i'm back. Did I miss anything here, boys and girls?

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Deep, wild and dirty!

So, yeah, imma gomma throw another question here, boys and girls...just to spice things up ...Ready...

What was your deepest, wildest, dirtiest, most unforgettable fvck ever?

Mine was a threesome. MMF. An ex-boyfriend, a very good friend and me. ;) well, i'm selfish and greedy! I don't like to sharing my "toy"!
I'll add more details in my next post. Wait for it! Hahaha!

So, what was yours, honey?

**This was posted in one of my blog entries here.***

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It's so effin' hot here in the metro now! And for sure, it'll get hotter in the next two months! Goodness! I don't know with you, guys, but this scorching summer heat is making me just a bit hornier than usual! Lol! Fine, a lot hornier! Hahaha!

Just like what I posted in my previous entry, because of work, I havent had a good fvck for almost two months now! Thank goodness for my "toys" and my ever reliable fingers! :p

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What I need right now...

Arggggh!!! I've been working my ass off for the past two months because of a project i'm handling. And for heaven's sake..i need an oh so long, dirty and hard fvck to keep me sane. Damn!

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And because FEU won over UST...talo ako sa bet with another PSE member! You can find the link of that little something that i posted somewhere here in the site. ;)

And oh, it'll just be there for three days. ;)

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Go USTe! Go USTe! Go USTe! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go USTe!

Must win game for the Growling Tigers! Damn! This is exciting! Don't you feel horny when you get excited? Or is it just me? Lol!

A sexy pic to be posted here if we don't get the W. Hahaha!

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