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Dear Mr. Right

Dear Mr. Right,

If circumstances permit that you read this letter, you might say that I am crazy posting a letter to Mr. Right in this site. Mr. Right, know that I am not looking for the right love in the wrong places. I'm thinking out loud. ;) [Wishful thinking out loud]

May you be independent for I am. May you be smart enough to fuck my brains up and make me go crazy over you and your twisted point of view. I hope you're smart, but not smart enough to find your way around lies. May you be funny enough to drive me crazy. Crazy in a good way.

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Effin bored.

Any smart and interesting men, or women, to talk to? :)

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Not That I am a Pessimist But.....

You just don't go and register in sites like this and the likes and go for a dummy account in the hopes of "falling in love" and finding the love of your life. There's a very slim, near zero, chance that you'd come accross someone who'd be into a serious relationship in this "other" world that we have.

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A Weekend of Everything That Flies...

Yes. A Weekend of Everything That Flies.

You might have already heard of the title somewhere. To some, it might be the hot air balloon festival, well, that's what it really is. To me, it's Valentines Day of 2016, the first time I have celebrated it after eight years. Eight long years.

It wasn't my first time to attend the hot air balloon fest, but to him, it's different. It's one of the many firsts he did with me. It's his first, and OUR first time to go to the hot air balloon fest together. Sadly, I should say now, that will be the only.

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If Only...

If only forgiveness is as easy as 1, 2, 3,
but it's as difficult as setting you free,
If it's only easy to forget what the heart feel,
Maybe the wounds will finally heal,
If only you were honest and didn't come up with lies,
Maybe, just maybe, the friendship won't die,
If only forgiveness is easy to give,
Maybe I can just live and let live,
If only I looked at the silent cues,
If only I didn't bypass the clues,
If only I didn't have so much faith in you,
Maybe my heart won't break in two,

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Being Cheated On...

When someone cheats on you, they may tend to think that they're smarter than you are. And yes, they would actually think that way. You might sulk into depression, sadness and pain in knowing that someone you loved and trusted cheated on you and might go into thinking you're stupid but you are not.

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PSE GEB 2016 Suggestions

It's been a while since a GEB has been held for PSE members. I've been reading a lot of requests for GEBs and meetups lately.

If you have suggestions, feel free to comment or pm me. Only sensible comments and pms related to the eb will be entertained.


This is a GEB, not a SEX eyeball. No orgy, groupsex, howmanysomes, or whatever will be held. Kung may gusto kayong ilabas or i date after, bahala na kayo dun.

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The Lie is Over

They say good things happen when you least expected it. And there are times that we don't realize something good even when it's right in front of you. It's true.

There are times we are faced with situations that seem bad at first. I was.

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Just bored!

Hi there, PSErs. It's been ages since I last posted. Kamusta na kaya yung mga kasabayan ko dito? May buhay pa ba? Hahaha!

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In Getting A Response

This has been discussed and ranted numerous times before. A lot of our ladies here, both old and new have posted their rants about getting nonsense pms and not-worthy-of-any-response messages.

A simple tip though, since you took the effort to hit the "Send a message" button, you might wanna make sure you're going to receive a response. Honestly, I dont deem those his, hellos and nasls worthy of my response.

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