What is your prefer Erotic/Sex Movie?

50% (80 votes)
14% (22 votes)
Same Sex
1% (2 votes)
23% (37 votes)
One on One
12% (20 votes)
Total votes: 161

Comment(s): 11


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Orgy, strangers at one on one..hehehehe.

Ang babae ay minamahal, nirerespeto, pinoprotektahan, at hindi sinasaktan.

Maginoo pero medyo bastos. Ang babae ay minamahal, nirerespeto, inaalagaan, at hindi sinasaktan.

Mas masarap panoorin if strangers yung magkapareha. Mas nkakalibog.

hahahaha! astig. :)

Pang 69th voter ako?hehe..well, number 1 for me yung taboo/incest then strangers..

BTW guys, I just posted the first 2 parts of my "Stranger" categorized story, you may want to check it out and let me know whatchatink! Cheers!

If you can't handle pain with ecstacy...
Then you can't handle ME at all...coz I'll


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"I don't have to be loved by you to prove that I love myself..I knew we were always meant to say goodbye.."


anung incest site ang alam nyu?

Incest/Taboo... Dadilove50 8)

Dadilove50 8)

Parang mas masarap un Old and young...

mas maganda po panoorin ung incest kasi nakaklibog po panoorin ung old and young


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incest/ taboo mas magandang panoorin kung para sa akin..

"peace and be happy.."

djomay..." Peace everybody and we all be happy"

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Gusto ko gangbang, mga 6 guys siguro na try ko na kasi ang tatlo at liit ng titi ng dlwa.

Hai 09179171143

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Orgy/group, incest/taboo & strangers :)