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Admin sana makaratung sa inyo

Wala na bang mas ipapangit at mashihirap pa sa chat room hirap gamitin sana mag omprobe or balik nio na lang yung xat mas ok pa yun salamat admin

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New Policy: NSFW photos should now be in Photo section only -- Effective 10/28/17

Good Day PSE, Hello Guys and Gals

Para lang maayos ang bahay natin, effective today, 10/28/17, NSFW photos will not be allowed in the blog and stories section.

NSFW photos/images will be allowed ONLY in the Photos section.

Sorry for the sudden announcement; apologies for not being clear when the photo attachments were introduced a couple of months ago.

Even sites like Tumblr have NSFW content. What is NSFW?

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Admin beware

You may likely lose many of your users and readers because of the new system. Yes it has way better interaction but the ads will keep the visitors and writers from being interested. I don't blame you for this, but we just want to express our opinion.

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Messaging is quite functional. You can message peoples who're offline and also the ones who're online. I hope it gets fixed soon and will be used again. There are some features that chat lacks that messaging has. I hope this blog of mine be red.

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