Some Suggestions and Comments About the Site

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Some Suggestions and Comments About the Site

I have a few suggestions to the Admin and some comments which, I think, will benefit the site and the users.

1. Addition of Description to the User's Profile - the user can choose how to describe himself with a limit of arround 2,000 words, some of us are writers after all.

2. Addition of more pictures in profile - you could limit it to 10 or whatever number you want, I just find one picture to be limiting.

3. A Messaging Option for the users built into their profile page - this will allow the community to build "socially" without abandoning anonimity, they don't have to give out their personal contacts.

4. Just one Chat Room - Two chat options divides the community in to two chat groups, not ideal.

5. Option for video chat - there are free applications on the web for this.

6. Addition of Personal Classifieds tab - a lot of people are posting on the Forum for this but it would be beneficial SEO wise.

7. A less cluttered GUI - Onsite SEO on the site seems to be a little frazzled.

8. Option to Earn for the writers - an incentive to keep them writing and to keep their content "pleasing" to the other users.

9. banning of trolls - these can be temporary bans or permanent ones, based on the infraction

10. Installation of Moderators working on shifts - the admin has to screen them according to his preference.

These are just suggestions based on my experience. Please take it with a grain of salt. Thanks for hearing me out.

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#8: A couple of months ago I was willing to place a $100.00 for a writers pot, I could only send through paypal and the site didn't take me seriously.

#9: There is no shortage from this kind of characters, the site has this rules set although the problem is finding an Admin to investigate accusations and implementing punishment. I don't know if he/she even exists, numerous email messages I've sent and still a no reply from the Admin's camp. I'm tempted to believe that the lawmakers have left the building, they simply are nowhere to be found.

#10: Don't think that's ever going to happen, first you have to tell them, that's if you can find any. If you can get passed the first obstacle, I'd say you have a miracle on your hands. It's a MIRACLE, you made an admin appear from out of nowhere.

Again, this are my comments which are based from personal experiences from this site. If you don't agree with my comments, too bad, make your own comments so you can agree with yourself for all I care. Comments are in general.

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Dear Admin/s,
Question: Does this site provides notification whenever we receive comments on our posts (blogs, discussions/forums)? 2-3 days pa lang ako dito, and still not familiar with some of the functionalities in this site. Hoping for your assistance regarding this matter. Thanks sir/madam.

P.s formar-formalan ang peg ko ngayon hihi. Peace :)

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suggest lng po sana me tool bar para mahanap o mkilala ung mga member and admins ng site....

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