Should we allow the posting of phone numbers by members?

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Yes, it's ok.
72% (265 votes)
No, it's not ok.
21% (78 votes)
7% (24 votes)
Total votes: 367

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The reason by behind this poll is to get the community's consensus on the posting of private and identifying information such as a phone number on the public website. We are currently drafting a new Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and the results of this survey will be considered.

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ok lang sa akin.. sa lahat naman din kasi ng story ko dito ay nakalagay ang # ko. kaya ngttxt na lang sila sa akin at nakapag comment lalo na at hindi sila member, kundi readers lang..

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idol...buhay kapa? hehehehee

esto quod es

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Maybe it's oksy, maybe not. Depending on their reason siguro.

I don't really give a damn. If you can't stand my straightforward remarks, STFU!

For security reasons hindi ako pabor na mag post ng number, Why? Pwede gamitin para makaperwisyo ng tao. Anybody can post someone's number claiming that it's their number paano yon? Kawawa naman yun biktima.

Buti sana kung mga certified members lang makakakita, kaso may mga guests din ng site na unregistered. Opinion lang po.

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I think the contact number on our profile should only be seen by members. And it's up to us if we want to expose our numbers on blogs or stories since those are seen publicly.

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ok lng pr msya sk ns sau lng nman kng mgi2ng loko k!!


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Number nmn nila yan alam nmn nila mga pwdeng mangyari.

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pwede maging perwisyo sa mga owners ng cellphone numbers na yun. Anyone can send them messages whether the owner knows the sender. Paano nalang kung may nantritrip diba? Maybe it is better to let the user's give their contact numbers to whom they want to

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For me, it's not ok. Kasi minsan misleading eh. Kasi may nagpopost ng hindi tunay at hindi sa kanilang number para makapanggoyo lang or manira ng kapwa. I'm not pinpointing anybody, pero meron dito at nangyayari ito dito. Mas maganda sigurong antayin na lang natin maayos ni Admin ang Private Messaging para dun na lang natin ibigay ang mga number or e-addresses natin sa mga nais nating pagbigyan na miyembro. Opinion and suggestion lang po.

(By the way, ako po pala si dakkel_botok, nagpalit po ako ng picture at nick para naman po wala nang masabi pa yung mga taong galit sa picture at nick ko. Boss Admin, wala po akong intention, para lang po malaman ng mga sumusubaybay sa mga story ni dakkel_botok.)

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It's better i think to bring back the Private Messaging feature of this site. If anyone wanted his/her number/s posted they can include it in their signature if they wish to.


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It's a feature/choice that should be allowed members. If the admins won't allow it makakahanap at makakahanap pa rin ng ways ang members na magpost. Better to just allow it. It's the member's choice.

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there are software called web-crawlers that allow people na mangolekta ng phone numbers. it's better to allow members to post pero in such a way na members lang ang makakakita. meaning you have to be actually logged in to see the numbers. some sites/forums have a built in facility para naka quote ("") ang ibang data na pinopost sa site. ibig sabihin nito hindi siya madaling ma-kacrawl ng software at ng mga search engines.

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It's a prerogative.

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Nuff said

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if gusto nila makameet ng bagong friends/relationship,,, e why not? if gusto namn nila maging discreet e di wag nila ilagay number nila. allowing them does not mean they are required to do so.. their choice.

if maiistreamline ang messaging system, PM/Email system, medyo mahirap kasi sistema sa ngayon..