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Paki rate mga paps. Age: 35 Single mom of 2. Very Independent. Strong woman. Fun person and kikay in touch with her feminine side and needs. her ultimate wild fantasy: double penetration. Curious siya about it and if kaya ba niya, and ano ang feeling. She feels like she's ready for it na. She also likes to be blindfolded and somewhat tied up sa bed. Yung tipong helpless siya sa kung ano gagawin sa kanya and she only has her hearing and touch senses at play. Please rate 1-10.(10 is highest of course).Thanks!
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10 for me yan bro.makinis, maputi at sexy

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Yes tama ka papi. Nice legs and open minded at sarap din kausap. Thanks papi

10 !

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To be fair for her

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Patikim muna bago marate,hahaha 

she's a 10 sarap nya at maalaga sa sarili

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Paki post ng pic  ng ass nya yung pussy  perfect tambuk yung ass naman para malaman kung  pwede na dp

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Uploaded na pre. As per your request.

plus kasi single mom of 2, naks lakas mka hatak sakin mga single mom.. 

may i ask po vital stat niya po.. plus height.. 


salamat po

Slacking  is my job

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PM me paps.

Ano tg nya lodi


10.1 kung totoong gusto niyang maka experience ng dp

11.1 kung makakapag send kayo ng video, na ma di dp siya or kahit pic lang