In-office fap

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Ever fapped inside your office? Not in the bathroom, ha, inside your cubicle/work station/desk/table ganyan. I worked in a small office last year. Open space plan with glass walls and a small conference room that's always wide open naman. I've fingered myself in the office several times already. I am usually left alone especially during the afternoon so sometimes when I get bored I watch porn. Eh syempre libog time na, whatelse can I do? I did behind the big metal file cabinet, under the big conference table and, of course, under my desk. I fancied getting fucked inside, right behind the big metal file cabinet pero wala kakantot eh. Masyadong mababait tao dito. Or are they? 

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Pm'd the details, LOL!

hot nman nun,i've tried it before in my past work,under my desk.the thrill, excitement and anxiety that you can be caught doing the deed is just unexplainable.cguro tulad mo lng mga tao jn sa office nyo,discreet na malibog

If they do the same, good for them. If not, walang problema. 

Try m mag pahuli sa isang ka office mate. Haha

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IT Head Admin ako that time and across my view puro nurse coders. One time I became so horny I did one nasty stuff, I masturbated then I cummed sa Starbucks Mocha frap cup ko, did managed na ma shoot lahat then hinalo ko mabuti then inabot kay crush at sinabi ko. Masakit ngipin ko bigla, walked away back to my station and boom she managed to empty the cup :)

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