First Week sa University

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It was my first week at the University and I am an excited freshie. The University is huge, compared to my high school. And the student population is very diverse. I found myself in a dormitory with my roommate Joy who is a science major. Joy loves to party and drink, and we immediate click as friends and roommates. While we have different classes, our schedule is almost the same. Classes start at 830 and ends at 4 pm. Our dormitory is just walking distance from the University and we go to our classes and back to the dormitory together. First week of classes is not that busy, we were given our usual course description and reading materials. Being a freshie, we enjoyed a lot of perks during the first week of classes dubbed as the Freshie Week. Free food, free entrance/tickets to campus concerts and lot of free giveaways (like toiletries, movie passes, gift certificates). Almost every night from Monday to Friday during that week, the campus is filled with activities for the freshies and Joy and myself do not want to miss these night out. 

Friday night was the finale of the activities. There was a big gathering of local bands and talents at the University main square. The atmosphere is very festive. Joy and myself decided to attend. We were at the venue by 630 pm because of the long queue at the gate. There were lot of students, upperclassmen and freshies alike. Food and booze are flowing. I realized that drinks are allowed during this activity. We went around to grab some food and later positioned ourselves in front of the stage when the band set started. The host of the show introduced this band composed of four senior guys taking engineering courses. Apparently, the guys are very popular with the girls gauging from the shouts of adoration. And they played good as well, I told Joy. After the bands first set, the host asked who in the crowd wants to win a gift certificate. Everybody shouted yes on top of their lungs. The host clarified that since it is Freshie Week, it is best to ask on stage a freshie who will win the GC. I want to win so I stood up, jumped and shouted louder to attract the hosts attention. And it paid off because he pointed to me, the lady in blue skirt and he instructed me go up to the stage. 

The host asked for my name and my course and if I am enjoying the concert, to which I shouted yes. I am enjoying the attention. As a prize, I will be getting a GC from a popular bookstore (part of the sponsors), but before that I need to show to my alma mater and to everyone my talent: whether in singing, in dancing or in anything I told the host that I will dance. Hiyawan ang mga nanunuod. At this point, the band drummer, later I will know as Bernard, played a tune with his drums and I started swaying my hips a bit. People below the stage loved it and started shouting my name Camille, Camille. I felt excited with the shouting and I turned around showing my butt side to the crowd and grinded a bit, this time facing the drummer who gave me a wink. I danced for about one minute to the cheering of the crowd. After which the host gave me the GC and the band continued with their second set. The host also told me that I can stay at the side of the stage if I want. I looked at my roommate Joy below who is also conversing with other students. I signaled to her that I will be at the stage and she responded na okay lang. 

The bands second set was intense. They are loved by the crowd who are up on their feet while the band played. I am fascinated on the intensity of Bernard on the drums, as well as his other band members (Ronald, Franz and Arvin). Bernard is tall (about 5feet 11 inches), physically-fit, has a nice body, lagi sa gym sabi niya later and he plays the drums very well. The people on the ground were dancing and the people on the side of the stage, including myself are dancing as well. In between a song, he grabbed a beer from someone at the back, drank half from the bottle and went to me to give the rest, hati tayo sabi niya. I was surprised, I took it and he went back playing. I drank the rest and uttered thank you to him. He smiled back. During the rest of their set, Bernard and myself were flirting with each other.

After their final set, Bernard and the rest of the band members asked me to join them at the back of the stage to drink while new band played in. We were drinking beer and chatting, I found out they were all engineering senior students and they started playing as a band since their first year at the university. After two bottles of beer each, they packed their things and we went to the ground to check the different booths. Bernard introduced me to his friends in the different booths, sikat talaga sila sa university. There were free beer and food. Maraming girls ang kilig sa kanila, I would hear Hi Bernard from the girls passing by. 

We stopped sa isang booth and grab a small table and had beer, medyo tipsy na rin ako. It was almost midnight and some people are starting to go home. Bernard, who is sitting next to me, placed his hand on my left leg and started rubbing it. I was surprised but got excited. O, uwi na tayo or lakad pa Franz mentioned to the rest of the band members. Bernard asked me, Camille ano gusto mo? I smiled to him and said. ikaw, ano ba plano mo sa akin tonight? 

Bernard was frank at this point, well I am inviting you to go to my place and sleep with me, sabay ngiti sa akin. I was taken aback by his being straightforward, but the tipsiness and my like for him increased by horniness level. Tayong dalawa lang ba roon, I asked him and he told the group, yes, Camille tayong dalawa lang sa unit ko, kaya puedeng puede kang sumigaw at humiyaw! sabay press ng hita ko. Ngitian ang tatlo niyang kasama. Then he told the group na mauna na kami at iuuwi na niya ako. 

When we were about to leave, nag hand shake ang tatlo sa kanya. I overheard Franz telling Bernard, congrats bro, ikaw panalo this year. Dont forget to tell us everything tomorrow. Sabay ngiti sa akin.

While we were walking going to the parking lot, I inquired from Bernard ano ibig sabihin na siya panalo this year. Bernard explained to me that they had a bet kung sino makauwi ng freshie after concert and he won for the year dahil siya ang uuwi sa akin. The previous year daw si Franz naka-uwi dalawang freshie pa. Medyo nainis ako ng kaunti and I want to back out but I really like Bernard and I was excited sa lust-only night na mangyayari, so I just ride along.

We got in sa car ni Bernard, he started the engine and opened the aircon. He then said na gusto niya akong tikman doon. He kissed me, he is a good kisser and it increased my horniness. He was sucking my tongue. ilabas mo dila mo he ordered me which I did. He asked me if I am a virgin and I said hindi na. Okay daw para di na siya mahirapan. He then continued kissing me and I noticed his hand went down to feel my pussy, he slide my thongs using his two fingers and inserted his two fingers inside my pussy. Napa ungol ako sa sarap. Wet ka na, he observed. Yes, kanina pa ako wet sa yo Bernard. That made him excited finger-banging me until I came hard. It was a nice sexual experience inside the car with a guy I just met. Pure lust! He then drove his car going to the condo unit. I was slumping down sa seat ko, napagod from the finger banging. 

We arrived sa unit niya, it was nice. The main floor is where the kitchen is and dining table and a small sofa sa living area. The upper floor is where his bedroom is located and shower room. He let me sit sa sofa and started kissing me. Then he took my blouse and unhook my bra. Petite boobs ka pala Camille, lovely tits you have, and he started licking and sucking my nipples. He was gigil sucking my left boobie then transferred to the right boobie. He kneeled down and started taking off my skirt, leaving me only with my thongs. He started licking my thighs and it made wet AGAIN. 

Take me Bernard I was pleading to him. He pulled down my thongs took it and smelled it, I saw white cum in my black thongs from this finger-banging sa car. He placed it sa side ng sofa. Naka-kneel pa rin siya, then he spread my legs. tingnan ko ang freshie pussy mo. Sabi niya. 

Hindi pa ako nag-shave ng pussy that time since manipis pa ang pubic hairs ko, something that did not escape to him. Mala-balahibong pusa pala pubic hairs mo Camille, sarap. Then he went down on me licking my pussy and started sucking my clit. I was moaning loud that time. He encouraged me to shout. He was pushing his tongue inside my young pussy. And I was about to squirt. I shouted that I am squirting and it caught him by surprise, Nag squirt ako sa mouth niya. Wow! You are a squirter! Jackpot ako. By that time libog na libog na ako. I told him to fuck me.

He let me stood up and kissed me. I can taste my juice from his mouth and it made me feel horny some more. He took off his shirt, Bernard has a nice body. Then he told me to lick his nipple which I did. Nasarapan sila lalo. Magaling daw ako dumila. He then pushed me sa sofa and told me time for you to see Bernard Junior. Then he unbuckled his belt and took off his pants. His dick is bulging inside his white brief, then he released it. He has a big cock (7 inches daw), bigger than the two guys who fuck me sa high school (Bernard was the third guy who fuck me). He stood in front of me and asked me to kneel. Alam ko na ang gusto niya, blow job. I started licking the tip of his cock and began sucking it. Umuungol siya. Masarap daw ako mag bj. Lalo akong nag enjoy sa pag blow job sa kanya.

After a while Bernard asked to go to the sofa. Tuwad ka Camille gusto niya ako fuck doggie. I did what I was told doggie style and spread my legs wide. Before he entered me, he licked my pussy from behind and it made me more excited and wet. Then he stood up, holds my hips with his hands, spread my legs wider and entered me from behind, sabay sabi welcome to (name of university) Camille and fuck me hard. It made me excited and came again. Ang tight mo Camille, masarap ka he told me while continuously banging me. After a while, he shouted that he is cumming, pulling his dick and spreading his cum sa back ko. 

Humihingal siya after fucking me. He went to the ref and gave me water. I wipe his cum from my back using the paper towel. I was also trying to catch my breath sa highly intense fuck. Masarap ka Camille. You are one of a kind. Squirter and hot. Maiingit daw ang mga band mates niya sa kanya. He told me time to go up sa room niya for the continuation. I knew he will fuck me again. We went up naked, there was a staircase going up sa room niya. He was holding my hand and in the middle of the staircase he told me he wants to fuck me there. He positioned himself sa butt area ko then asked me to hold on to the railing. Then he spread my legs and started eating me again. Masarap siya mag eat from behind. Napansin ko hard na naman ang cock niya. He then entered my wet and waiting pussy. First time kung ma fuck sa staircase and it was wild! I was shouting youre big, youre big referring to the big dick ramming my pussy. Si Bernard naman shouted Youre tight, ang sarap mo. 

When he was about to cum he took his dick from inside me and told me to face him. He wants to cum sa body ko. He was on top of me standing sa staircase and I was below him. I then saw cum coming out of his dick and into my boobs area. He showered me with his seed. Fuck Camille, take it all he shouted. Ang daming cum na lumabas sa dick niya and going sa boobs area and tummy area ko. With cum all over my body, I kidded him, naka-dalawa ka na agad ah, Bernard replied, hindi pa ako tapos. I will fuck your freshie cunt some more. Then we went to the restroom to take a bath. 

We stepped inside sa shower to take a bath, he was soaping me and I am doing the same to him. Pinatalikod niya ako and inspected my butt. Since his hand is slippery from the soap, he inserted this inside my pussy. He inspected my asshole and told me I have a nice ass. I told him not to fuck me in the ass since I cant take his big dick there (virgin pa ass ko that time). He was just teasing my asshole by inserting a finger a bit. Medyo masakit sa akin and I told him to stop it, which he did. 

After a while we went out sa shower and he gave me towel to wipe my wet body. Nasa room na niya kami when I saw na may mirror sa side ng bed niya. He told me gusto niya makita sa mirror ang pina fuck niya. I asked him kung ilang freshies na ang na fuck niya sa bed and he told me I am the fourth since pumasok sila sa university. And that I am the first na squirter. He then went to me, started taking the towel wrapping my body and started kissing me. 

Here comes ROUND 3 I told myself. His towel dropped to the floor and I saw his dick getting hard again. He sat sa chair niya and told me to suck his dick. I sucked it good, umungol si Bernard. He took his drum sticks and played a tune with it while I was sucking his cock. Good girl ka Camille, he told me. 

He then instructed me to sit sa corner ng bed niya. He spread my legs, stood in front of me and started finger banging my pussy while kissing my lips. He told me to squirt for him. Masarap ang finger banging ni Bernard and after a minute I shouted that I am squirting. He made his finger banging faster. Then he told me squirt hard for me Camille, tell my bandmates that I made you squirt. I just nodded my head. I sensed there is competition among them. 

But Bernard was not just satisfied with me nodding only, he made his finger banging deeper hitting my G-spot while telling me shout it loud Camille, tell my bandmates that I made you squirt. And at time I was squirting hard from his finger banging. I shouted yes, I will tell Arvin, Franz and Ronald that Bernard made me squirt hard! That Bernard fuck me good and made me squirt. And I released a lot of my juices. Bernard was all smile seeing my body shaking from squirting. 

At that point, horniness conquered me. I want this guys dick to be inside me again. Umakyat ako sa bed niya, tumuwad ako so he can see my butt and pussy while watching myself sa mirror niya. I told him, fuck me hard,show me how you fuck freshie sluts. He smiled. You are wild, he told me. He then stood sa butt area ko, grab my waist and entered me. He was pumping hard and fast. Watch sa mirror how I fuck you Camille, I looked at the mirror and he was pumping my butt area, his dick entering me wildly. Ang sarap ng feeling ko that time. 

Fuck your freshie slut Bernard, fuck this freshie slut hard. And cum in my mouth, I want to swallow your cum. I cant understand why I said that, but I want to taste his cum. Mayamaya pa Bernard was shouting he was cumming, he released his dick from my pussy while I positioned myself to suck it. As soon as I took his cock in my mouth, his juices rushed in. I took it all, he was telling me take it all Camille, no spill please while moaning. And yes, I swallowed it all.

Youre the best freshie I fuck all these years, Bernard said while collapsing in bed next to me. I just smiled and we went to sleep. Before I closed my eyes, I told myself, well done Camille, first week and you had a wild fuck. I anticipate more in the coming weeks.

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