3rd MUSE (pse reader)

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Shot from my 3rd Muse who asked me to shoot her. She's also a reader of Pse. Want something like this? Send me a message and we'll talk about it. Discretion is highly observed. *posted with permission from her.
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ok ah artistic ang dating

ingat guys. baka iblack mail to hahaha. 

I am paid to do the photography. I do this for a living. Lahat yan may contract.

are you also paid to fuck her

are you also paid to fuck her?

Bravo sir..salute..

nice shot bro. sharp ng lente. hehe

i guess 'di na baguhan si OP sa ganitong concept kaya wag na mag bash. be thankful na lang kasi nag s-share si bossing.

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Very artistic. Nice. :)

Live, Laugh and Love.

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Balahibong pussy...este pusa

May nakikibasa sa likod mo....