Sad nibba hours

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For someone who does porn in real life, you'd think my life would be more interesting than it actually is eh no? 


But I spend every night feeling empty and just frustrated cos of the monotony I'm in, longing to start living life the way I wouldve wanted it. I can't wait to be free. I really don't do well in cages. 

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In the first part. It kinda implies that you're a porn actor. But the second part, if read alone and not in conjunction with the first, implies that you're gay and wanting to be free. 

No offense ment. Just my thought.

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Di naman actor per se, pero I do make amateur porn as a hobby. As for my sexuality, I'm bisexual, pero Di naman problem sakin yun, since most of my sibs know, and I'm openly bi outside the house. 


My problem is more of with the parents. You know how it is, typical super strict, traditionally Catholic family. I'm restricted from doing a lot of things and going out the house a lot. Occasionally, it gets toxic. - Daily News Feed- News, Social, Trending, Photos and Videos